The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
List of Inscriptions:
Sir Arthur Evans, a ring: Exhibition of Eng. Med. Art, London, 1930, Item 862.
Inscription on a brooch.
tomb of John Woode.
Abingdon, Berkshire: Object 13 (MS), ‘Forman’s Monument’
Addlethorpe, Lincolnshire: Carved memorial in church porch; late fifteenth century.
Ashby Folville, Leicestershire.: Alabaster slab for Ralph Wodford esq (d. 1498).
Banbury: Inscription in wood on the south side of the chancel.
Barnborough, Yorkshire: Tomb of Alice Cresacre
Barrington, Cambridgeshire: a graffito
Barton Turf, Norfolk: Brass tomb of Thomas and Margery Amys (d. 1445), on floor of south chapel, beside chancel (south-east corner of church)
Barton Turf, Norfolk: brass tomb of Thomas and Margery Amys (d. 1445), on floor of south chapel, beside chancel (south-east corner of church)
Bath, Somerset: dedicatory lines inscribed in east side of the porch.
Bedford, Bedfordshire: inscription over arches
Beverley, Yorkshire: painting on wall in south transcept
Bexley, Kent.: Palimpsest monumental brass appropriated for Thomas Sparrow, d. 1513; effigy of man in civilian dress with 3-line Latin foot inscription; English couplet in prayer scroll
Brightwell, Oxfordshire: Brass epitaph for John the Smith, mounted on the wall
Bristol, England: The Pearl Sword, late fourteenth century
Broghton, Oxfordshire: wall paintings of Life of Virgin on chancel wall.
Burford, Oxfordshire: tomb of John and Alys Spycer (d. 1437), center aisle at east end, brass tomb, beneath kneeling figures
Burford, Oxfordshire: tomb of John and Alys Spycer (d. 1437), center aisle at east end, brass tomb, scrolls from mouths of figures
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk: tomb of John Baret, A.D. 1463
Buxted, Sussex: brass plaque marking tomb of Christine Savage (ca. 1450), chancel, underneath carpet
Buxton, Norfolk: tomb of Walter Stubbe, d. 1528, no longer extant
Cambridge: drinking cup
Campsall, Yorkshire: wall inscription
Canterbury, Kent: brass tomb of Ralph Brown (d. 1522), mounted on north wall
Canterbury, Kent: Epitaph of John and Joane Caxton (1485)
Carlisle, Cumbria: backs of choir stalls, painted
Carlisle, Cumbria: backs of choir stalls, painted
Carlisle, Cumbria: Prior’s Tower, ceiling beams
Carlisle, Cumbria: Prior’s Tower, ceiling beams
Cawston, Norfolk: gallery at north end, in tower
Cornwall: a wall inscription, no longer visible
Coventry, Warwickshire: stained glass window
Cowthorpe, Yorkshire.: Monumental brass for Brian Rouclyff (d. 1494) & Joanne his wife.
Dartford, Kent: epitaph (brass) on the tomb of Catherine Burlton and Richard, her husband (1496)
Diss, Norfolk: Tombstone Inscription
Dorchester, Oxford: memorial brass for Peter Idley, A.D. 1473, now destroyed
Dublin, Ireland: No. 1961.8: slate discovered at Smarmore, Co. Louth
Duxford, Cambridgeshire: graffito
Faversham, Kent: tomb of Richard Colwell
Fishlake, Yorkshire.: Probably a monumental brass (1505).
Flamborough, N. Yorkshire: tomb of Marmaduke Constable (d. 1520)
Frettenham, Norfolk: brass tomb of Alice Thorndon (d. 1420) on floor at base of north wall of chancel
Godstow Oxfordshire (excavated at the Benedictine nunnery at Godstow, Oxfordshire, before 1868).: A broad hoop engraved on the outer side with flowers and leaves. Within this are lozenge-shaped panels, engraved with the Trinity, the Virgin and Child, and a bearded male saint.
Great Bardfield, Essex: graffito on northwest face of middle pillar on north aisle
Great Linford, Buckinghamshire: brass tomb of Roger and Johanne Hunt, d. 1473
Great Ormsby, Norfolk: brass tomb, A. D. 1440
Great Tew, Oxfordshire: Brass epitaph for William Bosby (1513)
Gunwalloe (south of Helston), Cornwall: epitaph
Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire: epitaph tomb of R. Stokys
Hart Street, London: epitaph
Hedon, Yorkshire: picture once hanging on wall
Hereford: Not extant; formerly at entrance to great west door
Hexham, Northumb.: inscription over door of house
Heydon, Norfolk: olim ‘Blasphemy Window’ in north aisle
Heydon, Norfolk: olim ‘Blasphemy Window’ in north aisle
Higham Ferrars, Northamptonshire: tomb of William and Beatrice Chichele on floor at west end of south aisle, to right of Lady Chapel altar
Higham, Kent.: Monumental brass for Robert Hylton, yeoman of guard to Henry VIII, 1523.
