The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   Sacrilege in English is as I can [Sacrylege in Englyssh ys as I can]
See London, British Library Arundel 20 copy of 2594
2.   Sad and solitary sitting mine alone
DIMEV 4523 Witnesses: 1
‘Think on thy end and thow sall never syn’ — five 8-line stanzas with this refrain
3.   Safe out thou shalt go
DIMEV 4524 Witnesses: 1
Bernardus Sylvestris
4.   Said this untrue man himself for to shend
DIMEV 4525 Witnesses: 1
Dispute between demons and angels at the death-bed of a usurer — sixteen lines in couplets
5.   Saint Abdon and Saint Ceman tway brethren were
DIMEV 4526 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
6.   Saint Aethelberht the holy king king was of England
DIMEV 4527 Witnesses: 5
South English Legendary
7.   Saint Aethelwold the bishop in England was I-bore
DIMEV 4528 Witnesses: 6
South English Legendary
8.   Saint Agatha the maiden good
DIMEV 4529 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Agatha, version in short lines
9.   Saint Agatha the good maid in Sicily was I-bore
DIMEV 4530 Witnesses: 18
Life of St. Agatha in the South English Legendary — couplets
10.   Saint Agnes life I me purpose
DIMEV 4531 Witnesses: 1
Osbern Bokenam: ‘Life of St. Agnes’
11.   Saint Agnes that holy maid well young she began
DIMEV 4532 Witnesses: 20
South English Legendary
12.   Saint Agnes woned in Rome so I you tolden ere
DIMEV 4533 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
13.   Saint Alban the holy man was here of England
DIMEV 4534 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
14.   Saint Aldhelm the confessor was a man of noble life
DIMEV 4535 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
15.   Saint Alphege the martyr that good man was enough
DIMEV 4536 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
16.   Saint Anastasia was I-born at Rome by old dawe
DIMEV 4537 Witnesses: 9
South English Legendary
17.   Saint Anastasia was born in Rome
DIMEV 4538 Witnesses: 2
Life of St. Anastasia, version in short lines
18.   Saint Andrew Christs apostle dear
DIMEV 4539 Witnesses: 3
‘De sancto Andrea apostolo historia’
19.   Saint Andrew the apostle was Saint Peters brother
DIMEV 4540 Witnesses: 15
South English Legendary
20.   Saint Anicet the holy man that sometime pope was
DIMEV 4541 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
21.   Saint Anselm that holy bishop
DIMEV 4542 Witnesses: 1
John Audelay: ‘De visitacione infirmorum & consolacione miserorum’
22.   Saint Augustine that Christendom brought into England
DIMEV 4543 Witnesses: 20
South English Legendary
23.   Saint Augustine was named that name
DIMEV 4544 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Augustine, in the Vernon Golden Legend — in short couplets
24.   Saint Barnabas the apostle that good was & hende
DIMEV 4545 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
25.   Saint Bartholomew as Christ command
DIMEV 4546 Witnesses: 2
‘Passio sancti Bartholomei appostoli’
26.   Saint Bartholomew the holy man of kings blood
DIMEV 4547 Witnesses: 16
South English Legendary
27.   Saint Basil telleth soothfastly
DIMEV 4548 Witnesses: 8
Northern Homily Cycle
28.   Saint Benedict he was I-bore in the land of Nursia
DIMEV 4549 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
29.   Saint Benedict led holy life that was so holy man
DIMEV 4560 Witnesses: 3
South English Legendary
30.   Saint Berinus the confessor that goodman was enough
DIMEV 4561 Witnesses: 5
South English Legendary
31.   Saint Bernard born was at Bourgogne
DIMEV 4562 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Bernard, in Vernon Golden Legend — in short couplets
32.   Saint Bernard sayeth and so say I
DIMEV 4563 Witnesses: 1
On the Evils of Backbiting
33.   Saint Bernard sayeth in his Book
DIMEV 4564 Witnesses: 1
Bernard of Clairveaux
34.   Saint Blase well clean life led without any hore
DIMEV 4565 Witnesses: 19
South English Legendary
35.   Saint Botolph the holy monk and eke his brother
DIMEV 4566 Witnesses: 4
South English Legendary
36.   Saint Brendan the holy man was here of our land
DIMEV 4567 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
37.   Saint Brice when Saint Martin was dead
DIMEV 4568 Witnesses: 2
Life of St. Brice (version in short lines)
38.   Saint Brice with Saint Martin was his deacon on earth here
DIMEV 4569 Witnesses: 12
South English Legendary
39.   Saint Bridget of high men in Scotland she came
DIMEV 4570 Witnesses: 3
South English Legendary
40.   Saint Bridget the holy maid of Ireland was
DIMEV 4571 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
41.   Saint Cecilia of noble kind I-bore was at Rome
DIMEV 4572 Witnesses: 13
South English Legendary
42.   Saint Chad the good man was born of England
DIMEV 4573 Witnesses: 13
South English Legendary
43.   Saint Christina the holy thing as I you tell can
DIMEV 4574 Witnesses: 15
South English Legendary
44.   Saint Christina was a maid bright
DIMEV 4575 Witnesses: 1
William Paris: Life of St. Christina
45.   Saint Christopher was a Saracen in the land of Canaan
DIMEV 4576 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
46.   Saint Clement was I-bore at Rome by old daw
DIMEV 4577 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
47.   Saint Cuthbert life who list to lere
DIMEV 4578 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Cuthbert — 8362 short lines in couplets
48.   Saint Cuthbert was I-bore here in England
DIMEV 4579 Witnesses: 21
South English Legendary
49.   Saint Damas the pope was I-bore in Spain
DIMEV 4580 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
50.   Saint Denis that is me dear
DIMEV 4581 Witnesses: 1
Inscription on a drinking cup
51.   Saint Denis was in the old law pagan as other were
DIMEV 4582 Witnesses: 14
South English Legendary
52.   Saint Dominic the holy friar in Spain was I-bore
DIMEV 4583 Witnesses: 6
South English Legendary
53.   Saint Dunstan was of England I-come of good more
DIMEV 4584 Witnesses: 23
South English Legendary
54.   Saint Eadburh the holy maid was here of England
DIMEV 4585 Witnesses: 3
South English Legendary
55.   Saint Ecgwine the holy man was here of England
DIMEV 4586 Witnesses: 5
South English Legendary
56.   Saint Edmund the Confessor that lieth at Pountney
DIMEV 4587 Witnesses: 16
Life of St. Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the South English Legendary — couplets
57.   Saint Edmund the holy king I-bore was here by east
DIMEV 4588 Witnesses: 14
South English Legendary
58.   Saint Edward the good king right is to have in mind
DIMEV 4589 Witnesses: 3
South English Legendary
59.   Saint Edward the young martyr was king of England
DIMEV 4590 Witnesses: 19
South English Legendary
60.   Saint Edward the young was king of England [Seint Edward þe ȝungue was kyng of Enguelonde]
DIMEV 0.2890 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 2890; now included in 4590
61.   Saint Etheldreda of Ely good woman was and hende
DIMEV 4591 Witnesses: 3
South English Legendary
62.   Saint Eustace the noble knight of heathen law was
DIMEV 4592 Witnesses: 14
South English Legendary
63.   Saint Fabian by old daw goodman was inow
DIMEV 4593 Witnesses: 15
South English Legendary
64.   Saint Fabian thirteen year pope was in Rome
DIMEV 4594 Witnesses: 5
South English Legendary
65.   Saint Faith that holy maid of swith high men she came
DIMEV 4595 Witnesses: 10
South English Legendary
66.   Saint Firmin the bishop was of holy life
DIMEV 4596 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
67.   Saint Francis the friar minor that was good man enough
DIMEV 4597 Witnesses: 11
South English Legendary
68.   Saint Francis to thee I say [Saynt frances to þe I say ]
Burden to 63
69.   Saint Frideswitha that holy maid was here of England
DIMEV 4598 Witnesses: 6
South English Legendary
70.   Saint Fronton the holy man though they martyred were
DIMEV 4599 Witnesses: 2
South English Legendary
71.   Saint George of the kingric of Cappadocia so clear
DIMEV 4600 Witnesses: 1
The ‘Hours’ of St. George — twenty-one quatrains
72.   Saint George our Lady knight
DIMEV 4601 Witnesses: 3
A charm against nightmare — nine lines
73.   Saint George the good knight a holy man was he
DIMEV 4602 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
74.   Saint George the holy man as we findeth I-write
DIMEV 4603 Witnesses: 21
South English Legendary
75.   Saint Germanus the holy man in Antissiodorum was I-bore
DIMEV 4604 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
76.   Saint Giles the holy man ne loved no sin
DIMEV 4605 Witnesses: 13
South English Legendary
77.   Saint Gregory a tale us tells
DIMEV 4606 Witnesses: 5
Northern Homily Cycle
78.   Saint Gregory sayeth it was a clerk
DIMEV 4607 Witnesses: 3
Northern Homily Cycle
79.   Saint Gregory tells and so it is
DIMEV 4608 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
80.   Saint Gregory the confessor in Sicily was I-bore
DIMEV 4609 Witnesses: 21
South English Legendary
81.   Saint Gregory with other popes
DIMEV 4610 Witnesses: 1
A xylographic indulgence accompanying an Image of Pity c. A.D. 1423 — four long lines
82.   Saint Guthlac was I-bore here in England
DIMEV 4611 Witnesses: 3
South English Legendary
83.   Saint Helena I thee pray
DIMEV 4612 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to St. Helena — six lines in couplets
84.   Saint Helena was in Britain born and comen of high kindred
DIMEV 4613 Witnesses: 2
South English Legendary
85.   Saint Hilary the holy man of Aquitaine was
DIMEV 4614 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
86.   Saint Hippolytus the martyr knight was of great honour
DIMEV 4615 Witnesses: 10
South English Legendary
87.   Saint Hyginus the holy pope in Rome was I-bore
DIMEV 4616 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
88.   Saint Ignatius the holy man well was with Jesu Christ
DIMEV 4617 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
89.   Saint Jacques in the land of Persia of great high men come
DIMEV 4618 Witnesses: 4
South English Legendary
90.   Saint James apostle of Jesu Christ
DIMEV 4619 Witnesses: 2
Life of St. James the Great (version in short lines)
91.   Saint James the holy Apostle good is to have in mone
DIMEV 4620 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
92.   Saint Jerome says that signs fifteen
DIMEV 4621 Witnesses: 3
Northern Homily Cycle
93.   Saint Jerome telleth in his book of fifteen tokening
DIMEV 4622 Witnesses: 3
The Fifteen Signs of Doomsday — twenty-two lines
94.   Saint Jerome tells fifteen
DIMEV 0.2920.5 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 2920.5; see the Edinburgh, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh MS Cursor Mundi, Northern Homily Cycle copy of 4621
95.   Saint Jerome was swithe good clerk and wise through all thing
DIMEV 4623 Witnesses: 16
South English Legendary
96.   Saint John apostle and evangelist
DIMEV 4624 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. John the Evangelist (version in short lines)
97.   Saint John for grace thou crave
DIMEV 4625 Witnesses: 1
Prayer to Saint John — one 6-line stanza (aabccb)
98.   Saint John Gods darling dear
DIMEV 4626 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
99.   Saint John in our gospel says us
DIMEV 4627 Witnesses: 9
Northern Homily Cycle
100.   Saint John in our Gospel shows
DIMEV 4628 Witnesses: 8
Northern Homily Cycle
101.   Saint John in this gospel telleth
DIMEV 4629 Witnesses: 4
Northern Homily Cycle
102.   Saint John is Christs darling dear
DIMEV 4630 Witnesses: 1
John Audelay
103.   Saint John tells us a tale
DIMEV 4631 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
104.   Saint John the apostle and evangelist
DIMEV 4632 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
105.   Saint John the Baptist in wilderness
DIMEV 4633 Witnesses: 5
South English Legendary
106.   Saint John the evangelist that Apostle is
DIMEV 4634 Witnesses: 23
South English Legendary
107.   Saint John the good Evangelist
DIMEV 4635 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
108.   Saint John the good gospeller
DIMEV 4636 Witnesses: 3
Northern Homily Cycle
109.   Saint John the good gospeller / Tells us as I said you here
DIMEV 4637 Witnesses: 8
Northern Homily Cycle
