The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Arundel 327
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 6161; Grid 577 245 (Suffolk).
Number 6094-1
1.   ff. 1-5   Two things oweth every clerk
Osbern Bokenham, General Prologue to Bokenam’s Lives of Saints — 240 lines
Number 4205-1
2.   ff. 5-26   Of Saint Margaret the virgin pure
Osbern Bokenam, Life of St. Margaret — in 8-line stanzas
Number 2359-1
3.   ff. 27-39   If I had cunning and eloquence
Osbern Bokenham, ‘Life of St. Anne’ — Prologue in 16-line stanzas; Life in rhyme royal (698 lines)
Number 6531-1
4.   ff. 39v-58   Whilom beside the lake Balsena
Osbern Bokenam, Life of St. Christina — in 8-line stanzas
Number 4158-1
5.   ff. 58-65v   Of eleven thousand virgins in fere
Osbern Bokenham, Legend of the 11,000 Virgins — rhyme royal
Number 6538-1
6.   ff. 66-74   Whilom when fierce Diocletian
Osbern Bokenam, ‘Life of St. Faith’ — rhyme royal
Number 4531-1
7.   ff. 74-86v   Saint Agnes life I me purpose
Osbern Bokenam, ‘Life of St. Agnes’ — Prologue in 8-line stanzas; Life in rhyme royal
Number 6287-1
8.   ff. 87-91   When Christs faith young was and new
Life of St. Dorothy in Bokenam’s Lives of Saints
Number 5538-1
9.   ff. 91v-115   The year of grace plainly to describe
Osbern Bokenam, ‘Life of St. Mary Magdalene’ — Prolocutory (282 lines) in couplets; Prologue in eight-line stanzas; Life in rhyme royal
Number 2982-1
10.   ff. 115v-134v   Katherine of Cata which is all to sayen
Bokenham’s Life of St. Katherine — Prologue in rhyme royal, Life in couplets
Number 962-1
11.   ff. 134v-150v   Cecelia is as much to say
Osbern Bokenham, Life of St Cecilia — in various verse forms
Number 600-1
12.   ff. 151-162v   As I find written in a legend aurea
Osbern Bokenam, ‘Life of St Agatha’
Number 3296-1
13.   ff. 163-172   Lucy of light after Januences purpose
Bokenham’s Life of St. Lucy — Prologue three 8-line stanzas; Life in couplets
Number 5539-1
14.   ff. 172-182v   The year of grace who list attend
Osbern Bokenam, ‘Life of St. Elizabeth’ — Prologue in couplets and rhyme royal; Life in eight-line stanzas