The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Addit. 27879
Number 1619-1
1.      God through Thy might and Thy mercy
John the Reeve and the King — 916 lines in 6-line stanzas
Number 1599-4
2.      God that died for us all
‘The Frere and the Boy’ or ‘The Chylde and hes Stepdame’ — in 6-line stanzas
Number 1043-1
3.   pp. 24-31   Come here my cousin Gawain so gay
King Arthur and the King of Cornwall — 301 lines in quatrains
Number 3096-1
4.   p. 38   Listen lords great and small
The Turke and Gawin — in 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 2992-1
5.   pp. 46-52   King Arthur lives in merry Carlisle
The Marriage of Sir Gawaine — in quatrains
Number 1144-1
6.   p. 60   Doughty in King Arthurs days
Sir Lambewell, a ‘Breton lai’ — in couplets
Number 1656-2
7.   pp. 79-90   Grant gracious God grant me this time
The House of Stanley: Scottish Feilde — 422 alliterative lines
Number 3779-3
8.   p. 117   Now let us talk of Mount of Flodden
A ballad in praise of the Stanley family, detailing events in France after Flodden Field — 428 lines in rhyme royal
Number 2717-1
9.   pp. 124-145   It fell sometimes in the land of Beame
Eger and Grine — in couplets
Number 1886-2
10.   p. 145   He that made with His hand
Arthour and Merlin (couplet version)
Number 2251-2
11.   p. 184   I read in a story I can shew you anon
A tale of Henry III and the Archbishop of Canterbury
Number 1577-1
12.   pp. 188-191   God prosper long our noble King
Chevy Chase, a broadside version of the Hunting of the Cheviot (5432), composed in the sixteenth century — 64 quatrains
Number 3088-1
13.   pp. 203-210   List when Arthur he was king
The Grene Knight — 528 lines in 6-line stanzas
Number 1924-3
14.   p. 210   Heaven bliss that all shall win
Romance of Sir Tryamour, a fragment, parts of 10 folios — written in 12-line stanzas, aabccbddbeeb
Number 3249-1
15.   p. 245   Lordings listen and hold you still
Durham Field, a ballad on the Battle of Neville’s Cross — sixty-five quatrains
Number 2627-1
16.   p. 284   In the third day of May
The Boy and the Mantle — 196 lines in quatrains
Number 2867-5
17.   p. 296   Jesu Lord our heaven king / Grant us all…
Syr Egyllamore of Artas — generally in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 2824-3
18.   pp. 317-346   Jesu Christ our savior
Libeaus Desconus — mainly in 12-line stanzas (aabbccbddbeeb)
Number 3116-5
19.   p. 371   Listeneth lordings gent and free
Sir Degare — 1076 verses in short couplets
Number 983-1
20.   p. 384   Christ Christian king that on the cross tholed
Death & Liffe’, an allegorical vision — 459 non-rhyming alliterative lines
Number 761-2
21.   p. 420   Be it right or wrong
The Notbrowne Mayde — in 18-line stanzas or 6-line stanzas with alternating refrains, ‘He is a banysshed man’ and ‘She loved but hym alone’
Number 5919-1
22.   p. 423   Throughout the garden green and gay
The House of Stanley: The Rose of England, in praise of Sir William Stanley (executed A.D. 1495) — thirty-two quatrains (abab)
Number 1614-1
23.   p. 434   God that shaped both sea and sand
The House of Stanley: Bosworth Field — 656 lines in quatrains
Number 2762-1
24.   pp. 444-446   It was a squire of low degree
The Squyer of Lowe Degre — 1132 lines in couplets
Number 3110-1
25.   p. 448   Listeneth lordings a little stound
Syre Gawene and the Carle of Carelyle — in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 1605-1
26.   p. 463   God that is most of might
The House of Stanley: The Most Pleasant Song of Lady Bessy, perhaps by Humphrey Brereton — 1082 lines in quatrains
Number 2714-1
27.   p. 490   It fell against a midsummer month
‘The Songe of Sir Andraye Barton, Knight’ — forty 8-line stanzas stanzas (abcbdefe, sometimes ababcded) and a concluding quatrain (abab) or eighty-two 4-line stanzas (abcb)
Number 1601-5
28.   pp. 523-525   God that died upon a tree
The Siege of Rouen, ascribed to John Page, sometimes inserted into the prose Brut — in couplets