The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland 16500 [formerly Acc. 4233; Asloan MS]
Number 4267-1
1.   table of contents    On foot by forth as I could found
First line of a ballad(?) included among a list of romances in The Complaynt of Scotlande, and as lost text in the Asloan Manuscript, where it is attributed to Henryson — one line
Number 4987-1
2.   ff. 167-209v   Sometime there was a noble man
The Seuyn Sages of Rome — in short couplets; ‘D’ text
Number 3692-3
3.   ff. 210-211v   Next that a tournament was tried
‘The justis betuix the tailyeour and sowtar’, by William Dunbar — nine 12-line tail-rhyme stanzas
Number 693-2
4.   ff. 211v-212v   As young Aurora with her crystal hale
William Dunbar, ‘The fenȝeit freir of Tungland’ — two 24-line stanzas sandwiching five 16-line stanzas, all in tail-rhyme
Number 2609-2
5.   ff. 213-228 (pp. 439-70)v   In the midst of May at morn as I ment
The Buke of the Howlat — seventy-seven 13-line stanzas (ababababcdddc)
Number 523-1
6.   ff. 229-235v   And in this fair way perceive I well a thing
The Talis of the Fyve Bestes — 422 lines in couplets
Number 5871-4
7.   ff. 236-240   Though feigned fables of old poetry
Robert Henryson, Fables — a prologue and thirteen fables, mostly in rhyme royal
Number 1798-2
8.   ff. 240-242v   Harry harry hobillschowe
‘The manere of the crying of ane playe’ by William Dunbar — 173 lines in eleven 16-line tail-rhyme stanzas
Number 5424-2
9.   ff. 247-256v   The nobleness and great magnificence
Robert Henryson, Orpheus and Eurydice — 52 rhyme royal stanzas; five 10-line stanzas (aabaabbcbc); 218 lines in couplets
Number 2565-1
10.   ff. 257-257v   In Peblis town sometime as I heard tell
Introduction to the ‘Thre prestis of Peblis’ (79) — 31 couplets
Number 79-1
11.   ff. 257-262v   A king there was sometime and eke a queen
‘The Thre Priests of Peblis’ — in couplets
Number 5666-3
12.   ff. 263-290   This brevit book of sober quantity
?William of Tours, Friar, ‘The Contemplacioun of Synnaris’ — 1560 lines in eight-line stanzas
Number 467-3
13.   ff. 290v-292   Among these friars within an cloister
William Dunbar, ‘Of the passioun of Christ’ — twelve 8-line stanzas with refrain: ‘O mankynd for the lufe of the’
Number 3933-2
14.   ff. 292-292v   O High Empress and queen celestial
‘Ane Ballat of Our Lady’, attributed to William Dunbar—six 8-line stanzas
Number 2541-8
15.   ff. 293-298v; ff. 243-246v; ff. 299-300v   In May when Flora the fresh lusty queen
The Complaint of the Black Knight (Lydgate)
Number 4515-3
16.   ff. 301-301v   Rose Mary most virtue virginal
William Dunbar, ‘Ane ballat of our lady’ — six 8-line stanzas with refrain, ‘O mater Ihesu salve Maria
Number 1040-1
17.   ff. 301v-303   Cloister of Christ rich recent fleur-de-lis
Walter Kennedy, ‘Ane Ballat in Praise of Our Lady’ — nine 8-line stanzas
Number 1756-1
18.   ff. 303-304v   Hail stern supern hail in eterne
William Dunbar, ‘Ane ballat of Our Lady’ — seven aureate 12-line stanzas (ababababcbab) with Latin bob: ‘Aue Maria Gratia plena