Holme-next-the-Sea, Norfolk: brass tomb of Henry Nottingham (d. 1405) on wall on south side of chancel arch
Horley, Oxon: mural on north wall, two scrolls.
Hornsey, Middlesex.: A chrysom brass inscribed with 2 English verses.
Isle of Wight: brass
Kelshall, Hertfordshire: brass tomb on floor at eastern end of nave in centre, at entrance to chancel
Ketteringham, Norfolk.: Monumental brass for Sir Richard Wryght (1515).
Landwade, Cambridgeshire: graffito
Liverpool: Stained glass panel; provenance unknown; probably early sixteenth century.
Liverpool: Stained glass panel; provenance unknown; probably early sixteenth century.
Liverpool: Stained glass panel; provenance unknown; probably early sixteenth century.
Liverpool: Stained glass panel; provenance unknown; probably early sixteenth century.
Lombard Street, London: epitaph, tomb of Richard Nordell and wife (A.D. 1500)
London: item BM MLA 96, 7-27, 1 (Bronze ewer, temp. Richard II), verses inscribed around neck of ewer
London: brass tomb of John Shrow, stockfishmonger (d. 1487)
London: item BM MLA 96, 7-27, 1 (Bronze ewer, temp. Richard II), verses inscribed around neck of ewer
London: Tomb of William Wever, A.D. 1409.
London: Epitaph for Ambrose Cresacre, A.D. 1477.
London: cup.
London: tomb of Jon Pickering.
London: copper jug, temp. Richard II
London: epitaph of Richard Payne (1463)
London: tomb of William Wentworth, mayor of London, d. 1383
London: inscription on a fourteenth-century jug (olim manor house in Norfolk; Robinson Collection)
London: [a Mandevill or Dacier tomb?]
London: Epitaph, A.D. 1469, for Robert Dalusse
London: Tomb of Thomas Knolles
London (demolished in 1634): tomb epitaph of Sir Harry Wever and his wife Joan, ca. 1405.
London, England: tomb of John Chamberleyn
Long Melford, Suffolk:
Long Melford, Suffolk: wall paintings around edge of ceiling and on ceiling
Luton, Bedfordshire: Acworth brass (1513)
Luton, Bedforshire: tomb of William (Wyvell) Wenlock (d. 1391)
Malvern, Worcestershire: a tile fixed in a pillar near the west end of the nave.
Manchester, UK: MS Barrett, olim fortune cards
Melrose, Scotland: transept, well wall
Middleton, Suffolk: baptismal font
Milbrook, Bedfordshire.: Not extant; monumental brass for priest in mass vestments with inscription in 4 English verses; c. 1430.
New York, NY: inscription on a mazer [formerly belonging (in 1930) to Major Thorold]
No longer extant.:
No surviving witness.:
Norfolk: Tomb of Sir Thomas Bettys, A.D. 1481, no longer extant.
Northleach, Gloucestershire: tomb of William and Elizabeth Midwinter (d. 1501 and 1502), brass tomb on floor, northeast corner of nave (east end of north aisle), in brass border
Northleach, Gloucestershire: tomb of William Lawnder, vicar of Northleach (d. 1530), on floor at base of south wall of chancel, before communion rail, in brass border
Northleach, Gloucestershire: tomb of John Fortey (d. 1458), set in floor of north aisle between 2nd and 3rd pillars of nave, in brass border
Norwich: No longer extant?
Norwich: lectern inscription
Norwich: tomb of Ann Flint, d. 1525 (no longer extant)
Norwich: 1535; 1. Window glazed at expense of Robert Ferrour, mayor of Norwich in 1526 and 1536, and Robert Jannys, mayor of Norwich in 1517 and 1524.
Norwich, Norfolk: portrait of Robert Jannys, Mayor of Norwich, 1517 and 1524
Norwich, Norfolk: tomb of Henry and Margaret Wilton, d. 1507 and 1500, no longer extant
Norwich, Norfolk: tomb of Anna de Hem, d. 1503, no longer extant
Norwich, Norfolk: tomb of Thomas and Marion Sheef, 1483, no longer extant
Old [or ‘Wold’], Northamptonshire: small window in south aisle
Olim Axbridge, Somerset.: Stained glass roundel with nimbed dove descending in a glory with a scroll; (early sixteenth century?).
Oxford: walls in ‘painted chamber’
Pakefield, Norfolk: brass tomb of John Bowf mounted on north wall
Pickering, North Yorkshire: wall painting of martyrdom of St Edmund on eastern end of northern wall of nave
Present location unknown: inscription on a mazer
Present location unknown: inscription on a mazer
Puddletown, Dorset.: Monumental brass inscription for Sir William Martyn, 1524.
Quorndon, Leicestershire.: Incised slab to William Farnham (d. 1548).