110.   Saint John the Gospeller says us / that til his disciples said
DIMEV 4638 Witnesses: 11
Northern Homily Cycle
111.   Saint John the Gospeller says us / That til his disciples said
DIMEV 4639 Witnesses: 11
Northern Homily Cycle
112.   Saint John the gospeller says us / That to his disciples said
DIMEV 4640 Witnesses: 9
Northern Homily Cycle
113.   Saint John the gospeller says us / That to the Jews said Jesu
DIMEV 4641 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
114.   Saint John the gospeller / Tells as I shall you lere
DIMEV 4642 Witnesses: 6
Northern Homily Cycle
115.   Saint John the Gospeller us shows
DIMEV 4643 Witnesses: 7
Northern Homily Cycle
116.   Saint John the gospeller us tells
DIMEV 4644 Witnesses: 3
Northern Homily Cycle
117.   Saint John thus has in letters laid
DIMEV 4645 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
118.   Saint John upon a time stood
DIMEV 4646 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
119.   Saint John was the best bairn the holy baptist
DIMEV 4647 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
120.   Saint John witness as well will seem
DIMEV 4648 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
121.   Saint John witness til us alway
DIMEV 4649 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
122.   Saint John witness well always
DIMEV 4650 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
123.   Saint Juliana come of high men as we find I-writ
DIMEV 4653 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
124.   Saint Juliana yet we read
DIMEV 4654 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
125.   Saint Julian the confessor was I-bore at Rome
DIMEV 4651 Witnesses: 19
South English Legendary
126.   Saint Julian the good harbinger of noble kind come
DIMEV 4652 Witnesses: 22
South English Legendary
127.   Saint Justina of high men in Antioch come
DIMEV 4655 Witnesses: 6
South English Legendary
128.   Saint Katherine of noble kin came by old daw
DIMEV 4656 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
129.   Saint Kenelm in England was I-come of good strain
DIMEV 4657 Witnesses: 2
South English Legendary
130.   Saint Kenelm the young king that holy martyr is
DIMEV 4658 Witnesses: 12
South English Legendary
131.   Saint Lawrence good man was and in strong Martyrdom
DIMEV 4659 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
132.   Saint Leger a bishop was and holy man enough
DIMEV 4660 Witnesses: 12
South English Legendary
133.   Saint Leonard the confessor aland yode here
DIMEV 4661 Witnesses: 12
South English Legendary
134.   Saint Longinus was a blind knight tho God was I-do on the Rood
DIMEV 4662 Witnesses: 13
South English Legendary
135.   Saint Lucy that holy maid in Sicily was I-bore
DIMEV 4663 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
136.   Saint Lucy the maiden clean and good
DIMEV 4664 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Lucy (version in short lines)
137.   Saint Luke in his gospel bringeth us to mind
DIMEV 4665 Witnesses: 1
Euangelium Missus est angelus Gabriel’ (Feast of the Annunciation) — forty-one lines in couplets
138.   Saint Luke in his lesson will lere
DIMEV 4666 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
139.   Saint Luke in our gospel says us
DIMEV 4667 Witnesses: 6
Northern Homily Cycle
140.   Saint Luke in this wise leres us
DIMEV 4668 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
141.   Saint Luke says in this gospel
DIMEV 4669 Witnesses: 6
Northern Homily Cycle
142.   Saint Luke says that a man dumb was
DIMEV 4670 Witnesses: 8
Northern Homily Cycle
143.   Saint Luke says that Jesu Christ
DIMEV 4671 Witnesses: 5
Northern Homily Cycle
144.   Saint Luke tells how disciples two
DIMEV 4672 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
145.   Saint Luke tells that Christ himself
DIMEV 4673 Witnesses: 11
Northern Homily Cycle
146.   Saint Luke that holy man
DIMEV 4674 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
147.   Saint Luke the Evangelist none apostle nas
DIMEV 4675 Witnesses: 15
South English Legendary
148.   Saint Luke the evangelist that holy man was and good [Seyn Luke þe wangelyst þat holy man was & gode]
DIMEV 0.2974 Witnesses: 0
Former 2974 now included in 4675
149.   Saint Luke the good evangelist
DIMEV 4676 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
150.   Saint Luke the good gospeller
DIMEV 4677 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
151.   Saint Luke the gospeller sayeth us
DIMEV 4678 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
152.   Saint Luke the gospeller will say
DIMEV 4679 Witnesses: 9
Northern Homily Cycle
153.   Saint Luke us in his lesson says
DIMEV 4680 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
154.   Saint Luke us kens as he well can
DIMEV 4681 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
155.   Saint Luke us leres full openly
DIMEV 4682 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
156.   Saint Luke us leres in his lesson
DIMEV 4683 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
157.   Saint Luke us says whoso will hear
DIMEV 4684 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
158.   Saint Luke us tells if we take tent
DIMEV 4685 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
159.   Saint Luke us witness in this stead
DIMEV 4686 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
160.   Saint Luke witness unto us
DIMEV 4687 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
161.   Saint Margaret the holy maid and good
DIMEV 4688 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
162.   Saint Mark begins his gospel
DIMEV 4689 Witnesses: 10
Gospel for the First Sunday in Advent in the Northern Homily Cycle
163.   Saint Mark has in his matters meant
DIMEV 4690 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
164.   Saint Mark here in our godspel
DIMEV 4691 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
165.   Saint Mark in our gospel shows
DIMEV 4692 Witnesses: 8
Northern Homily Cycle
166.   Saint Mark makes mention us homily
DIMEV 4693 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
167.   Saint Mark makes mind on this matter
DIMEV 4694 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
168.   Saint Mark speaks in our gospel
DIMEV 4695 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
169.   Saint Mark the gospeller says us
DIMEV 4696 Witnesses: 11
Northern Homily Cycle
170.   Saint Mark the holy gospeller wide went a-land
DIMEV 4697 Witnesses: 19
South English Legendary
171.   Saint Martha a good woman was as ye heareth tell [Seinte Martha a god womman was as ȝe hereþ tell]
See 3410
172.   Saint Martin was a noble man
DIMEV 4698 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
173.   Saint Martin was I-bore in the land of Sabaria
DIMEV 4699 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
174.   Saint Martin went upon a day
DIMEV 4700 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
175.   Saint Mary clean virgin
DIMEV 4701 Witnesses: 12
St. Godric’s hymn to the Virgin — eight lines
176.   Saint Mary Egyptian in Egypt was I-bore
DIMEV 4702 Witnesses: 22
South English Legendary
177.   Saint Mary Gods mother from the apostles nas not
DIMEV 4703 Witnesses: 16
South English Legendary
178.   Saint Mary in Lent among other days good
DIMEV 4704 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
179.   Saint Mary lady bright
DIMEV 4705 Witnesses: 1
A hymn of the Five Joys — five 12-line stanzas (aabaabccbccb)
180.   Saint Mary Magdalene lady fair and bright
DIMEV 4706 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to St. Mary Magdalene — three monorhyming quatrains
181.   Saint Mary Magdalene that God forgave her sin
DIMEV 4707 Witnesses: 16
South English Legendary
182.   Saint Mary mother mild
DIMEV 4708 Witnesses: 1
A macaronic hymn to the Virgin Mary and Christ — six 10-line stanzas
183.   Saint Mary virgin [Sainte Marie uirgine]
See 4701
184.   Saint Matthew has his gospel
DIMEV 4709 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
185.   Saint Matthew in our gospel says us
DIMEV 4710 Witnesses: 4
Northern Homily Cycle
186.   Saint Matthew in our gospel shows
DIMEV 4711 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
187.   Saint Matthew moves in this manner
DIMEV 4712 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
188.   Saint Matthew musters until us
DIMEV 4713 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
189.   Saint Matthew says in our gospel
DIMEV 4714 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
190.   Saint Matthew says in our gospel
DIMEV 4715 Witnesses: 9
Northern Homily Cycle
191.   Saint Matthew tells to understand
DIMEV 4716 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
192.   Saint Matthew tells us
DIMEV 4717 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
193.   Saint Matthew the apostle of Christ
DIMEV 4718 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
194.   Saint Matthew the Evangelist apostle he was Iwis
DIMEV 4719 Witnesses: 15
South English Legendary
195.   Saint Matthew the evangelist / Says that Saint John the Baptist
DIMEV 4720 Witnesses: 12
Northern Homily Cycle
196.   Saint Matthew the Evangelist / telleth us that Jesu Christ
DIMEV 4721 Witnesses: 9
Northern Homily Cycle
197.   Saint Matthew the Evangelist
DIMEV 4722 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
198.   Saint Matthew the evangelist / Tells us today how Christ
DIMEV 4723 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
199.   Saint Matthew the good gospeller / Tells til us on this manner
DIMEV 4724 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
200.   Saint Matthew the good gospeller
DIMEV 4725 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
201.   Saint Matthew the good gospeller
DIMEV 4726 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
202.   Saint Matthew til us mind will make
DIMEV 4727 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
203.   Saint Matthias Apostle is as ye shullen all I-wite
DIMEV 4728 Witnesses: 20
South English Legendary
204.   Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel
DIMEV 4729 Witnesses: 6
Prayer to angels, apostles, and martyrs — in quatrains
205.   Saint Michael Gods angel clear
DIMEV 4730 Witnesses: 4
‘The Gast of Gy’
206.   Saint Michael in November hath yet another day
DIMEV 4731 Witnesses: 19
Part II of ‘St. Michael’ in the South English Legendary — couplets
207.   Saint Michael the angel clear [Saint Michael þe aungell clere]
See 4730
208.   Saint Michael the Archangel and his fellows also
DIMEV 4732 Witnesses: 20
South English Legendary
209.   Saint Mildred the holy maid to tell by right doom
DIMEV 4733 Witnesses: 4
South English Legendary
210.   Saint Nicholas Gods drut
DIMEV 4734 Witnesses: 2
St. Godric’s prayer to St. Nicholas — four lines, recorded by Geoffrey of Durham
211.   Saint Nicholas in whose day was born
DIMEV 4735 Witnesses: 1
Verses celebrating King Henry VI’s laying the foundation stone of King’s College in 1441 — one eight-line stanza
212.   Saint Nicholas that noble clerk
DIMEV 4736 Witnesses: 2
De Sancto Nichalao Historia’ — in couplets
213.   Saint Nicholas the holy man that good confessor was
DIMEV 4737 Witnesses: 19
South English Legendary
214.   Saint Nicholas was of great post
DIMEV 4738 Witnesses: 1
A carol to St. Nicholas — seven irregular quatrains and burden: ‘Alle maydenis for godes grace / Worchepe ȝe seynt nicolas’
215.   Saint Nycasie had a pock small
DIMEV 4739 Witnesses: 1
Charm for the pox — three couplets
216.   Saint Oswald the bishop was I-bore in England
DIMEV 4740 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
217.   Saint Oswald the holy king of the one end of England
DIMEV 4741 Witnesses: 12
South English Legendary
218.   Saint Patrick came through Gods grace to preach in Ireland
DIMEV 4742 Witnesses: 21
South English Legendary
219.   Saint Patrick through God all might
DIMEV 4743 Witnesses: 1
St. Patrick and his Purgatory — in quatrains
220.   Saint Patrick through Gods grace maked an pit in Ireland [Seint paterik þoru godes grace makede ane put in Irlonde]
DIMEV 0.3039 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 3039 (a variant text that omits vv. 1-54); now included in 4742.
