The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Egerton 613
Linguistic note: Laing and Lass (2007) Index # 234; Grid 390 232 (N Gloucs: Entry 1, Hand A, f. 1v. ‘The language of all the English texts probably belongs in the SW Worcs or [as this one] just over the border into N Gloucs. But for three of the hands there is too little evidence to be sure.’); Index # 235 (‘text language not placed’: Entry 2, Hand B, f. 2); Index # 236 (‘text language not placed’: Entry 3, Hand C, f. 2r-v); Index # 237 (‘text language not placed’: Entry 4, Hand D, f. 2v); Index # 7; Grid 378 246 (SW Worcs: Entry 5, Hand F, ff. 7–12v); Index # 6; Grid 385 239 (SW Worcs: Entry 6, Hand G, ff. 64-70v).
Number 5051-1
1.   f. 1v   Summer is comen and winter gone
A song of the Passion — eight l0-line stanzas (ababccdeed)
Number 4198-2
2.   f. 2r1   Of one that is so fair and bright
A macaronic song in praise of the Virgin Mary — five 9-line stanzas (ababccdcd)
Number 2341-1
3.   ff. 2r2-2v   I-blessed be thou lady full of heaven bliss
An orison to the Virgin Mary — five monorhyming quatrains
Number 3138-1
4.   f. 2v   Little wot it any man how true love bi-standeth
A song of the love of Our Lady — one stanza only
Number 6681-1
5.   f. 4   Wide is sweet arms
Christ’s open arms — a single macaronic quatrain in the ‘Salut et solace per l’amour de Jesu
Number 2113-5
6.   ff. 7-12v   I am elder than I was of winter and of lore
Poema Morale’ — 398 lines in couplets
Number 2113-6
7.   ff. 64-70v   I am elder than I was of winter and of lore
Poema Morale’ — 398 lines in couplets