Raveningham, Norfolk: epitaph for Margaret Willoughby, A.D. 1483
Rawmarsh, Yorkshire.: Probably a monumental brass for William Clarrell and wife Margaret; 1460.
Ridgewell, Essex: graffito
Romford, Essex: Tomb of Piers and Elizabeth Jon
Royston, Hertfordshire: small rectangular brass on east wall of north aisle
Saffron Waldon, Essex: Tombstone Inscription
Salisbury, Wiltshire: a tile.
Salle, Norfolk: Brass of John Brigge (d. 1454) (‘an emaciated figure in a shroud’)
Sittingbourne, Kent: epitaph, A.D. 1458
Snodland, Kent: Epitaph of Thomas and Mary Palmer (1407)
Spofforth, Yorkshire.: Monumental brass for Thomas Middleton of Kirkby Overblow, brother of Nicholas Midleton and wife Joan, (daughter of Sir William Plumpton).
St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK: tomb of William and Grace Victor, A.D. 1486
St Alban’s, Hertfordshire: tomb of Richard Skipwith (d. 1416)
St John Maddermarket, Norwich.: Monumental brass for John Toddenham, c. 1450.
Stoke D’Abernon, Surrey.: Monumental brass inscription in 8 English black letter verses for John Pynnoke, first priest of the chantry founded by Sir John Norbury, 1521.
Stone, Kent: Epitaph of Richard Bontfant (1459)
Stone, Kent: tomb of William and Anne Banknot, d. 1400
Stratford-on-Avon: Mural Inscription on west wall
Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire: mural on west wall
Streatham, Surrey: tomb of Margaret Cantelowe
Strubby, Lincolnshire.: Small incised slab.
Sussex: inscription in pew
Taplow, Buckinghamshire: brass tomb of Richard Manfeld, Isabelle Manfeld, and John Manfeld, A.D. 1455
Thame, Oxfordshire: south-east corner of nave, tomb of Richard and Sibyl Quartermain, brass around edge of lid of elevated tomb
Thornhill, Yorkshire.: Carved inscription around wooden tomb of Sir John Savile, (d. 1505), and his two wives Alice (Vernon) (d. 1493) and Elizabeth (Paston), who was a second cousin of King Henry VII; 1529.
Thurton, Norfolk: painted glass, scrolls in roundels of left and right panels of the 4th window from the east on south wall
Tickhill, Yorkshire.: Not extant; dedicatory inscription in east window of south (Lady) chapel; n.d. (probably fifteenth century).
Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire.: Eastern window of south aisle over the portrait of a person praying.
Unknown: Black letter inscription on the inner surface. From the uncatalogued collection of Joan Evans.
Weare, Somerset.: Monumental brass effigy in civilian dress with foot inscription in three lines of English verse, not dated but c. 1505.
Wensley, Yorkshire: painting on north wall of nave
Witney, Oxfordshire: epitaph on the tomb of Richard Waynman
Wooburn, Buckinghamshire: tomb of Sir Robert Drury.
Yorkshire: running around nave at tops of walls, below roof.
nr. Cobham, Kent: inscription on the eastern tower of the gateway
olim Baldok, Hertfordshire: tomb of William Crane (d. 1483) and his wives Jane and Margaret Crane
olim Bawburgh, Norfolk: triptych, formerly owned by Mr Clark of Beauthorp, Norfolk
olim Boston, Lincolnshire.: Transcription in BL, MS Add. 36295, f.17r [MS owned by John Anstis, antiquarian (1669 –1744)].
olim Brandeston, Suffolk: painted glass in south window next to porch, depicting corporal works of mercy
olim Combs, Suffolk: glass in windows of side chapel, southeast corner of nave, farthest window to east, facing south
olim Cumberland: epitaph
olim High Easter, Essex: North Aisle, brass plaque on wall above tomb
olim Lakenheath Grove, Norwich: fifteenth-century glass fitted to eighteenth-century building, surviving in 1932; possibly (?)originally from Duke of Norfolk’s house in Newgate, Norwich
olim Lammas, Norfolk: North window, painted glass of Last Judgement, showing Virgin Mary performing seven works of mercy
olim Lincoln Cathedral.: Not extant; monumental brass for Sir Philip Tilney, husband of Isabel, daughter and coheiress of Sir Edmund Thorp of Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk. After her death he became a secular canon and was admitted to St Botolph’s prebend in Lincoln Cathedral where he was buried in 1453.
olim London: tomb of John and Anne Benson
olim London: tomb of John Barton, Mercer (d. 1460)
olim London: brass tomb of Thomas and Joan Knowles
olim London: cloister walls
olim London: epitaph of Simon and Agnes Street (d. 1440)
olim London: epitaph of Joan Spenser (d. 1407)
olim London: copper plate
olim Maldon, Essex: brass tomb
olim Norwich, Norfolk: painted glass
olim Romford, Essex: tomb of Elizabeth Hannys and Avery Cornburgh
olim Warwick: floor of nave, tomb of John Maners, d. 1492