The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 116
Number 3581-22
1.   ff. 1-97v   Musing upon the restless business
Hoccleve’s De Regimine Principum — 780 stanzas rhyme royal.
Number 6769-14
2.   f. 97v   Witteth now all that been here
The ‘Short Charter of Christ’ — couplets
Number 6321-9
3.   ff. 98-99   When I advertise in my remembrance / And see how fell
‘Parvus Cato’ (Burgh)
Number 1418-17
4.   ff. 99-124   For why that God is inwardly the wit / Of man
‘Cato Major’
Number 939-4
5.   ff. 124-125   By sapience temper thy courage / Of hasty ire…
Seven Wise Counsels
Number 6798-4
6.   f. 125   Worship women wine and unwieldy age
Four things that make a man fall from Reason, perhaps by Lydgate — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1854-1
7.   f. 125   He that fast spendeth must need borrow
On borrowing — one long couplet
Number 1563-4
8.   ff. 127-128   God in Thy name make me safe and sound
Deus in Nomine Tuo saluum me Fac’, by Lydgate — nine 8-line stanzas with slightly varying refrain
Number 3454-1
9.   ff. 128-128v   Mayest thou now be glad with all thy fresh array
A Mirror for Young Ladies at their Toilet; an acrostic — three 5-line stanzas (abbba)
Number 4107-5
10.   ff. 129-140v   O ye folks that been hard-hearted as a stone
‘Dance of Macabre’
Number 4420-7
11.   fd. 146v-152   Problems of old likeness and figures
John Lydgate, ‘The Chorle and the Birde’ — fifty-four stanzas rhyme royal including 2-stanza envoy, plus one 8-line ‘Verba translatoris’ (ababbcbc)
Number 3871-2
12.   f. 152v   O death how bitter is the mind of thee
The bitterness of Death, an elegy for the tomb of Ralph, Lord Cromwell, circa 1450 — eight 8-line stanzas (ababbaba; only two rhymes used throughout)
Number 1071-3
13.   f. 154   Considerance is taken at prudence
Palladius on Husbondrie, in twelve books — rhyme royal stanzas
Number 2369-1
14.   f. 166   If it be so that leeches do thee fail
John Lydgate, ‘Dietary’, in disarranged order as follows: stanzas 2, 1, 8, 9, 3, 6, 5, l0 — stanzas 4 and 7 wanting
Number 4811-3
15.   f. 170v   Set and save if thou will have
Rhyming proverbs — four couplets
Number 2165-8
16.   f. 170v   I had my silver and my friend
A warning against lending money — four monorhyming lines
Number 2333-2
17.   f. 170v   I would lend but I ne dare
Verses on the Incommodities of Lending — four couplets
Number 1860-1
18.   f. 170v   He that hath a good neighbor hath a good morrow
Gnomic verses — four monorhyming lines
Number 1834-1
19.   f. 170v   He is wise that can be ware ere him be woe
On the Wise Man — a single monorhyming quatrain
Number 108-1
20.   f. 170v   A man may awhile
‘War before’ — one 7-line stanza