The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 2253
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 9620; Grid 349 258 (Herefords).
Number 334-1
1.   ff. 55va-56vb   All harkeneth to me now / a strife will I tellen you
The Harrowing of Hell — in couplets
Number 2462-3
2.   ff. 57-58v   In a thester study I stood a little strife to hear
Debate between the Body and the Soul — twenty-seven four-line stanzas, the first with medial rhyme
Number 4922-1
3.   f. 58v   Sitteth all still and harkeneth to me
Song of the Battle of Lewes — eight 7-line stanzas with refrain, ‘Richard þah þou be euer trichard / tricchen shalt þou neuermore’
Number 6292-2
4.   f. 59v   When earth hath earth I-won with woe
Erthe upon Erthe (A version)
Number 3111-1
5.   ff. 59v-61v   Listeneth lordings a new song I shall begin
On the Execution of Sir Simon Fraser — 233 lines in 8-line stanzas (aaaabccb)
Number 3227-1
6.   f. 61v   Lord that lendest us life and lookest each one lead
On the follies of fashion — five 7-line stanzas
Number 3490-1
7.   f. 62v   Middle Earth for man was made / Unmighty are his most meed
Man must fight Three Foes — seven 11-line stanzas (ababababcbc)
Number 2324-1
8.   ff. 63-63v   I wot a bird in a bower as beryl so bright
Annot and Iohon — five 10-line aliterative stanzas
Number 842-1
9.   f. 63v   Between March and April / When spray beginneth to spring
Alysoun — four 8-line stanzas (aaabcccb, ababbbbc) with refrain, ‘An hendi hap ichabbe yhent / ichot from heuene it is me sent / from alle wymmen mi loue is lent / & lyht on Alysoun’
Number 6732-1
10.   f. 63v   With longing I am led
Love lyrics begging, Lady have ruth on me — four l0-line stanzas (aabaabbaab)
Number 2198-1
11.   f. 64   I heard men upon mold make much moan
The Song of the Husbandman — six 12-line alliterative stanzas (ababababcdcd)
Number 1785-1
12.   ff. 64va-65vb   Harkeneth hitherward beth still / I pray you though it be your will
Life of St. Marina — in couplets, ending with a six-line stanza, aabccb
Number 6186-1
13.   f. 66   Weeping haveth my wangs wet
‘The Poet’s Repentance’, expressing repentance for speaking ill of women in song — six 12-line alliterative stanzas (ababababcdcd)
Number 3550-1
14.   f. 66v1   Most I riden by Ribblesdale
Seven 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeffe)
Number 2446-1
15.   ff. 66v2-67   In a frith as I gan fare fremed
The Meeting in the Wood — 48 alliterative lines in 12-line stanzas
Number 183-1
16.   f. 67   A wale white as whales bone
A Lover’s Torments — fifty-five lines in 6-line stanzas, reconstructed as eight 6-line stanzas with 5-line refrain
Number 3683-1
17.   f. 70ra   Ne may no lewed lede liven in land
Five stanzas (aabccbddbeebffgggf)
Number 4127-1
18.   f. 70vb; f. 71rb   Of a man Mathew thought / Though he the wineyard wroght
The Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard — five 12-line stanzas (aabaabccbccb)
Number 3050-1
19.   f. 71va   Lenten is come with love to town / with blossom and with birds roun
Lenten is come with love to town — three 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 2537-1
20.   ff. 71vb-72ra   In May it merryeth when it dawes
On Women: a Defence and a Warning — four 12-line stanzas
Number 2025-1
21.   ff. 72ra-72va   High lord thou hear my boon / That madest middle earth & moon
A prayer of penitence by an old man — 108 lines in alternating 12- and 5-line stanzas
Number 2325-1
22.   ff. 72va-73   I wot a bird in bower bright / That fully seemly is on sight
The loveliest lady in the land — ten 8-line stanzas (aaabcccb) and 4-line burden: ‘Blow northerne wynd / sent þou me my suetyng / blow norþerne wynd / blou blou blou’.
