The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Addit. 9066
Number 5235-2
1.   f. 19v1   The cock sayeth in his tongue
Rhyming comment of the first cock in the story of the Three Cocks in the Gesta Romanorum — one couplet
Number 3596-4
2.   f. 19v2   My fellow for his sooth saw / hath lost his life and lieth full low
Rhyming comment of the second cock in the Story of the Three Cocks in the Gesta Romanorum — one couplet
Number 2319-1
3.   f. 19v3   I will that the cock have the quede / And for his song he shall be dead
A couplet in the Gesta Romanorum
Number 4798-12
4.   f. 19v4   See and hear and hold still
A tag in the Fasciculus Morum, and as comment of Third Cock in a story in the Gesta Romanorum; see Whiting (1968), H.264
Number 1506-8
5.   f. 54v   Gift is made doomsman / guile is made chapman
The Abuses of the Age — sixteen short lines, translating Munus fit iudex, etc.
Number 6512-1
6.   f. 57v   While I have in mind
The bloody shirt, an allegory of the crucified Christ — three couplets in the Gesta Romanorum, also found in Dives and Pauper
Number 6096-1
7.   ff. 65-65v   Udo make an end of thy play
Formerly listed as a ouplet at end of Gesta Romanorum, translating ‘Fac finem ludo, iam lusisti satis, Udo’, but deleted as not being verse.
Number 1401-1
8.   f. 65v   For thou hast played enough I say
Formerly listed as a ouplet tag in Gesta Romanorum, but deleted as not being verse.
Number 1437-1
9.   f. 77v   Foul fiend away thou flee
St Katherine’s charm for banishing despair (in Gesta Romanorum) — four lines