The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Austin, University of Texas, Humanities Research Center HRC Pre-1700 MS 46 [olim Chicago, Newberry Library, Louis H. Silver 2; prior Philadelphia, Rosenbach Museum and Library 159, prior Phillipps 6750]
Linguistic note: The spellings are similar to those of NLWPen393 and San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library EL 26.C.9 [‘Ellesmere’] with some additional evidence of the influence of Type IV London English (see Mosser (2010))
Number 6414-52
1.   ff. 1-12; ff. 13-24   When that April with his showers soot
Canterbury Tales
Number 2502-44
2.   ff. 1ra-1va   In Flanders whilom was a company
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Pardoner’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales — 506 lines in couplets.
Number 120-45
3.   ff. 1vb-4ra   A merchant whilom dwelled at Saint-Denis
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Shipman’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales — 434 lines in couplets.
Number 6206-41
4.   f. 4ra   Well said by corpus dominus quod our Host
Geoffrey Chaucer, the ‘Shipman-Prioress Link’ of the Canterbury Tales — 18 lines in couplets.
Number 3970-49
5.   f. 4ra-4rb   O Lord Our Lord Thy name how marvelous
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Prioress’s Prologue of the Canterbury Tales — 35 lines in 7-line, rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 5601-51
6.   ff. 4va-5va   There was in Asia in a great city
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Prioress’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales — 203 lines in 7-line, rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 6401-38
7.   f. 5vb-5vb   When said was all this miracle every man
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Prologue to Sir Thopas in the Canterbury Tales — 21 lines in 7-line, rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 3097-42
8.   ff. 5vb-7   Listen lords in good entent
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Sir Thopas in the Canterbury Tales — 207 lines in 6-line, tail-rhyme stanzas.
Number 3700-37
9.   f. 7ra-7va   No more of this for Gods dignity
Geoffrey Chaucer, the ‘Thopas-Melibee Link’ in the Canterbury Tales — 48 lines in rhyming couplets.