221.   Saint Paul the apostle thus says he
DIMEV 4744 Witnesses: 5
The Seven Works of Mercy Bodily — ten couplets
222.   Saint Paul was a lither man ere he I-converted were
DIMEV 4745 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
223.   Saint Peres the friar preacher in the city of Verona
DIMEV 4746 Witnesses: 14
South English Legendary
224.   Saint Peter Christs apostle dear
DIMEV 4747 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
225.   Saint Peter prince of apostles all
DIMEV 4748 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
226.   Saint Peter was with our Lord of all Apostles highest
DIMEV 4749 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
227.   Saint Petronilla the holy maid right is to have in mind
DIMEV 4750 Witnesses: 4
South English Legendary
228.   Saint Philip and Jacobs day
DIMEV 4751 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
229.   Saint Philip and Saint Jacob apostles weren tway
DIMEV 4752 Witnesses: 21
South English Legendary
230.   Saint Quintin the martyr of the country was of Rome
DIMEV 4753 Witnesses: 13
South English Legendary
231.   Saint Quiriac that bishop was preached Gods law
DIMEV 4754 Witnesses: 17
South English Legendary
232.   Saint Salvator send silver sorrow
DIMEV 4755 Witnesses: 1
William Dunbar
233.   Saint Scholastica that holy maid she was of clean life
DIMEV 4756 Witnesses: 16
South English Legendary
234.   Saint Sebastian was a man of great honour [Seynt Sebastian was a man of a gret honour]
See 4593
235.   Saint Simon and Saint Judas
DIMEV 4757 Witnesses: 2
‘Passio apostolorum Simonis et Iude’
236.   Saint Simon and Saint Jude two brethren were
DIMEV 4758 Witnesses: 16
South English Legendary
237.   Saint Stephen his passion has published
DIMEV 4759 Witnesses: 1
‘De sancto stephano prothomartire’
238.   Saint Stephen the first martyr
DIMEV 4760 Witnesses: 1
John Audelay
239.   Saint Stephen was a clerk in King Herods hall
DIMEV 4761 Witnesses: 1
Ballad of St. Stephen and Herod — twenty-four lines
240.   Saint Stephen was a Jew and of Jews he came
DIMEV 4762 Witnesses: 19
South English Legendary
241.   Saint Swithin the confessor was here of England
DIMEV 4763 Witnesses: 13
South English Legendary
242.   Saint Sylvester pope was the first that there came
DIMEV 4764 Witnesses: 5
South English Legendary
243.   Saint Teilo the bishop that was of much price
DIMEV 4765 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
244.   Saint Theophilus was a great man and a great clerk also [Seint teophle was a gret man & a gret clerk also]
See 5554
245.   Saint Thomas honour we [Seynt Thomas honour we / Thorgh whos blod Holy Chyrch ys made fre]
Burden to 337
246.   Saint Thomas the apostle true
DIMEV 4766 Witnesses: 2
De Sancto thoma apostolo historia’ — in short lines
247.   Saint Thomas the good Apostle I-martyred was in Inde
DIMEV 4767 Witnesses: 18
South English Legendary
248.   Saint Thomas the holy man under the earth lay
DIMEV 4768 Witnesses: 15
South English Legendary
249.   Saint Valentine of custom year by year
DIMEV 4769 Witnesses: 4
John Lydgate: ‘Valentine to Our Lady’
250.   Saint Valentine of custom year by year
DIMEV 4770 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate
251.   Saint Valentine the martyr good man was enough
DIMEV 4771 Witnesses: 16
South English Legendary
252.   Saint Vincent in Spain to a Christian bishop came
DIMEV 4772 Witnesses: 19
South English Legendary
253.   Saint Wulfstan of Worcester was here of England
DIMEV 4773 Witnesses: 20
South English Legendary
254.   Salamon
See ‘Solomon’
255.   Salamon sat & sayde many soth sawys
DIMEV 0.3069 Witnesses: 0
Former 3069 is now 4953
256.   Salamon seyth ther is none accorde
DIMEV 0.3068.5 Witnesses: 0
Former 3068.5. Deleted because mistakenly duplicated in Rossell Hope Robbins, and John L. Cutler. Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, 1965 by 4954
257.   Saluator mundi domine / Qui nos saluasti hodie
Burden to 4784
258.   Saluator mundi domine
DIMEV 4774 Witnesses: 3
A macaronic Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Alleluya Alleluya deo patri sit gloria
259.   Saluator mundi domine
DIMEV 4775 Witnesses: 2
Dialogue between ‘Natura hominis’ and ‘Bonitas dei’ — fourteen 8-line stanzas
260.   Saluator mundi natus est
Refrain to 3761
261.   Salue decus pauperum
DIMEV 4776 Witnesses: 1
A macaronic hymn to St. Francis, in a volume of songs by Ryman — eight 6-line stanzas, including a 2-line refrain, ‘As clerly nowe itte dothe appere / To feithfull man bothe farre & nere’
262.   Salue I say holy face of our Saviour
DIMEV 4777 Witnesses: 1
John Audelay: ‘Salutacio in honore saluatoris’
263.   Salue regina / mater misericordie
Burden to 3939
264.   Salue regina / mater misericordie
Burden to 3852
265.   Salue regina gloria / Mater misericordie
Burden to 214, 1744, 3888, 4060
266.   Salue sancta parens
See 331, 3932
267.   Salue sancta parens
Refrain to 1724
268.   Salue with all obeisance to God in humblesse
DIMEV 4778 Witnesses: 4
‘Salve Regina’
269.   Salve regina mater misericordie / Uita dulcedo et spes nostra salue
Burden to 4084
270.   Salvum me fac Domine
Refrain to 1279
271.   Sancta Maria ora pro nobis
Burden to 3955, 3988, 4008, 4055, 4056, 4081, 4087
272.   Sancta virgo maria / Dei genitrix pia
Burden to 1746
273.   Sanctus Beda was I-boren here on Britain mid us
DIMEV 4779 Witnesses: 1
Alliterative lines complaining of William the Conqueror’s foreign prelates — 18 lines
274.   Sanctus sanctus sanctus [Sanctus sanctus sanctus / God almyȝte graunte ovs / Loue & charite & charite]
Burden to 3262
275.   S and B / belongs to me
DIMEV 4521 Witnesses: 1
Rhyme of ?a lover professing his love? — a couplet
276.   Sans remedy endure must I
DIMEV 4780 Witnesses: 2
The sleepless lover — three eight-line stanzas, aaabcccb, or quatrains with internal rhyme, plus burden: ‘Saunce remedy [ ]payne dedly for my maystres…’
277.   Sapiens to man sayeth in his youth
DIMEV 4781 Witnesses: 1
Advice from Sapiens for youth — one cross-rhymed quatrain
278.   Saturn disposeth a man to melancholy [Saturne disposeþ a man to melancoly
See 5788
279.   Saturnus was the first man [Saturnus was þe furst man]
First line of final stanza of 3143
280.   Saviour of world Lord and maintainer
DIMEV 4782 Witnesses: 1
Salvator mundi domine’ — five stanzas rhyme royal
281.   Saviour of the world save us
DIMEV 4783 Witnesses: 1
A Litany by the Cross and Blood against ‘al maner yuel temptacion’ — three lines
282.   Saviour of this world we pray
DIMEV 4784 Witnesses: 1
‘Salvator mundi domine’
283.   Saviour suppose my sensuality
DIMEV 4785 Witnesses: 2
William Dunbar: ‘Ane orisoun’
284.   Say me wight in the broom
DIMEV 4786 Witnesses: 3
Tell me, Wight in the Broom — one 6-line stanza, couplets
285.   Say now man what thinketh thou
DIMEV 4787 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
286.   Say sinful man what is thine thought
DIMEV 4788 Witnesses: 1
A warning to the worldly man — one quatrain
287.   Say the best and bear thee soft
DIMEV 4789 Witnesses: 2
A couplet motto on a scroll in one MS of Hoccleve’s De Regimine Principum (3581)
288.   Say the best or be still [Say þe best or be stylle]
See 4795
289.   Say thou vessel of wretchedness
DIMEV 4790 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
290.   Say to Our Lady aves seven
DIMEV 4791 Witnesses: 1
A rubric recommending prayer to the Heart of Christ — two couplets
291.   Say to the fair that is so here
DIMEV 4792 Witnesses: 1
Rewards to various types of persons, in a Latin prose sermon — four couplets
292.   Say truth be not false
DIMEV 4793 Witnesses: 1
A couplet motto on a scroll in one MS. of Hoccleve’s De Regimine Principum (3581)
293.   Say well is a worthy thing
DIMEV 4794 Witnesses: 2
Verses advocating that Do well is preferable to Say well — nine quatrains and burden, or 42 lines in couplets with burden: ‘Saye well & do well þey are thynges twayne / thryse happy ys he in whome bothe dothe rayne’.
