The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Addit. 18752
Number 4150-1
1.   f. 33   Of beauty yet she passeth all
‘What wold she more’ — eight quatrains with this refrain
Number 2361-1
2.   f. 58v   If I had wit for to indite
‘My hart she hath and euer shall’ — six cross-rhymed quatrains
Number 3609-1
3.   f. 59   My heart is yours now keep it fast
True love — five quatrains
Number 3611-1
4.   f. 72   My heart my mind and my whole pure
A pledge of devotion to his lady — four stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3627-2
5.   f. 74v   My little pretty one my pretty bony one
A jolly wanton — four 5-line stanzas with refrain, ‘nou doute she ys a loue of all that euer I see’
Number 4344-1
6.   f. 77   Parce mihi O lord most excellent
Moralizing stanzas on the approach of death — two 8-line stanzas (ababbcbd)
Number 3726-1
7.   f. 77v   Now do I know you changed thought
A rebuke to his ‘newfangled’ mistress — six quatrains
Number 3057-2
8.   ff. 85; ff. 84v   Let love to love go kindly and soft
On the nature of love — eight quatrains
Number 6193-1
9.   f. 88   Welcome Fortune welcome again
Expressing joy in his mistress’ devotion — five quatrains
Number 3573-1
10.   f. 89   Mourning my heart doth sore oppress
A lover’s complaint — seven quatrains with refrain, ‘Alas I cannot be lovyd agayne’ or ‘Alas whan shall I be louid agayne’
Number 3534-1
11.   f. 89   Moaning my heart doth sore oppress
‘Therfore swet hart loue me agayne’ — seven quatrains
Number 1339-2
12.   ff. 89v-90   For as ye list my will is bent
‘Even as ye lyst’, ascribed to Thomas Wyatt — seven 5-line stanzas (aaaab) with this refrain, and (1 MS only) 2-line burden: ‘As power and wytt wyll me assyst / My wyll shall wyll euyn as ye lyst’
Number 2268-1
13.   f. 138v   I serve where I no trust can find
The lover despairs of his mistress — three 5-line stanzas
Number 3616-2
14.   f. 139   My joy it is from her to here
Mutual affection — five cross-rhymed quatrains
Number 3726-2
15.   f. 139v   Now do I know you changed thought
A rebuke to his ‘newfangled’ mistress — six quatrains
Number 4345-1
16.   f. 149   Pardon alas why say I so
‘Farewell my loue and my dere’ — four quatrains
Number 1129-1
17.   f. 163v   Disdain me not without desert
‘Refuse me not’ — five 5-line stanzas including this bob as refrain