Number 366-2
23.   ff.9 73-73v   All that beth of heart true / A stound harkeneth to my song
An Elegy on the Death of Edward I — in 8-line stanzas
Number 3115-1
24.   ff. 73v-74v   Listeneth lordings both young and old / Of the French men that were so proud and bold
The Song about the Flemish Insurrection — 136 lines in 8-line stanzas (aaabcccb)
Number 5075-3
25.   ff. 75rb-75va   Sweet Jesu king of bliss
A hymn based on the Iesu dulcis memoria — fifteen monorhyming quatrains
Number 2810-1
26.   f. 75va-b   Jesu Christ heaven king / Give us all good ending
A prayer to Jesus — four 6-line stanzas (aabccb), with three extra lines prefacing stanza 1
Number 6700-1
27.   f. 75vb   Winter wakeneth all my care
A Winter Song: All things must die — three 5-line stanzas (aaabb)
Number 6334-1
28.   f. 76r1   When I see blossoms spring
A Spring song of love to Jesus — five l0-line stanzas (ababccbddb)
Number 1156.5-1
29.   f. 76r2   Dum ludis floribus velud lacinia
A macaronic Latin, French, and English (2 lines) lyric to his Parisian mistress — five quatrains
Number 2899-1
30.   ff. 77vb-78va   Jesu sweet is the love of Thee / nothing so sweet may be
Iesu dulcis memoria
Number 5030-3
31.   f. 79rb-79vb   Stand well mother under rood
Stabat iuxta Christi crucem;
Number 2842-1
32.   f. 79vb   Jesu for thy mickle might / Thou give us of thy grace
A Meditation on the Passion — five 10-line stanzas (ababccdeed)
Number 2279-2
33.   f. 80ra   I sigh when I sing / for sorrow that I see
A song of the Passion — six 10-line stanzas
Number 3797-1
34.   f. 80rb   Now shrinketh rose and lily flower
An autumn song in praise of the Virgin Mary — six 10-line stanzas
Number 3592-1
35.   f. 80v   My death I love my life I hate for a lady sheen
De Clerico et Puella — nine monorhyming quatrains
Number 6445-1
36.   ff. 80v-81   When the nightengale sings the woods waxen green
April, a love lyric — five four-line monorhyming stanzas
Number 2341-2
37.   ff. 81-81v   I-blessed be thou lady full of heaven bliss
An orison to the Virgin Mary — five monorhyming quatrains
Number 613-1
38.   f. 81va-b   As I me rode this ender day / By green wood to seek play
A song of the Five Joys of the Virgin Mary — ten 6-line stanzas
Number 1769-2
39.   ff. 82ra-83   Harken to my ron / As I you tellen can
Le regret de Maximian
Number 3330-1
40.   f. 83r1   Maiden mother mild / oeiz cel oreysoun
An orison to the Virgin Mary — six monorhyming stanzas with medial rhyme, in English and French
Number 312-3
41.   ff. 83r2-92v   All been he blithe / that to my song Lithe
The geste of King Horn — in couplets
Number 1590-1
42.   f. 106   God that all this mights may in heaven & earth thy will is oo
A prayer of confession — seven 8-line stanzas
Number 5215-4
43.   ff. 106ra-107rb   The blessing of heaven king
The Sayings of St. Bernard
Number 3362-1
44.   ff. 114v-115   Man in the Moon stands and strides
Man in the Moon — five 8-line stanzas (abababab)
Number 1961-1
45.   ff. 119ra-121ra   Here commences a book of swevening / That men metteth in sleeping
The Interpretation of Dreams — in couplets
Number 4202-1
46.   f. 124v   Of Ribaldry I rhyme and read of my roll
Satire on the Retinues of the great — ten long alliterative monorhyming quatrains
Number 3383-3
47.   ff. 125ra-127ra   Man that will of wisdom hearen / At wise Hendyng he may leren
The Proverbs of Hendyng
Number 6372-1
48.   f. 127rb   When man has made a king of a capped man
La countesse de Donbar demanda a Thomas de Essedoune quant la guere descoce prendreit fyn e yl la repoundy e dit’ — eighteen alliterative lines
Number 3137-2
49.   f. 128r1   Little wot it any man how derne love was found
A song of the love of Christ — five 6-line stanzas with 2-line refrain after each, ‘Ever and o night and day he haveth us in his thoghte / He nul nout leose þat he so deore boghte’
Number 3136-1
50.   ff. 128r2-128v   Little wot it any man / how derne love may stand
The Way of Woman’s Love — five 8-line stanzas (ababccdd) including 2-line refrain, ‘Ever and o for my leof ich am in grete thoghte / I thenche on hire þat I ne seo nout ofte’