294.   Say well or be still
DIMEV 4795 Witnesses: 2
Three lines advocating caution (including ‘had y wyst’)
295.   Scots out of Berwick and Aberdeen
DIMEV 4796 Witnesses: 1
Laurence Minot: The Battle of Bannockburn Avenged
296.   Second day of that saint
DIMEV 4797 Witnesses: 1
The fifteen Signs before Doomsday — 12 lines, mostly in couplets
297.   See and hear and hold still
DIMEV 4798 Witnesses: 19
A tag in the Fasciculus Morum, and as comment of Third Cock in a story in the Gesta Romanorum; see Whiting, Bartlett Jere. Proverbs, Sentences, and Proverbial Phrases from English Writings Mainly before 1500. Cambridge, MA: Belknap, 1968, H.264
298.   See here my master Carpenter I you pray
DIMEV 4799 Witnesses: 1
Thomas Hoccleve: ‘Balade to my maister Carpenter’
299.   Seeing the manifold inconvenience
DIMEV 4801 Witnesses: 2
The Remedy of Love
300.   Seek to defend thyself from sin
DIMEV 4802 Witnesses: 1
On the Seven Deadly Sins — seven quatrains and concluding 6-line stanza
301.   Seely berne that not is gone
DIMEV 4803 Witnesses: 6
The Psalter in couplets
302.   Seely sight I seek unseemly for to see
DIMEV 4804 Witnesses: 1
A riddle — one couplet
303.   See / Me / Be / kinde
Extract from Hawes’ Conuersion of Swerers: see 5289
304.   See much say little and learn to suffer in time
DIMEV 4800 Witnesses: 4
R. Stokys (attrib.); John Lydgate (?)
305.   Seeth pork or veal and hew it small [Sethe porke or vele and hewe hit smalle]
See 3799
306.   Seigneurs that solemn were assembled them all samen
DIMEV 4805 Witnesses: 1
A lament for Sir John Berkeley of Wymondham, Leicestershire (c. 1375) — 91 alliterative long lines with end rhyme, usually in couplets
307.   Seint
See under ‘Saint’
308.   Seld errands well thee loath
DIMEV 4806 Witnesses: 1
309.   Seldom comes lone
DIMEV 4086.5 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial saying that solitary people are not happy — one couplet, translating ‘Raro domum reuenit ridens quod mutuo transit
310.   Seldom say and soon forget [Selden seiȝe and sone forȝete]
Refrain to 30
311.   Seldom seen is soon forgotten [Seldon seen ys sone foryetyn]
See lines 7-8 of Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.19 (599) version of 5530
312.   Seldom seen is sweetest
DIMEV 4807 Witnesses: 1
Aphoristic advice on the attraction of rarities — one cross-rhymed quatrain
313.   Semenaunt is a wonder thing
DIMEV 4808 Witnesses: 1
A song of ‘Seeming’ — six quatrains and burden: ‘I may seyn & so mown mo / Þat in semenaunt goth gyle’
314.   Sen
See under ‘Sith’
315.   Sere men of sere intention
DIMEV 4809 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
316.   Serve God heartily [Serue god hertely]
See 4810
317.   Serve thy God truly
DIMEV 4810 Witnesses: 10
Precepts in -ly — usually two quatrains, but sometimes in expanded versions
318.   Service is none heritage [Seruyse is non erytage]
Refrain to 2407, 2441
319.   Set and save if thou will have
DIMEV 4811 Witnesses: 4
Rhyming proverbs — four couplets
320.   Set fast Thy foot on Rood tree
DIMEV 4812 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
321.   Set the Father the Son and the…
DIMEV 4813 Witnesses: 1
A fragment of a religious lyric(?) in a single MS — with so much damage to the rhyme words it is hard to determine if this is verse or prose
322.   Seven days are that men call / The Sunday is the best of all
DIMEV 4814 Witnesses: 1
The Vision of St. Paul — 252 lines in 6-line stanzas
323.   Seven kingdoms within this land sometime there were
DIMEV 4815 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Etheldreda — in quatrains
324.   Seven sins there been deadly…
Division of 2553
325.   Seven Sleepers were holy men as me hath I-told before
DIMEV 4816 Witnesses: 9
South English Legendary
326.   Sey
See under ‘Say’
327.   Shall come truly as I you say
DIMEV 4817 Witnesses: 1
Concluding ten quatrains of a prophecy
328.   Shall have your desire the same year [Schall haue sowr dessyer þe same ȝer]
See 5854
329.   Shall I by whom all thing began
DIMEV 4818 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
330.   Shall I dear mother as I will [Shall I dere moder as I wille]
DIMEV 0.3093 Witnesses: 0
Former 3093; burden to 6674.
331.   Shall I go to her once to prove [Shall I go to her agayn onys to prove]
Second quatrain of 3966
332.   Shall I leave off and let her go [Shall y leue of and let hur go]
Three concluding stanzas of 4971
333.   Shall I mother shall I [Shall I moder shall I]
Burden to 2306
334.   Shall I mother maiden and wife
DIMEV 4819 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
335.   Shall I that am so high in throne
DIMEV 4820 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
336.   Shall I that heaven and earth did make
DIMEV 4821 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman: The Child Jesus to the Virgin Mary
337.   Shall I that wrought all thing of nought
DIMEV 4822 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
338.   Sale mak wus al at do
See 3040
339.   Shall we all die
DIMEV 4823 Witnesses: 1
A palinode type of epitaph of four words in four lines
340.   Shalt dreaden God for he wrought thee
DIMEV 4824 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
341.   She is gentle and also wise
DIMEV 4825 Witnesses: 1
On the beauty of his mistress — six 3-line stanzas (including refrain, ‘Þat ever I saw’) and burden: ‘My lady is a prety on / A prety prety prety on / My lady is a prety on / As ever I saw’
342.   She loved but him alone [She loved but hym alone]
Refrain to 761
343.   She may be called a sovereign lady [She may be callyd a souerant lady]
See 103
344.   She saw these women all bedene
DIMEV 4826 Witnesses: 1
A song in praise of women — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: Pray we to oure lady dere / For here holy grace
345.   She that hath a wanton eye
DIMEV 4827 Witnesses: 1
On being wanton and nice — sixteen quatrains
346.   She that I love aldermost and lovest to beguile
DIMEV 4828 Witnesses: 1
Verse on his mistress being ever in his thoughts — one 6-line stanza including an ‘Y and O’ refrain
347.   She was fairest of all
DIMEV 4829 Witnesses: 2
Two fragments from a romance of Apollonius of Tyre — about 140 lines in quatrains
348.   Shield us fro the pains of hell [Schelde us fra þe paynes of hell]
See 3193
349.   Shoe thine horse and hear thy mass
DIMEV 4830 Witnesses: 1
Aphoristic advice for making the journey best — one couplet
350.   Short aren mens days
DIMEV 4831 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
351.   Short rede / Good rede
DIMEV 0.3098.8 Witnesses: 0
A tag in Leland.
352.   Should I me make a lady new fie fie
DIMEV 4832 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans (?)
