The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Addit. 5665
Number 823-1
1.   ff. 4v-5   Benign Lady blessed might Thou be
‘De Sancta Maria’ — three 4-line stanzas (aaab) with refrain, ‘Regina celi letare’, and burden(bb): ‘Syng we to this mery company / Regina celi letare
Number 1127-1
2.   ff. 6v-7   Dic erodes impie
A macaronic carol for Innocents’ Day — three 5-line stanzas (ababa) with refrain word, ‘milicia’, and 2-line burden: ‘Sonet laus per secula./ Innocentum gloria
Number 5221-1
3.   ff. 7v-8   The boars head that we bring here
A Christmas carol — three quatrains (aaab) with ‘Nowell nowelle’ refrain and 4-line burden: ‘Nowell nowell nowell nowell / Tydynges gode y thyng[ke] to telle’ (repeated)
Number 1128-1
4.   ff. 8v-9v   Dievs wous garde byewsser tidings I you bring
Welcome Sir Christmas — three 4-line stanzas with refrain, ‘Nowell’, and 7-line burden: ‘Nowell nowell nowell nowell / Who ys ther that syngeth so’
Number 2201-1
5.   ff. 10-11   I Joseph wonder how this may be
Joseph’s Trouble about Mary — four 5-line stanzas (aaaab) and four-line burden: ‘Meruele noght Josep on Mary mylde / Forsake hyr not tho she be with childe’ (repeated)
Number 3338-1
6.   ff. 11v-12   Man be merry I thee rede
A Nativity carol — three quatrains (abab) and 4-line burden: ‘Man be joyfull & myrth þou make / For crist ys made man for thy sake’ (repeated)
Number 1483-2
7.   ff. 12v-13   Gabriel brighter than the sun
A New Year carol — three cross-rhymed quatrains (abab) plus four-line burden: ‘Make us meri this new yere / Thankyng god with hertely chere’
Number 5331-1
8.   ff. 14v-15   The higher men climbeth the sorer is the fall
‘The mene ys the beste’ — three quatrains (abab) with refrain, ‘The mene ys best as semeth me’ and burden: ‘In euery state in euery degre / The mene ys the beste as semeth me’ (repeated)
Number 4187-1
9.   ff. 17v-18   Of Mary Christ was bore
A Nativity carol — three quatrains (aaab) and 4-line burden: ‘Haue mercy of me kyng of blisse / As muche as thy mercy ys’ (repeated)
Number 4018-1
10.   ff. 19v-20   O of Jesse thou holy root
Song ‘0 radix Iesse’ — three quatrains and 8-line Latin burden: ‘O radix iesse supplices / Te nos inuocamus / Veni vt nos liberes / Quem iam expectamus’ (repeated)
Number 3868-1
11.   f. 20v   O David thou noble key
A song based on the antiphon ‘O clavis Dauid’, etc. — three 5-line stanzas (abaab, lines 3 & 4 identical) and a 7-line Latin burden: O clavis dauid inclita / Dans viam in portis / [1 & 2 repeated] / Educ nos de carcere [repeated] / Et de vmbra mortis
Number 2645-1
12.   ff. 22v-23v   In this vale of wretchedness
Song for St. Stephen’s Day — four quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and four-line burden: ‘Pray for vs that we saued be / Prothomartir Stephane’ (repeated)
Number 6312-1
13.   ff. 23v-24   When God was born of Mary free
A carol for Innocents’ Day — two macaronic 5-line stanzas and 4-line Latin burden: ‘Psallite gaudentes / Infantum festa colentes’ (repeated)
Number 2014-1
14.   ff. 24v-25   Herod that was both wild and wood
A carol for Innocents’ Day — four quatrains and four-line burden: ‘Worcepe we this holy day / That all innocentis for vs pray’ (repeated)
Number 3835-1
15.   ff. 26v-27   O blessed God in Trinity
Te Deum Laudamus’, a Christmas carol — three 5-line stanzas (ababc) with this refrain and 3-line burden: ‘T[e deum] laudamus / Te dominum confitemur / Te eternum
Number 137-3
16.   ff. 28v-29   A patre unigenitus
A macaronic carol of the Nativity — five quatrains with burden: ‘Make we ioye nowe in this fest / In quo Cristus natus est / Eya’
Number 2883-3
17.   ff. 29v-30   Jesu of a maid Thou wouldest be born
A song of Jesus the Saviour — five quatrains (aabb) with ‘Miserere nobis’ refrain and four-line burden: ‘Iesu fili virginis / miserere nobis’ (repeated)
