The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Addit. 36983 [olim Bedford Public Library]
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 8200; Grid 499 223 (Beds: ff. 1-3, 78-80); LP 4689; Grid 417 264 (Warwicks: ff. 264-279v).
Number 3474-6
1.   ff. 1ra-148vb; ff. 154va-174va   Men yearnen gestes for to hear / And romance read in diverse manner
Cursor Mundi — in couplets
Number 426-3
2.   ff. 118va-127rb   Almighty God in Trinity
Robert of Brunne, ‘Medytacyuns of þe Soper of our Lord Ihesu’ — 1142 lines in couplets
Number 6363-4
3.   ff. 149ra-154va   When Jesu Christ was done on rood
The Assumption of Our Lady, added to the Cursor Mundi (3474) — 784 lines
Number 5398-49
4.   ff. 159ra-174v   The might of the Father Almighty
The Pricke of Conscience, sometimes attributed to Richard [Rolle of] Hampole
Number 414-9
5.   ff. 175-178v   Almighty and merciable Queen / To whom all the world
ABC hymn to the Virgin
Number 3107-9
6.   ff. 216ra-255ra   Listeneth all that been in life
‘Titus and Vespasian’ or the ‘Destruction of Jerusalem’ — 5166 lines in couplets
Number 5451-14
7.   ff. 255ra-261vb   The right pit of hell is amid the earth within
A collection of pseudo-scientific material incorporated as Part III in the legend of St. Michael
Number 1326-14
8.   f. 262   Flee from the press and dwell with sothfastness
Number 81-2
9.   ff. 262-263   A knight that is hardy as a lion
John Lydgate, eight stanzas expounding refrain: ‘None of all these I doo yow well assure / Off kyndely ryght may no while endure’ — eight stanzas rhyme royal
Number 6054-4
10.   ff. 263-263v   Too Amorous too Adventurous ne Anger thee not too much
‘The ABC of Aristotle’ — varying number of couplets
Number 6543-1
11.   f. 263v   Who could such a woman counterfeit
In praise of the Virgin Mary — one 8-line stanza
Number 383-10
12.   ff. 264ra-268rb   All that willen of wisdom lere / Listen to me and ye shall hear
The ‘Legend of Ipotis’ — in couplets
Number 1782-4
13.   ff. 268rb-275ra   Harkeneth all to my speech
Speculum Gyde Warewyke’ (also entitled ‘Speculum Mundi’ and ‘Speculum vtile istius mundi’) — in couplets
Number 4312-7
14.   ff. 275rb-279va   Our gracious God prince of pity
William Lychefelde, ‘Complaint of God’ — sixty-eight 8-line stanzas (abababab)
Number 318-3
15.   ff. 279v-280ra   All christian people listen and hear
Passio Sancti Erasmi’ — 172 lines in couplets (including a Prologue of 38 lines)
Number 2084-4
16.   ff. 298-305   How mankind doth begin / Is wonder for to scrive so
’The Myrrour of Mankind’ — eighty-two 8-line stanzas (abababab)
Number 6287-2
17.   f. 305v   When Christs faith young was and new
Life of St. Dorothy in Bokenam’s Lives of Saints