353.   Shroud and feed and drench and harbour the poor
DIMEV 4833 Witnesses: 1
The seven works of bodily mercy — four lines in couplets
354.   Shroud him not ne make him not too bare
DIMEV 4834 Witnesses: 1
Blank verse lines, written as verse, at end of prose English text on Rosemary — four lines
355.   Sicker to death to all manner men
DIMEV 4836 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
356.   Sickmen wax blissful / Thieves wax dreadfull
DIMEV 4837 Witnesses: 1
Four miracles (of doomsday?), in a sermon — four lines in couplets
357.   …Sickness…
DIMEV 3100.8 Witnesses: 1
Fragment of a poem on grace — 12 lines ?in couplets
358.   Sickness of her sin sorrowfully was I-showed
DIMEV 4838 Witnesses: 1
Six rhyming lines on Deliverance in an English prose homily
359.   Sickness shall hold him sure
DIMEV 4839 Witnesses: 2
Bernardus Sylvestris
360.   Sic uite peniteas if heaven thou think to win
DIMEV 4835 Witnesses: 1
On need for repentance and cleansing from sin to gain heaven — 8 couplets
361.   Sicut domino placuit ita factum est
Refrain to 13
362.   Sigh and sorrow deeply / mourn and weep inwardly
DIMEV 4840 Witnesses: 7
Precepts in -ly — four short lines
363.   Simnel horns / Bear none thorns
DIMEV 4841 Witnesses: 1
A tag — one couplet
364.   Simon Peter to Jesus
DIMEV 4842 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
365.   Sin and filth only forsake
DIMEV 4843 Witnesses: 1
The King’s Letter to his Son — five couplets
366.   Since
See ‘Sith’
367.   Sin destroyeth his freedom and putteth him into foul servage
DIMEV 4844 Witnesses: 1
On the effects of sin — three lines, monorhyming
368.   Sinful kind fro kindly skill
DIMEV 4848 Witnesses: 1
God’s Law is above Nature — four rhyming lines
369.   Sinful man be blithe and bold [Synful man be blyth & bold]
See 20
370.   Sinful man bethink and see
DIMEV 4849 Witnesses: 2
‘O homo vide quid pro te patior’
371.   Sinful man for Gods sake [Synful man for godis sake / Irede þat þou amendis make]
Burden to 5891
372.   Sinful man look up and see
DIMEV 4850 Witnesses: 1
Appeal of Christ to Man by the Pains of the Passion — eight short lines
373.   Sinful man ne dread thee not
DIMEV 4851 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
374.   Sinful man thou art unkind
DIMEV 4852 Witnesses: 1
The Appeal of Christ to the sinner — six 7-line stanzas (ababccd) with 4-line burden: ‘Blow þe winde styl & blow nat so shyl / My blode man I shed for þe al at wyl / Blowe þe winde styl & blowe nat so shyll / Þis paine to suffre is my fathers wil’
375.   Sing and blow blow well blow [Synge and blow, blow wel, blow / Synge wen so Y blowe]
Burden to 2962
376.   Sing dillum dillum dillum [Synge dyllum dyllum dyllum dyllum]
Burden to 2759
377.   Sing I would but alas decedunt prospera grata
DIMEV 4853 Witnesses: 4
Macaronic verses lamenting the Evils of the Age, temp. Richard II — 236 lines in quatrains, alternately English and Latin lines
378.   Sing lorel sing / Evil joy thee wring
DIMEV 4854 Witnesses: 1
Criticism of excess of the gallants’ dress, in nonsense rhyme to ‘make me this in laten’ — one six-line stanza
379.   Sing to our Lord a new song [Synge to oure lorde a new songe]
One of the prayers (stanza 4) in 3228
380.   Singular shepherd gardian of Christs fold
DIMEV 4856 Witnesses: 3
John Lydgate
381.   Sing up heart sing up heart [Syng vp hart syng vp hart]
Burden to 5057
382.   Sing we all and say we thus / Gramercy mine own purse [Syng we alle & sey we thus / Gramersy myn owyn purs]
Burden to 6327
383.   Sing we all for time it is [Synge we all for tyme it is]
Burden to 1358
384.   SSyng we alle thys tyme þus / Te deum laudamus
Burden to 1292, 3892, 4064, 5328, 5475
385.   Sing we now both all and some / Christe redemtor omnium [Synge we now both all and sum / Christe redemtor omnium]
Variant burden in Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ee.1.12 version of 2481
386.   Sing we now to the holy feast [Syng we now þe holy feste]
Burden to 4439
387.   Sing we sing we / Gloria tibi domine [Synge we synge we / Gloria tibi domine]
Burden to 3357
388.   Sing we to the Trinity / With parce mihi domine [Syng we to the Trinite / With parce mihi domine]
Burden to 1490
389.   Sing we to this merry company [Syng we to this mery company…]
Burden to 823, 2043
390.   Synge we with angelis gloria in excelsis
Refrain to 5
391.   Sing we with mirth joy and solace [Synge we with myrth ioye and solas]
Burden to 1521
392.   Sing ye a new song
DIMEV 4855 Witnesses: 1
Praise to Christ in a passion sermon on Amore langueo (for John of Bromyard) — two couplets
393.   Sin is on my breast
DIMEV 4845 Witnesses: 1
The lament of a nun in love with a priest, in a Latin treatise Si vis ad vitam ingredi, serva mandata — one couplet
394.   Sink and say
DIMEV 4857 Witnesses: 1
On sin in Latin homiletic notes — three irregular lines
395.   Sin maketh many thrall
DIMEV 4846 Witnesses: 1
William Shoreham: The Seven Deadly Sins
396.   Sins be these seven deadly
DIMEV 4858 Witnesses: 1
The Seven Deadly Sins — three rhyming lines
397.   Sir at this feast of beneficence
DIMEV 4859 Witnesses: 3
William Dunbar: ‘Quhone mony benefices vakit’
398.   Sir Clerk of Oxenford our Host said
DIMEV 4860 Witnesses: 58
Geoffrey Chaucer: Clerk’s Prologue
399.   Sir David the Bruce was at a distance
DIMEV 4861 Witnesses: 1
Laurence Minot: The Battle of Neville’s Cross
400.   Sir emperor dread ye no thing
DIMEV 4862 Witnesses: 1
A fragment from a Caesar Augustus play — 12 lines in 8-line tail-rhyme stanzas
401.   Sir for your grace both night and day
DIMEV 4863 Witnesses: 1
William Dunbar: ‘That he war Jhone Thomsonnis man’
402.   Sir he says and Sunday is now
DIMEV 4864 Witnesses: 1
The Life of Joseph of Arimathea — 709 alliterative lines
403.   Sir I complain of injuries
DIMEV 4865 Witnesses: 2
William Dunbar: ‘Complaint to the King against Mure’
404.   Sir John Mandeville and Sir Mark of Venice
DIMEV 4866 Witnesses: 1
John Mandeville: ‘Off the Grete Caan Emperour of Tartaria’
405.   Sir John Sinclair be goeth to dance
DIMEV 4867 Witnesses: 2
William Dunbar: ‘Of a dance in the quenis chalmer’
406.   Sir John the Rose one thing there is compiled
DIMEV 4868 Witnesses: 5
William Dunbar: ‘The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie’
407.   Sir king of arms I thou pray
DIMEV 4869 Witnesses: 1
Two couplets on scrolls in a drawing prefixed to Johannis Dade’s De arte Heraldica
408.   Schir lat it never in toune be tald / That I suld be ane Yowllis yald
Burden to 3782
409.   Sir let it never in time be told […Schir lat It neuer In toume be tald / That I suld be ane ȝowllis ȝald]
Refrain to 3782
410.   Sir Nuns Priest our Host said anon
DIMEV 4870 Witnesses: 12
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Nun’s Priest’s Epilogue’
411.   Sir Rawland Vaux that sometime was the lord of Triermaine
DIMEV 4871 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph — two couplets (perhaps spurious)
412.   Sirs a miracle or two I shall you tell
DIMEV 4875 Witnesses: 1
Two miracles of the Virgin Mary: (I) Knight saved by Two Words (104 lines); (2) Knight who said five Aves daily (238 lines) — in couplets
413.   Sir sheriff for thy sake
DIMEV 4872 Witnesses: 1
Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham: fragment of a drama — 42 lines in couplets
414.   Sir Thomas I tell you plain / He that made this book took great pain
DIMEV 4873 Witnesses: 1
Scribe’s or stationer’s assurance of care taken in making the book — one couplet
415.   Sir ye have many servitors
DIMEV 4874 Witnesses: 1
William Dunbar: A Remonstrance to the King
416.   Sister look that ye be not forlorn
DIMEV 4876 Witnesses: 1
Treble and alto parts of ‘The Bella’
417.   Sit amongst the knights all
DIMEV 4877 Witnesses: 1
Of Discreet Behavior — six quatrains (aaab) with ‘Whatsoeuer ye thynk avyse ye wele’ refrain and burden: ‘He haþ myn hart euery dele / Þat can love true & kepe yt wele’
418.   Sit down Robin and rest thee
DIMEV 4878 Witnesses: 1
Advice as if given to Robin Hood — three couplets
419.   Sith all men naturally desire
DIMEV 4879 Witnesses: 9
Thomas Hoccleve: ‘Ars Sciendi Mori’
420.   Sith all that in this world hath been in rerum natura
DIMEV 4880 Witnesses: 7
‘Esto memor mortis’
421.   Sith Christ hath take both flesh and blood
DIMEV 4881 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
422.   Sith cursed death hath taken my mistress
DIMEV 4882 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans: Reflections on the death of his Mistress
423.   Sithen law for will beginneth to slacken
DIMEV 4917 Witnesses: 11
On the Degeneracy of the Times (5 lines, aabbb), a tag in the Fasciculus morum
424.   Sithen that Britain was bigged and Brutus it ought
DIMEV 4918 Witnesses: 1
Wynnere and Wastoure
425.   Sithen the first that were here or may be
DIMEV 4919 Witnesses: 1
Description of the English naval victory over the French at Whitby Haven in 1451 — 120 lines in 8-line stanzas
426.   Sithen the siege and the assault was ceased at Troy
DIMEV 4920 Witnesses: 1
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
427.   Sithen this world was full of onde
DIMEV 4921 Witnesses: 8
Truth and Love imprisoned (4 lines), a tag in the Fasciculus morum
428.   Sith evil fruit / witnesseth evil root
DIMEV 4883 Witnesses: 2
By their fruits you shall know them — one proverbial couplet quoted in Wyclif’s tract on confession
429.   Sith fortune hath me set thus in this wise
DIMEV 4884 Witnesses: 1
Verses expressing desire to serve his mistress — four lines, possibly monorhyming
430.   Sith Gabriel gan greet
DIMEV 4885 Witnesses: 2
Sir Pers of Birmingham
431.   Sith God hath chose thee to be his knight
DIMEV 4886 Witnesses: 1
‘Edwardus IV Dei gratia’
432.   Sith I am merciable [syth I am merciable]
Refrain to 3388
433.   Sith I may not escape me far nor near
DIMEV 4887 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
434.   Sith in this world there can no thing be sure
DIMEV 4888 Witnesses: 1
An exhortation against the Deadly Sins — ten stanzas rhyme royal
435.   Sith in waste nature no thing makes [Sen in waist natur na thinge mais]
DIMEV 4889 Witnesses: 1
Verses advocating that everyone should labor — four couplets
436.   Sith it concluded was in the Trinity
DIMEV 4890 Witnesses: 1
A song of the Redemption — four 8-line stanzas (aaabbccd) with refrain, ‘Now blessid lady wepe no more / Affaide’ and burden: ‘Affraid alas and whi so sodenli / Whi so dismaid / Whi shuld she hevy be / Or otherwise evyll apaide’
437.   Sith it is on my breast
DIMEV 4891 Witnesses: 2
Message verse in an exemplum of a priest’s concubine whose breasts rot — one couplet
438.   Sith it is so
DIMEV 4892 Witnesses: 1
An English scribble to his lady dear — four short lines
439.   Sith it is so we needs must depart
DIMEV 4893 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
440.   Sith love hath cast me banish everydeal
DIMEV 4894 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
441.   Sith man shall hence wend
DIMEV 4895 Witnesses: 2
William Herebert; Nicholas Bozon
442.   Sith mercy now in men doth rest
DIMEV 4896 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial couplet on women’s passing on to men the capacity for mercy — one couplet
443.   Sith of a womans breasts I was fostered
DIMEV 4897 Witnesses: 1
Thomas Hoccleve
444.   Sith of right thou mayest not forsake
DIMEV 4898 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
445.   Sith that eye that works my wellfare
DIMEV 4899 Witnesses: 1
A song on Absence — thirteen 9-line stanzas
446.   Sith that God this world wrought
DIMEV 4900 Witnesses: 4
The Siege [or Battle] of Troy
447.   Sith that I absent am thus from you fare
DIMEV 4901 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans: ‘Slake my gret aduersite’
448.   Sith that I am a prisoner
DIMEV 4902 Witnesses: 2
William Dunbar: ‘Bewty and the Presoneir’
449.   Sith that I am your have been and shall
DIMEV 4903 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
450.   Sith that I have a nonpareil master
DIMEV 4904 Witnesses: 2
Charles d’Orléans
451.   Sith that ye list to be my hostess
DIMEV 4905 Witnesses: 3
Death’s Warning to the World — eight stanzas rhyme royal; partly from The Fall of Princes (1904), I.764-70, 806-12, 918-24, 925-31, 960-66.
