The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Arundel 285
Number 6021-2
1.   f. 1   To Thee O merciful saviour mine Jesu
William Dunbar, ‘The tabill of confessioun’ — 19 stanzas, usually of 8 lines, ababbcbc, two of 10 lines, abababbcbc, with refrain, ‘I cry the mercy and lasar to repent’
Number 1703-1
2.   f. 6   Hail Christian knight hail eterne comforter
Walter Kennedy, ‘The Passion of Christ’ — 1715 lines in rhyme royal stanzas
Number 5666-1
3.   f. 47   This brevit book of sober quantity
?William of Tours, Friar, ‘The Contemplacioun of Synnaris’ — 1560 lines in eight-line stanzas
Number 6024-1
4.   f. 85   To them that loves Thee in cleanness
The Fifteen Ooes — 326 lines in couplets
Number 5086-1
5.   f. 93v   Sweet Lord I thank Thee as I can
A thanksgiving to Christ — forty-nine lines in couplets
Number 6228-1
6.   f. 141v   What dolour pierceth our ladys heart
‘Þe houris of oure Ladyis dollouris’ — nine quatrains
Number 1061-1
7.   ff. 159v-161   Compatience pierces ruth and mercy stands
‘The Passioun of Christ’ — eight 8-line stanzas
Number 4048-1
8.   f. 161   O sinful man thir are the forty days
William Dunbar, ‘The maner of passyng to confessioun’ — ten stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3962-1
9.   f. 163   O Lord God O Christ Jesu
‘Ane deuoit orisoun… in the honour of þe sevin wordis that our saluiour spak apoun þe croce’ — eight 8-line tail-rime stanzas and a concluding 5-line stanza
Number 1771-1
10.   f. 164v   Harken words wonder good / How Jesu Christ was done on Rood
The Complaint of Christ on the Cross
Number 467-2
11.   ff. 168-174v   Among these friars within an cloister
William Dunbar, ‘Of the passioun of Christ’ — twelve 8-line stanzas with refrain: ‘O mankynd for the lufe of the’
Number 3488-2
12.   f. 169v   Methought compassion void of fears
‘Of the Passioun of Christ’ by William Dunbar — six 8-line stanzas with refrain: ‘Thys blissit saluator chryst Iesu’
Number 3937-7
13.   f. 170v   O how wholesome and glad is the memory
John Lydgate, ‘Testament’, in five sections—sections 1, 3, and 5 in 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc); sections 2 and 4 in rhyme royal
Number 4009-1
14.   f. 174v   O Mother of God inviolate Virgin Mary
‘Off þe Resurreccioun of crist’ — five 8-line stanzas
Number 5856-1
15.   f. 175v   Thou that in prayers has been lent
‘Off the Resurrectioun’ — five eight-line stanzas
Number 2869-11
16.   f. 177   Jesu lord that madest me / And with thy blessed blood hast bought
Richard de Caistre’s hymn — twelve quatrains
Number 2840-12
17.   f. 178   Jesu for Thy holy name / And for Thy bitter Passion
The popular prayer by the Holy Name — four lines, frequently followed by two more varying lines
Number 1740-1
18.   ff. 188v; ff. 189   Hail Mary whose conception
‘Ane devoit orisoun till our Lady callit Aue cuius concepcio’ — twenty-two irregular lines
Number 2246-1
19.   f. 190v   I pray you lady Mary dear
‘Ane orisoun to our Lady callit Obsecro’ — sixty-one couplets
Number 1711-1
20.   f. 193   Hail glad and glorious
‘Ane deuoit orisoun To oure Lady the Virgin Mary Callit Aue Gloriosa’ — ninety-three lines in irregular stanzas
Number 1749-1
21.   f. 196v   Hail Queen of heaven and stern of bliss
A prayer to the Virgin Mary — two quatrains (aabb)