Number 6371-1
18.   ff. 30v-31   When lordship is lost and lusty looking withall
Spes mea in deo est’ — a song of three quatrains (aaab) with this refrain and 2-line burden: ‘Spes mea in deo est’ (repeated)
Number 2050-3
19.   ff. 31v; ff. 32   Holy Writ sayeth which no thing is soother
‘Amende me and peyre me nauȝt’ — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘I pray yow all wyth o thowght / Amende me and peyre me nowght’
Number 1523-1
20.   ff. 32v-33   Glorious God in Trinity
A carol to Christ, with refrain, ‘Miserere mei’ — three 5-line stanzas (aaaaa) plus burden: ‘Ihesu fili dei / Miserere mei
Number 5953-1
21.   ff. 33v-34   Tidings true told there is true
A Christmas carol — two quatrains (abba) with refrain, ‘Blessed be Jhesu’ and 4-line burden: ‘Tydynges trew ther buthe come newe / Blessed be Jhesu’ (repeated)
Number 22-1
22.   ff. 34v-35   A child is born of a maid
A Christmas carol by Richard Smert — two quatrains (abab) and four-line burden: ‘Nascitur ex virgine / sine viri semine’ (repeated)
Number 3810-1
23.   ff. 35v-36   Now to do well how shalt thou do
‘Do well & drede no man’ — two quatrains (abab) and 4-line burden: ‘Do well & drede no man / The best concell ys þat Y can’ (repeated)
Number 3817-2
24.   ff. 36v   Now well may me mirths make
A macaronic Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and burden (b): Letabundus exultet fidelys chorus Alleluia
Number 6020-4
25.   ff. 37v-38   To thee now Christs dear darling
Hymn to St. John the Evangelist — four quatrains (abac) including refrain, ‘Amice Christi Iohannes’, plus burden(dc): ‘Pray for vs to the prince of peace / Amice Crysty Iohannes
Number 6881-1
26.   ff. 38v-39   Your light grievance shall not me constrain
A song to his uncertain mistress — four monorhyming quatrains (same rhyme throughout) with refrain and burden: ‘How shold Y plece a creature uncerteyne’
Number 80-1
27.   ff. 39v-40   A kings son and an emperor
‘Proface’, a Christmas carol — four stanzas (aaab) with ‘Proface’ refrain and five-line burden: ‘Proface, welcom, wellcome / This day ys borne a chylde of grace / That for vs mankynde hathe take proface / This day is born a child of grace / That for vs mankynde hathe take proface’
Number 6358-2
28.   ff. 40v-41   When Jesu Christ baptized was
An Epiphany carol — four quatrains (aaab) including refrain, ‘Hic est filius meus dilectus ipsum audite,’ plus burden (bb): ‘Ihesus autem hodie / Egressus est de virgine
Number 4334-1
29.   ff. 41v-42   Out of the chaff was pured this corn
A song in honour of St. Thomas of Canterbury — two 6-line stanzas (aaabbb) with 3-line ‘O martir Thoma’ refrain and 4-line burden: ‘Clangat tuba martir th[o]m[a] / Vt liberet sic cristi vinea’ (repeated)
Number 3350-4
30.   ff. 42v-43   Man have in mind how here before
Of Divine Mercy — six quatrains (aaab) + burden (bb): ‘Aske þou mercy whill þou may’, and burden (bb): ‘Man assay assay assay / and aske mercy quyls þat þu may’
Number 2883-2
31.   ff. 44v-44   Jesu of a maid Thou wouldest be born
A song of Jesus the Saviour — five quatrains (aabb) with ‘Miserere nobis’ refrain and four-line burden: ‘Iesu fili virginis / miserere nobis’ (repeated)
Number 2849-1
32.   ff. 44v-45   Jesu for Thy wounds five
Pray for Peace (c. 1499) — one stanza (ababcc) with four-line burden: ‘Jhesu for thy mercy endelesse / Saue thy pepill and sende vs pesse (repeated), ten lines in all’
Number 6515-1
33.   ff. 45v-46   While I was young and had courage
A song of old age — three quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and 4-line burden: ‘The beste song as hit semeth me / Peccantem me cotidie’ (repeated)
Number 2184-1
34.   ff. 46v-47   I have I-sought in many a side
A song of the well of Mercy — three quatrains and 4-line burden: ‘To many a will haue y go / To fynde water to washe me fro woo’ (repeated)