452.   Sith the time I knew you first
DIMEV 4906 Witnesses: 1
‘Why soo vnkende’ — six couplets with three-line burden: ‘Why soo vnkende alas / Why soo vnkende to me / Soo to be kende to me’
453.   Sith the time that Christ Jesu
DIMEV 4907 Witnesses: 6
Guy of Warwick
454.   Sith the time that God was born
DIMEV 4908 Witnesses: 1
Guy of Warwick
455.   Sith Thou hast born the King of Grace
DIMEV 4909 Witnesses: 1
An orison to the Virgin Mary — six quatrains (abab) with refrain, ‘Ora pro nobis’ and burden: ‘To þe we make oure mone / Moder of crist alone’
456.   Sith Thou hast born the King of Grace
DIMEV 4910 Witnesses: 1
An orison to the Virgin Mary — five quatrains (aaab) with ‘O dulcis maria’ refrain and burden: ‘O clemens O pia / O dulcis maria
457.   Sith thou Mother of grace hast ever in mind
DIMEV 4911 Witnesses: 1
Thomas Hoccleve
458.   Sith through virtue increases dignity
DIMEV 4912 Witnesses: 3
James I, king of Scotland (attrib.); James I, king of Scotland (attrib.): God’s Span for Man’s Inch
459.   Sith Thy Son is both God and man
DIMEV 4913 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
460.   Syn till ane turnament fast þai hyit
See 3692
461.   Sith time that all this world was wrought
DIMEV 4914 Witnesses: 1
The Legend of the Blood of Hayles
462.   Sith wisemen that before our daws
DIMEV 4915 Witnesses: 1
‘The Foly of Fulys and the Thewis of Wysmen’
463.   Sith ye have me challenged Master Garnesche
DIMEV 4916 Witnesses: 1
John Skelton: Against Garnesche
464.   Sitteth all still and harkeneth to me
DIMEV 4922 Witnesses: 1
Song of the Battle of Lewes — eight 7-line stanzas with refrain, ‘Richard þah þou be euer trichard / tricchen shalt þou neuermore’
465.   Sitteth still withouten strife
DIMEV 4923 Witnesses: 4
Life of St. Alexis — in 6-line stanzas (earlier version)
466.   Sitting on this see
DIMEV 4924 Witnesses: 1
On the chair of a judge, from Trevisa’s Polychronicon (Book III, c. 8) — four couplets
467.   Six is ever the best chance of the dice [Syse is ever the best chaunce of the dyce]
See 1215
468.   Slippery it is to grip on whom is no hold [Slyppur it is to grype on whome is no holde]
Refrain to 3533
469.   Sloth and idleness must be forsaken
DIMEV 4925 Witnesses: 1
John Waldeby
470.   Sluggy and slow in spitting much
DIMEV 4926 Witnesses: 1
On the several ‘Complexions’ — four quatrains
471.   Slumbering right thoughtful of unkindness
DIMEV 4927 Witnesses: 1
‘Balade fet de la Reygne Katerine Russell’ — two 8-line and two 7-line stanzas
472.   Sly men and egleche and of redes wise and bold
DIMEV 4928 Witnesses: 3
South English Legendary
473.   Small paths to the greenwood [Smale pathis to the grenewode]
Burden to 3277
474.   S missed in the middle and mark there a P
DIMEV 4522 Witnesses: 2
A political prophecy — thirty-six alliterative lines
475.   So as I lay this other night
DIMEV 4929 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate [?]: ‘Timor mortis conturbat me’
476.   So blessed a sight it was to see
DIMEV 4930 Witnesses: 1
Dialogue between the Virgin Mary and her Child — eight quatrains aaab and six-line last stanza ababaa with refrain, ‘Myn own dere moder syng lulley’ and burden: ‘Lulley Jhesu lulley lulley / Myn own dere moder syng lulley’
477.   So blessed be the time [So blyssid be the tyme]
Refrain to 5255
478.   So blessed be the wheat flour [So blyssid be the qwete flour]
Refrain to 6264
479.   Sobre countenance
DIMEV 4950.5 Witnesses: 1
In praise of his mistress — fragment of one stanza rhyme royal
480.   Sodenly
See under ‘Suddenly’
481.   So die shall then all christian men [So dye shall then all cristyn men]
Burden to 2659
482.   Soethþe
See under ‘Sith’
483.   So fair so fresh so goodly on to see
DIMEV 4931 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
484.   So far I trow from remedy
DIMEV 4932 Witnesses: 1
A lover’s complaint — one stanza rhyme royal
485.   So fresh beauty so much goodliness
DIMEV 4933 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
486.   Softly sin ginneth in wind
DIMEV 4951 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
487.   So great unkindness without deserving
DIMEV 4934 Witnesses: 1
‘A falce surmysing’ — three stanzas rhyme royal
488.   So hath mine heart caught in remembrance
DIMEV 4935 Witnesses: 1
Geoffrey Chaucer (attrib.): ‘Womanly Noblesse — Balade that Chauncier made’
489.   So hende and so good He is
DIMEV 4936 Witnesses: 1
On Christ’s goodness in redeeming mankind — two couplets
490.   So is imprinted in my remembrance
DIMEV 4937 Witnesses: 1
Walter Fry
491.   So it befell after this tide
DIMEV 4938 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
492.   So it befell upon a day
DIMEV 4939 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
493.   So laughing in lap laid [So laughyng in lap layde]
See 5414
494.   Solitary life whoso doth use
DIMEV 4952 Witnesses: 1
On the solitary life — ninety-six lines in thirteen eight-line stanzas
495.   Solomon sat and said many sooth saws
DIMEV 4953 Witnesses: 2
Prouerba Solomonis’ — 35 lines, generally in 6-line stanzas (aaaabb) with an ‘0 and I’ refrain
496.   Solomon sayeth there is none accord
DIMEV 4954 Witnesses: 1
Proverbs in English — thirty lines in couplets
497.   Solomon the wise he taught in his life
DIMEV 4955 Witnesses: 1
An anti-marital carol — 6 five-line stanzas (aaaab) and burden: ‘All fresche, all fresch, fresch is my song’
498.   So long I have lady
DIMEV 4940 Witnesses: 3
The devoted but unrequited lover, in a Latin sermon — one cross-rhymed quatrain
499.   So long thou may on the stone spit
DIMEV 4941 Witnesses: 2
A proverbial couplet
500.   So mannerly / So courteously / So prettily / She deals alway [So manerly / So curtesly / So prately / She delis allway]
Burden to 5132
501.   So many pointed caps
See 4944
502.   Some be merry and some be sad
DIMEV 4956 Witnesses: 3
Carol on the different kinds of women — six 6-line stanzas (aaabccb) including refrain, ‘Yet all be not so / For sum be lewde & sum be shrewed / Go shrew wher so euer ye go’, and burden (dd): ‘Women women love of women / Makeþ bare pursis wiþ sum men’.
503.   Some be nice as a nun hen [Some be nyce as a nonne hene]
See 4956
504.   Some deserve ere they desire
DIMEV 4957 Witnesses: 1
505.   Some do intend
DIMEV 4958 Witnesses: 1
Do not wait until you are old before you marry a rich wife — five quatrains
506.   Some fastens fast for forty year
DIMEV 4959 Witnesses: 1
Fragment of an ubi sunt poem in praise of Arthur, Gawain, Alexander, etc. — three quatrains
507.   Some gay squire of Devonshire
DIMEV 4960 Witnesses: 1
Tag translating Latin, ‘Cuidam armigere curioso de comitatu deuanie…’ which follows it, in a series of Latin sentences with English translations in a schoolbook
508.   Some horns do wear and blow them not
DIMEV 4961 Witnesses: 1
On cuckoldry — one couplet
509.   Summe maner mater wolde I fayne meve
DIMEV 0.3120 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 3120; see 4964
510.   Some man goeth still of wisdom and reason
DIMEV 4962 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate (?)
511.   Some man is a giver / And is the richer
DIMEV 4963 Witnesses: 1
On the rewards of almsgiving — one couplet
512.   Some manner matter would I fain move
DIMEV 4964 Witnesses: 1
Truth and Conscience — thirteen 12-line stanzas (ababbcbccdcd) including refrain, ‘Can tell where Conscyens ys become’
513.   Some men offered him boists of rich spicery
DIMEV 4965 Witnesses: 1
Generalizations about men’s activities, perhaps at a fair, in a Latin sermon — three couplets
514.   Some men sayen that I am black
DIMEV 4966 Witnesses: 1
A Verse Riddle — six quatrains (abab)
515.   Some men speak much evil by women
DIMEV 4967 Witnesses: 1
Richard Hatfield
516.   Some men think that ye shall have penalty [Som men thynke that ye shall haue penalte]
See London, British Library Lansdowne 762 version of 6226
517.   Some men weens that Barnabas
DIMEV 4968 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
518.   Some send elves
DIMEV 4969 Witnesses: 1
Six lines on Wade, inserted in a Latin sermon on humility — two roughly-rhyming triplets
519.   Sometime a king lived in this land
DIMEV 4973 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
520.   Sometime an Emperor prudent and wise [Some tyme an Emperour prudent & wys]
See 6529
521.   Sometime as men may understand
DIMEV 4974 Witnesses: 2
Life of St. Katharine of Alexandria (version in short lines)
522.   Some time befell so in this land
DIMEV 4975 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
523.   Sometime I have you seen
DIMEV 4976 Witnesses: 1
Warning to those in high estate that their fortune is temporary — one quatrain plus refrain(?)
