The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Addit. 37049
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 225; Grid 482 370 (Notts: ff. 2v-45v); 1.102 (NW Lincs: ff. 26v-27; LP 410; Grid 439 440 (WRY: ff. 46v-66v).
Number 6469-1
1.      When thou least weens veniet mors te superare
On the inevitability of death — one macaronic couplet, or quatrain rhyming abab
Number 6435-1
2.   ff. 18-18v   When the day of doom shall be / It is in Gods privite
On the time of Doomsday — 48 lines in couplets
Number 3936-2
3.   f. 19   O hope indeed thou help me
Dialogue between the soul of a dying person, Death, the Devil, an Angel, the Virgin Mary, Christ and God, a translation of ‘O spes in morte me salua maria precor te’, by ‘Wilfridus’
Number 799-1
4.   f. 19v   Behold here as thou may see
Allegory of a man pursued by a unicorn (Death), from Barlaam and Josaphat — in couplets
Number 3984-2
5.   f. 20   O man unkind / Have in mind
Querela diuina’ and ‘Responsio humana’ — six 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 5623-1
6.   f. 20   These wounds smart bear in thy heart
Verses on a scroll accompanying a drawing of Christ’s wounded heart — six lines
Number 5845-26
7.   f. 20v   Thou shalt love God with heart entire
The Ten Commandments — ten quatrains; usually occurring in the Speculum Christiani (Secunda Tabula), sometimes occurring separately
Number 716-1
8.   ff. 22-22v   At the beginning of the charterhouse God did show
The Founding of the Carthusian Order — twenty-nine couplets
Number 6769-11
9.   f. 23   Witteth now all that been here
The ‘Short Charter of Christ’ — couplets
Number 4321-1
10.   f. 23v   Our Lord Jesu Christ did appear
‘Iesus Nazarenus’ — four couplets
Number 3987-3
11.   f. 24   O mankind / Have in thy mind
Appeal of Christ to man by the pains of his Passion — one 6-line stanza
Number 5425-5
12.   f. 24   The number of Jesu Christs wounds
The number of the Wounds of Christ and the number of the Drops of Blood from these Wounds — nine lines
Number 2879-1
13.   f. 24   Jesu my love my joy my rest
On the Wounds of Christ — six lines (aaaabb)
Number 5482-1
14.   f. 24v   The souls that to purgatory wends
‘Of þe relefyng of saules in purgatory’ — fifteen couplets
Number 2393-1
15.   f. 25   If they do so He will them save
Last forty-five lines of a description of Christ — in quatrains
Number 2461-6
16.   ff. 25v-26   In a tabernacle of a tour
A lament of the Virgin Mary — twelve 8-line stanzas with the refrain: Quia amore langueo
Number 1752-1
17.   f. 27v   Hail sea-stern Gods Mother holy
Ave maris stella — nine couplets
Number 6626-1
18.   f. 28   Whoso remembers Christs passion devoutly
Five couplets, quoting the Horologium Sapiencie
Number 455-1
19.   f. 28   Also take heed to this example here
‘The Falcon’, the wounds of Christ against the sins — fifteen couplets
Number 3674-1
20.   ff. 28v-29   Naked into this world born am I
‘Of þe seuen ages’: a dialogue between man, the good angel, and the fiend — 56 lines in couplets and quatrains (abab)
Number 4065-1
21.   ff. 29v-30   O sweet lady maiden mild
A simple prayer attached to a scroll — two couplets
Number 1745-1
22.   f. 29v   Hail our patron and Lady of the earth
Salue regina — five 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc)
Number 2405-1
23.   f. 30v   If thou my true lover will be
A couplet on a scroll attached to a picture of the Christ Child in the lap of the Virgin
Number 2285-1
24.   f. 30v   I sleep and my heart wakes to Thee
Couplet attached to scroll for picture of man lying on ground
Number 4104-1
25.   ff. 31v-32   O ye all which that by me comes and goeth
‘The Dawnce of Makabre’ — twelve stanzas rhyme royal
Number 5100-1
26.   f. 32v   Take heed unto my figure here above
A warning of death — eight lines
Number 2625-1
27.   f. 33   In the season of huge mortality
‘A disputacion betwyx þe body and wormes’ — thirty-one stanzas rhyme royal
Number 5398-50
28.   ff. 36; ff. 69; ff. 72   The might of the Father Almighty
The Pricke of Conscience, sometimes attributed to Richard [Rolle of] Hampole
Number 2311-3
29.   f. 36   I wend to death a king iwis
Dialogue between the Spearman Death and a king, a Knight and an Archbishop — three quatrains
Number 5382-1
30.   f. 36v   The love of God whoso will lere
A meditation on the Passion, with illustration — forty-five line
Number 2204-1
31.   f. 37ra   I know of no thing
Verse introduction to 6513 — 15 lines, generally in couplets, derived from Rolle
Number 6513-1
32.   f. 37rb   While I sat in a chapel in my prayer
A meditation on the Passion — A translation of Incendium Amoris, XV.189, 44 short lines
Number 5486-1
33.   ff. 37v-38   The state of religion
‘Of þe state of religion’ — forty-five couplets
Number 6744-5
34.   f. 38   With sharp thorns that beth keen
The Wounds of Christ as Remedies against the Deadly Sins — eight quatrains
Number 2190-1
35.   f. 38v   I have sought thee many a day
Comments of death, a monk, and Christ, attached to a drawing of a deathbed scene — three couplets on scrolls
Number 2189-1
36.   f. 38v   I have sought thee many a day
On the mercy of Christ in saving the dying man from the devil — three couplets
Number 5945-1
37.   f. 45   Thy mighty mercy king of bliss