Number 6020-5
35.   ff. 48v-49   To thee now Christs dear darling
Hymn to St. John the Evangelist — four quatrains (abac) including refrain, ‘Amice Christi Iohannes’, plus burden(dc): ‘Pray for vs to the prince of peace / Amice Crysty Iohannes
Number 5789-1
36.   ff. 49v-50   This world is but a vanity
Mane nobiscum domine — a hymn of four quatrains (aaab) with this refrain and 4-line burden: ‘O blessed lord full of pete / Mane nobiscum domine’ (repeated)
Number 1582-1
37.   ff. 50v-51   God send us peace and unity / In England with prosperity
‘Do well & drede no man’ — four 6-line stanzas with this refrain plus burden: ‘The beste rede that I can / Do well and drede no man’
Number 3921-1
38.   ff. 51v-52   O God we pray to Thee in special
A prayer for all souls — three five-line stanzas (aaaabc) with refrain: ‘Et lux perpetua / Et lux perpetua luceat eis’, and 2-line burden: ‘For all cristen saulys pray we / Requiem eternam dona eis domi[ne]
Number 946-1
39.   ff. 52v-53   By Thy birth Thou blessed Lord
A Song of the Nativity — two six-line stanzas (aabccb; aaabbc) with refrain, ‘Qui hodie natus es nobis’, and four-line burden: ‘Blessed mote ye be swete Ihesus / Qui hodie natus es nobis’ (repeated)
Number 2175-1
40.   f. 53v   I have been a forester long and many a day
A ‘jolly forester’ song — two cross-rhymed quatrains with internal [middle rhymes with end] rhyme in second and fourth lines
Number 3665-1
41.   f. 65v   My woeful heart of all gladness barren
A complaint against his obdurate mistress — two 8-line stanzas
Number 773-1
42.   ff. 66v-67   Be peace ye make me spill my ale
An amorous flyting, a dialogue between a wooer and a lady — three 8-line stanzas
Number 208-1
43.   f. 67v   Absence of thou causeth me to sigh and complain
Ease my heart, mistress — one stanza rhyme royal.
Number 5325-1
44.   f. 68v   The high desire that I have for to see
Verses pleading mistress to have mercy — one 6-line tail-rhyme stanza
Number 3842-1
45.   f. 69v   O blessed Lord how may this be
A loving mistress complains of her heaviness — one 5-line stanza (abbcc)
Number 5831-1
46.   f. 70v   Thou man envired with temptacion
Paratus sum semper mori pro te’ — six lines
Number 3751-1
47.   f. 71v   Now help Fortune of thy goodness
A plea to Fortune for success in love — four lines
Number 1248-1
48.   ff. 72v-73   Fair and discrete fresh womanly creature
A lover’s offer of service — nine lines
Number 447-1
49.   ff. 133v-135   Alone alone
A warning to lovers — six 8-line tail-rhyme stanza
Number 3605-1
50.   f. 135v   My heart is in great mourning
Dame Pitiless — four quatrains including refrain: ‘My lady hath forsaken me’
Number 4347-1
51.   f. 136v   Pastime with good company
‘The Kynges Balade’ — three 10-line stanzas
Number 4944-1
52.   f. 137v   So put in fear I dare not speak
A lover’s lament on his wounded heart — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 446-1
53.   f. 140v   Alone alone
Doleful cheer — two quatrains including refrain, ‘Pyteusly my own sylf Alone’
Number 2666-2
54.   f. 141   In wilderness / There found I Bess
A betrayed maiden, with a chanson d’aventure opening — eight 6-line tail-rhyme stanzas
Number 4347-2
55.   f. 141v   Pastime with good company
‘The Kynges Balade’ — three 10-line stanzas
Number 5227-4
56.   f. 143v   The burn is this world blind
Christ’s appeal from the Cross — thirteen 6-line tail-rhyme stanzas with 3-line burden: ‘Cum ouer the borne Bessey / my lytyll prety bessey / comme ouer the bourne to m[e]’
Number 6118-2
57.   f. 145v   Up I arose in verbo tempore
A betrayed maiden’s lament — four macaronic quatrains
Number 2017-1
58.   f. 146v   Hey how the mavis on a briar
A chanson d’aventure dialogue between a mavis and a disconsolate lover — three 10-line tail-rhyme stanzas