524.   Some time I loved as ye may see
DIMEV 4971 Witnesses: 1
A Slighted Lover’s Complaint — nine quatrains (aaab) and burden (b): Who so lyst to loue god send hym right good spede
525.   Sometime I loved so do I yet
DIMEV 4972 Witnesses: 1
The Delivered Lover — eight quatrains (aaab) and burden (cb): ‘Vp son and mery wether / Somer draweth nere’
526.   Sometime in France dwelled a plowman
DIMEV 4977 Witnesses: 2
‘A lytell geste how the plowman lerned his pater noster’ — 207 lines in couplets
527.   Some time in Greece that noble region
DIMEV 4978 Witnesses: 6
Ausonius: ‘Septem Sapientium Sententiae’
528.   Some time in Rome a pope there was
DIMEV 4979 Witnesses: 4
Trentalle Sancti Gregorii
529.   Sometime in Rome a pope there was
DIMEV 4980 Witnesses: 3
The Life of St. Gregory’s Mother [=Trental] — in quatrains
530.   Sometime is was a poor servitor
DIMEV 4981 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
531.   Sometime it was the guise among the wise
DIMEV 4982 Witnesses: 3
Flavius Vegetius: de Re Militari
532.   Sometime I was with love bound [Sum tyme I was with loue bounde]
See 4970
533.   Some time men readen that there was
DIMEV 4983 Witnesses: 1
‘De duobus veris amicis’
534.   Some time there was an heathen man
DIMEV 4988 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
535.   Sometime there was a noble man
DIMEV 4984 Witnesses: 8
The Seuyn Sages of Rome
536.   Sometime there was a noble man
DIMEV 4986 Witnesses: 1
The Seuyn Sages of Rome
537.   Sometime there was a noble man
DIMEV 3187.2 Witnesses: 2
The Seuyn Sages of Rome
538.   Sometime there was a noble man
DIMEV 4987 Witnesses: 1
The Seuyn Sages of Rome
539.   Sometime there was a poor man [Sum tyme þer was a poure man]
A story included in the poem ‘Virtutes Missarum’: see 3244
540.   Sometime there was in Newton a hipping Hechi
DIMEV 4989 Witnesses: 1
Richard Newton
541.   Some time this world was so steadfast and stable
DIMEV 4990 Witnesses: 17
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Lak of Stedfastnesse’
542.   Some time was a monk in Savenay a holy man and good
DIMEV 4991 Witnesses: 1
The Monk who wished the least Joy of Paradise
543.   Sometime was in England a king of great fame
DIMEV 4992 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
544.   Some time was there a man of state
DIMEV 4993 Witnesses: 1
The Revelations of Methodius — 122 8-line stanzas
545.   Sometime we were as ye now be [Somtym wee warr as yee now bee]
See 5047
546.   Somewhat musing
DIMEV 4994 Witnesses: 6
Anthony Wydeville (earl Rivers)
547.   Some while I was with sin I-bound
DIMEV 4970 Witnesses: 4
La Estorie del Euangelie
548.   Some women weepen of pure femininity [Sum wemen wepen of peure feminite]
See London, British Library Addit. 29729 version of 1418
549.   Sonderly [Sunderly] his man astoned
DIMEV 4999 Witnesses: 1
William Shoreham: de Septem Sacramentis
550.   Sonet laus per secula
Burden to 1127
551.   Sonet vox tua in auribus
Refrain to 4474
552.   Son for that in arms diffuseness is [Sone for þat in armys diffusenes is]
See 4869
553.   Son I shall thee show now take heed
DIMEV 4995 Witnesses: 2
A Father’s Instructions to his Son — two 12-line (ababababcdcd) and one 14-line stanzas
554.   Son let not idleness you enslumber
DIMEV 4996 Witnesses: 2
Counsels by a father and mother — two 4-line stanzas
555.   So noble medicine ne so sovereign
DIMEV 4942 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate: ‘How the plage was sesyd in rome’
556.   Son of Priamus gentle Paris of Troy
DIMEV 4997 Witnesses: 4
The Judgement of Paris — four stanzas rhyme royal
557.   Son one thing of charity I thee rede
DIMEV 4998 Witnesses: 1
On the way in which Mass is to be sung — ten lines
558.   So oft and ofter I sigh for your sake [So ofte and ofter I sygh for yowre sake]
Refrain to 664
559.   Soon crooketh the tree
DIMEV 5000 Witnesses: 1
A proverbial couplet
560.   Soon so he haveth coperoun and the hood
DIMEV 5001 Witnesses: 1
On growing slack after entering a religious order — one couplet
561.   Soothly by Arthurs day
DIMEV 5002 Witnesses: 2
Sir Landeval
562.   Soothly with true sins forsaking
DIMEV 5003 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
563.   So proper caps
DIMEV 4943 Witnesses: 2
John Skelton: ‘The maner of the world now a dayes’
564.   So put in fear I dare not speak
DIMEV 4944 Witnesses: 2
A lover’s lament on his wounded heart — three stanzas rhyme royal
565.   Sore I sigh and sore I may
DIMEV 5004 Witnesses: 3
Three sorrowful things — three couplets
566.   Sore this deer stricken is
DIMEV 5005 Witnesses: 2
William Cornish
567.   Sorrow and say
DIMEV 5006 Witnesses: 1
A mid-thirteenth-century English scribble — three lines
568.   Sorrowfulhood of death that stands and waiteth thee
DIMEV 5008 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
569.   Sorrow of his care
DIMEV 5007 Witnesses: 1
Works of mercy to one’s fellow men — five short lines (aabbb)
570.   Sorry is the fore
DIMEV 5009 Witnesses: 1
The Bitterness of Death — four couplets
571.   Sors maris ira fere / dolor anguis agunt miserere
See 1154
572.   So shall I love thee shall I love thee
DIMEV 4945 Witnesses: 2
Marginalia, perhaps from a popular song — three lines
573.   So sit fairhead in woman sooth
DIMEV 4946 Witnesses: 1
Two proverbs — two couplets
574.   So that at mine ending day [So þat at myn ending day]
See Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library 114 version of 5070
575.   So that mankind through none man no might be redressed
DIMEV 4947 Witnesses: 1
Two couplets, separated by English prose, in a Latin prose text
576.   So the compass goes even about
DIMEV 4948 Witnesses: 1
On duty — a verse inscription on the wall of Melrose Abbey
577.   Sother the holy pope in Champagne was I-bore
DIMEV 5010 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Sother the Pope
578.   So thirled with the point of remembrance
DIMEV 4949 Witnesses: 4
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘The Compleynt of Anelida the quene upon fals Arcite’
579.   So treated they that his son wed
DIMEV 4950 Witnesses: 2
On the marriage of Robert II to Elizabeth Moor — two popular couplets in the chronicles of Fordun and Wintoun
580.   So trusteth your people with affiance [So trusteth youre People with affiaunce]
See 3541
581.   Soul mass day should ilk a man worship at their might [Sawlemesday sulde ilke a man worshipe at þaire myght]
DIMEV 0.3204 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 3204; now included in 362
582.   Souters have a nice pride
DIMEV 5011 Witnesses: 1
On the pride of shoemakers — one six-line stanza
583.   Sovereign and friends that be now here
DIMEV 5012 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Katharine of Alexandria — in short couplets
584.   Sovereign Immortal Everlasting God
DIMEV 5013 Witnesses: 2
Epitaphium eiusdam Ducis Glowcestrie
585.   Sovereign lord in earth most excellent
DIMEV 5014 Witnesses: 1
Edmund Turges
586.   Sovereign lord to your city
DIMEV 5014.5 Witnesses: 1
Song or verses to be recited by virgins greeting Henry VI as part of the entry into London after his coronation
587.   Sovereign Lord welcome to your city
DIMEV 5015 Witnesses: 3
John Lydgate
588.   Sovereigns and friends if it be your will [Soueraignes & frendes if hit be your will]
Cf. 5016
589.   Sovereigns and sirs if it be your wille
DIMEV 5016 Witnesses: 2
The Life of St. Anne — 460 lines in quatrains
590.   So well is me begun / Trolly lolly [So well ys me begone / Troly lole]
Burden to 4208
591.   Spare when he may
DIMEV 5017 Witnesses: 1
Inscription on a copper jug, c. 1377-1399 — 4 lines.