Prayer by the Pains of the Passion — five 9-line stanzas with refrain element, ‘þu here my oryson’ and introductory and concluding stanzas each of four lines, with accompanying illustration
Number 2805-1
38.   f. 45v   Jesu Christ Gods son
Dialogue between St. Peter Dominican and the Crucifix — six and eight lines in couplets
Number 1099-1
39.   ff. 46-66v   David that prophet was ay
‘The Desert of Religion’, incorporating much material from the Speculum Vitae and some passages from the Pricke of Conscience — 940 lines in couplets
Number 2284-1
40.   f. 52v   I sit and sing / of love longing
Love longing for Jesus, in one MS of the Desert of Religion (1021) beneath a picture of several saints — one 6-line stanza
Number 5897-1
41.   f. 67   Thoughts are so subtle and so sly
Moralizing verses following 5234 — one eight-line stanza (abababab)
Number 5234-1
42.   f. 67   The city of heaven is set so high a hill
The City of Heaven — five couplets
Number 1771-2
43.   ff. 67v; ff. 45v   Harken words wonder good / How Jesu Christ was done on Rood
The Complaint of Christ on the Cross
Number 5099-1
44.   f. 67vb   Take heed man how the Jews did cry
Appeal of Christ to Man by the Pains of the Passion — thirty-two lines in monoriming quatrains
Number 5497-1
45.   f. 68   The tenth joy had Our Lady at the feast of Architricline
Fifteen Joys of the Virgin Mary — in couplets
Number 3378-1
46.   f. 68va   Man take heed on the day or on the night
The Hours of the Cross — thirty-two line
Number 5398-51
47.   f. 69   The might of the Father Almighty
The Pricke of Conscience, sometimes attributed to Richard [Rolle of] Hampole
Number 2065-7
48.   ff. 70v-71   Honoured be Thou blissful Lord on high
Thomas Hoccleve, ‘Cantus peregrinorum’, in the English translation of the Pèlerinage de l’âme — five stanzas rhyme royal
Number 443-7
49.   f. 70v   Almighty Lord our blissful king Jesu
‘The Aungelles Songe’ in the English translation of Deguileville’s Pèlerinage de l’âme — five stanzas rhyme royal
Number 407-7
50.   f. 71   All worship wisdom wealth and worthiness
‘The Aungelles Songe within heuene’, in the English translation of Deguileville’s Pèlerinage de l’âme — seven stanzas rhyme royal
Number 5398-52
51.   f. 72   The might of the Father Almighty
The Pricke of Conscience, sometimes attributed to Richard [Rolle of] Hampole
Number 1042-1
52.   f. 74ra   Come follow me my friends unto hell
‘A vysion of saules þat war dampned’ — nine quatrains interspersed with prose
Number 2064-7
53.   ff. 74v-75   Honoured be Thou blissful Lord Jesu
Thomas Hoccleve, The Angels’ Second Song within Heaven, in the English translation of the Pèlerinage de l’âme — five stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2060-7
54.   f. 76   Honoured be this holy feast day
Thomas Hoccleve, Angels’ Song on Epiphany, in the English translation of the Pèlerinage de l’âme — four stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2067-7
55.   f. 76   Honoured be Thou Jesu our Saviour
Thomas Hoccleve, Angels’ song on Easter Day, in the English translation of the Pèlerinage de l’âme — five stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2062-7
56.   f. 76v   Honoured be Thou blissful Lord above
Thomas Hoccleve, ‘The Song of Graces of All Saints’, in the English translation of the Pèlerinage de l’âme — four stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2066-6
57.   f. 77   Honoured be Thou Holy Ghost on high
Thomas Hoccleve, Song of Angels and All Saints at Pentecost, in the English translation of the Pèlerinage de l’âme — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 802-1
58.   f. 80v   Behold man and thy thought up lead
The Joys of Heaven — twenty couplets
Number 277-1
59.   f. 84v   Alas full warily for woe may I sing
Versa est in luctum cithera mea’, etc. — twelve quatrains
Number 917-1
60.   f. 85   But wit pass will / Vice will virtue spill
Moral Distiches, prefixed by a quatrain ‘Fyrst þu sal luf god and drede’ — introductory quatrain and 104 couplets
Number 4811-2
61.   f. 85   Set and save if thou will have
Rhyming proverbs — four couplets
Number 560-4
62.   f. 86   Arise early / Serve god devoutly
Precepts in -ly; the texts show much variation — 16 lines in most witnesses, monorhyming
Number 1506-9
63.   f. 86   Gift is made doomsman / guile is made chapman
The Abuses of the Age — sixteen short lines, translating Munus fit iudex, etc.
Number 6594-3
64.   f. 86ra   Whose conscience be cumbered and be not clean
Against censoriousness — two couplets
Number 2165-6
65.   f. 86v   I had my silver and my friend
A warning against lending money — four monorhyming lines
Number 6054-5
66.   f. 86v   Too Amorous too Adventurous ne Anger thee not too much
‘The ABC of Aristotle’ — varying number of couplets
Number 1297-1
67.   f. 86v   Father sometime what was thou
Dialogue between the Emperor ‘Antiochenus’ and his dead father — four couplets
Number 1319-1
68.   ff. 87v-88   First thou shall make knowledge to God of heaven
Forms of Confession, Ten Commandments, Works of Mercy, Fourteen Articles of the Faith, and Seven Principal Virtues — twenty-five couplets in a prose tract
Number 4353-2
69.   f. 95v   Peace lordings I pray you peace
The Knight who Refused to Abjure Our Lady — 36 lines in 6-line stanzas