592.   Speak French and construe art
DIMEV 5018 Witnesses: 2
A proverbial saying — one couplet
593.   Speak Parrot I pray you for Marys sake [Speke Parotte I pray yow for Maryes saake]
Cf. 3644
594.   Spear and cross nail death and thorn
DIMEV 5019 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
595.   Spell yet I would speak if I could
DIMEV 5020 Witnesses: 4
Cursor Mundi
596.   Spend and God shall send
DIMEV 5021 Witnesses: 5
On Penny — five lines
597.   Spend no mans goods in vain [Spende nomans good in veyne]
See lines 15-16 of Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.19 (599) version of 5530
598.   Spend thy time some other way
DIMEV 5022 Witnesses: 1
Advice to youths to leave women alone — four couplets
599.   Spend well and fly from sin
DIMEV 5023 Witnesses: 1
Advice about how to enter heaven — one couplet
600.   Spes mea in deo est
Refrain to 3927, 6371
601.   Squire come near if it your will be
DIMEV 5024 Witnesses: 36
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Squire’s Headlink’
602.   …sse…esse…anne…nne
DIMEV 3209.3 Witnesses: 1
Fragment of a song, with notation, possibly a continuation of 5461, in couplets: ends of lines only, on a binding fragment
603.   Stalwartly / lovely
DIMEV 5025 Witnesses: 1
Five rhyming phrases add beside a sermon, De Passione Cristi — five lines monorhyming
604.   Stand and behold every man
DIMEV 5026 Witnesses: 1
A translation of ‘O vos omnes’ (Lam. 1.12) — one couplet
605.   Stand awhile / and run a mile
DIMEV 5027 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial saying about resting between work — one couplet
606.   Stand outer from the fire
DIMEV 5028 Witnesses: 1
An inscription on a late fourteenth-century jug — one couplet plus a one-line prayer
607.   Stand stiffly Gods knight
DIMEV 5029 Witnesses: 1
The Christian Knight — three couplets
608.   Stand well mother under rood
DIMEV 5030 Witnesses: 6
‘Stabat iuxta Christi crucem’
609.   …stantly three kings came by night
DIMEV 3211.5 Witnesses: 1
Mnemonic for remembering the saints’ days in each month, one quatrain per month — 48 lines in couplets if complete
610.   Staunch blood staunch blood
DIMEV 5031 Witnesses: 1
A charm to stop bleeding — four short lines
611.   Steadfast Cross among all other
DIMEV 5032 Witnesses: 1
‘Crux fidelis’
612.   Steeds there stumbled in that stound
DIMEV 5033 Witnesses: 1
On the Battle of Agincourt — eight 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc)
613.   Steel is good I say no other
DIMEV 5034 Witnesses: 1
Women compared to steel — five quatrains and burden: ‘War yt war yt war yt wele / Wemen be as trew as stele’
614.   Steer well the good ship God be our guide [Stere well the good shype God be our gyde]
Burden to 4329
615.   Stella maris micaris clare / Regina celi letare
Burden to 796
616.   Stella celi micaris clare / Regina celi letare
Burden to 4033
617.   Still on my ways as I went
See 6205
618.   Still then stood Sir Zacharie
DIMEV 5035 Witnesses: 4
Northern Homily Cycle
619.   Stint now Mother and weep no more [Stynte now moder and wepe no more]
See the Worcester, Worcester Cathedral Library F.10 version of 160
620.   Stones been hard and heavy and wight
DIMEV 5036 Witnesses: 1
A couplet
621.   Stones been pierced with drops of rain
DIMEV 5037 Witnesses: 1
John Waldeby
622.   Stood she there nigh
DIMEV 5038 Witnesses: 1
‘Compassio Marie’
623.   Stories to read are delightable
DIMEV 5039 Witnesses: 3
John Barbour: Bruce
624.   Straight shall be the ways on him that beth sinful
DIMEV 5040 Witnesses: 1
On the Terror of the Judgment — six couplets
625.   Strange men that needeth
DIMEV 5041 Witnesses: 9
John Trevisa; Ranulph Higden: Polychronicon
626.   Stroke owl and scrape owl and ever is owl owl
DIMEV 5042 Witnesses: 2
Nicholas Bozon: Contes moralisés
627.   Strong it is to flit
DIMEV 5043 Witnesses: 1
The Bitterness of Death — twelve lines, mainly in couplets
628.   Succurre nobis miseris
Refrain to 4066
629.   Such a lady so true I never none
DIMEV 5044 Witnesses: 1
To the Virgin Mary — thirteen lines
630.   Such a law is in this land
DIMEV 5045 Witnesses: 1
Verses on the law ‘fidedere’ — five quatrains, aaab, with refrain, ‘But he can syng fi dedere’ and Burden: ‘Hov wol spede al [cropped at top] / he most syng fi dedere’
631.   Such as I am such shall ye be
DIMEV 5046 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph of Simon and Agnes Street, A.D. 1440, at St. Anthony’s Church, London — eleven lines in couplets
632.   Such as ye be some time were we
DIMEV 5047 Witnesses: 4
Epitaph reminding readers of transitoriness of life — varying number of couplets
633.   Such semblant Christ shall maken to thee above
DIMEV 5048 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
634.   Such wonder tidings ye may hear / That man is made now Gods peer [Swich wunder tydynges ȝe may here / That man is mad now goddes pere]
Burden to 4
635.   Suddenly afraid half waking half sleeping [Sodenly A-frayd halfe wakynge halfe slepyng]
Burden of 6724
636.   Suffer in time and that is best [Suffre in tyme and þat is beste]
Refrain to 6269
637.   Suffiseth now this grave to whom all earthly thing
DIMEV 5049 Witnesses: 2
Epitaph for Henry II on his tomb at Font Everard, translating Latin verses which precede it, in Part VII of Fabyan’s Chronicle, Part VII, cap. 240 — two stanzas rhyme royal
638.   Sum
See under ‘Some’
639.   Summa totalis
DIMEV 5050 Witnesses: 1
On the difficulties of logic — seven macaronic couplets
640.   Summer is comen and winter gone
DIMEV 5051 Witnesses: 1
A song of the Passion — eight l0-line stanzas (ababccdeed)
641.   Summer is comen with love to toun
DIMEV 5052 Witnesses: 2
The Thrush and the Nightingale
642.   Summer is I-cumen in
DIMEV 5053 Witnesses: 1
The Cuckoo Song
643.   Summer passed
DIMEV 5054 Witnesses: 2
Robert Copland (?): The xv Ioyes of Maryage
644.   Summer that ripest mans sustenance
DIMEV 5055 Witnesses: 1
Thomas Hoccleve: Roundel to Henry Somer
645.   Sunday when the prime falleth upon Sunday [Sonday When the prime fallythe Uppon sonday]
See 6450
646.   Sung all with one steven
DIMEV 5056 Witnesses: 1
English couplet describing the shepherds’ songs in a French picture Bible
647.   Superne lucerne guberne this pestilence [Superne lucerne guberne this pestilens]
See 3881
648.   Super omnes speciosa
Refrain to 1753
649.   Sup not mickle and late [Sowpe nat mykyll and late]
See lines 67-68 of Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.19 (599) version of 5530
650.   Suppose I were an old yaud aver [Suppois I war ane ald yald aver]
Alternate first line to 3782
651.   Sure song in time past hath been doun a doun
DIMEV 5057 Witnesses: 1
A ‘ballet’ sung at the Conduit in Cheap in honor of Edward VI, c. 1548 — six long quatrains (aabb) and burden: ‘Syng vp hart syng up hart an[d] syng no more do[w]ne / But joy in king edward þat wereth the crowne’
652.   Sure ye remember as of before
DIMEV 5058 Witnesses: 3
William Dunbar
653.   Surge mea sponsa so sweet in sight
DIMEV 5059 Witnesses: 3
‘Veni coronaberis’
654.   Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro
Refrain to 1143
655.   Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro
DIMEV 5060 Witnesses: 1
William Dunbar (attrib.), On the resurrection — five 8-line stanzas with refrain, ‘Surrexit sicut dixit allalue
656.   Surrexit sicut dixit allalue
Refrain to 5060
657.   Sustain abstain keep well in your mind
DIMEV 5061 Witnesses: 4
Advice regarding abstenance and forbearance — five stanzas rhyme royal with refrain, ‘Amonges all other for the moste happy’ or ‘Of all other shalbe most happy’
658.   Swart smoked smiths smattered with smoke
DIMEV 5062 Witnesses: 1
A satire against the blacksmiths — twenty-two long alliterative lines
659.   Swear not lie not nor filthily talk
DIMEV 5063 Witnesses: 1
Moral advice for good behavior — one couplet
660.   Sweet and benign Mother and May
DIMEV 5064 Witnesses: 1
William Huchen
661.   Sweet beth swines-bread
DIMEV 5065 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial saying in a Latin sermon — two rough couplets
662.   Sweet heart be true
DIMEV 5066 Witnesses: 1
A religious love parody — seven 6-line stanzas
663.   Sweet heart I love you more fervent than my father
DIMEV 5067 Witnesses: 1
A letter from a lady to her fickle lover — two 8-line stanzas
664.   Sweet heart / Mercy
DIMEV 5068 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
665.   Sweet Jesu Christ Gods Son of live
DIMEV 5069 Witnesses: 1
The Hours of the Cross — seventeen couplets
666.   Sweet Jesu Christ to Thee / A guilty wretch I yield me
DIMEV 5070 Witnesses: 6
A Prayer of Confession — in couplets
667.   Sweet Jesu Christ to Thee / A sinful wretch I yield me
DIMEV 5071 Witnesses: 1
A series of petitions to Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Angels, Apostles, etc. — forty-six long lines
668.   Sweet Jesu Christ to Thee / Culpable wretch I yield me
DIMEV 5072 Witnesses: 3
A prayer of Confession — in couplets
669.   Sweet Jesu good God make me for Thy love and Thy desire [Swete Ihesu good god make me for þi love & þi desire]
See 1644
670.   Sweet Jesu heaven king [Swete iesu heuene king]
See Stanza 14 of London, British Library Harley 2253 version of 5075
671.   Sweet Jesu hende and free
DIMEV 5073 Witnesses: 1
Friar Michael Kildare
672.   Sweet Jesu is come to us
DIMEV 5074 Witnesses: 1
A nativity carol on life of Jesus — twenty-one 6-line stanzas (aabccb) plus burden: ‘Hey now now now’
673.   Sweet Jesu is His name [Sweet Iesus is his name]
Refrain to 4260
674.   Sweet Jesu king of bliss
DIMEV 5075 Witnesses: 6
A hymn based on the Iesu dulcis memoria — fifteen monorhyming quatrains
675.   Sweet Jesu my sweet leman
DIMEV 5076 Witnesses: 1
Dialogue between man (4 lines) and Christ on the Cross (2 lines) — 6 long lines
676.   Sweet Jesu now will I sing
DIMEV 5077 Witnesses: 8
Richard Rolle (attrib.)
677.   Sweet Jesu that on the Rood
DIMEV 5078 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Christ — nine lines
678.   Sweet Jesu that was of maiden born
DIMEV 5079 Witnesses: 1
A penance prayer composed from prayer tags, in an English sermon — eleven lines in couplets, triplet, quatrain
679.   Sweet Jesu Thine holy blood
DIMEV 5080 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer by Christ’s shedding His blood — one tail-rhyme stanza
680.   Sweet Jesu where was thy guilt
DIMEV 5081 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Jesus — in quatrains
681.   Sweet lady now iwis
DIMEV 5082 Witnesses: 1
‘Alma redemptoris mater’
682.   Sweet Lady Saint Mary
DIMEV 5083 Witnesses: 7
A prayer to the Virgin Mary — twenty-two lines in couplets
683.   Sweet leman I die for thy love
DIMEV 5084 Witnesses: 1
‘Vox Christi in cruce et Responsus peccatoris’
684.   Sweet leman thine ore
DIMEV 5085 Witnesses: 1
Refrain of love song, forgetfully substituted by priest for ‘Dominus vobiscum’, as related by Giraldus Cambrensis
685.   Sweet Lord I thank Thee as I can
DIMEV 5086 Witnesses: 1
A thanksgiving to Christ — forty-nine lines in couplets
686.   Sweet rose of virtue and of gentleness
DIMEV 5087 Witnesses: 1
‘To a ladye’
687.   Sweet Saint Anne we thee beseech
DIMEV 5088 Witnesses: 1
John Audelay
688.   Sweet Son rue on me and burst out of Thy bonds
DIMEV 5089 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
689.   Swines-bread is swithe sweet
DIMEV 5090 Witnesses: 3
Count the cost of luxuries — one quatrain
690.   Swines hall / Fiends falle
DIMEV 5091 Witnesses: 2
Rhyming headings in a sermon on the failings of women, 9 lines, first two rhyme together, the rest are monorhyming
691.   Swithe much need it is
DIMEV 5092 Witnesses: 2
‘Disputison bitwene a god man and þe deuel’
692.   Syn (conj.)
See under ‘Sith’
693.   Sythene
See under ‘Sith’