The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 2316
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.111 (WRY).
Number 6217-1
1.   f. 2   Wellaway what me is wo
The lament of a deceased person — two quatrains (abab)
Number 5912-1
2.   f. 2v   Through flesh thou fell in deadly sin
Exhortation to Shrift — one quatrain
Number 6216-2
3.   f. 10   Wellaway that I was born
The lament of a damned soul — two couplets
Number 2320-1
4.   f. 13   I will that ye flee sin
Exhortation to be Meek and True — one quatrain
Number 6519-1
5.   f. 15   While that I was sober sin ne did I not
Through drunkenness came sin — a single couplet
Number 2818-3
6.   f. 25   Jesu Christ my leman sweet that diedest on the Rood-Tree
A prayer of the Five Wounds — one long monorhyming quatrain
Number 3469-1
7.   f. 25   Men rent me on rood
Appeal of Christ to Man by the Pains of the Passion — six monorhyming quatrains
Number 2991-1
8.   f. 25   Kindly is now my coming
On the Vanity of Life — one 8-line stanza (abababab)
Number 6010-1
9.   f. 25v   To the fiend I owe fealty
On fealty to the devil, in a Latin treatise — one couplet
Number 5722-1
10.   f. 25v   This is thy seat doomsman
Lines addressed to a judge — three couplets among English tags in a collection of Latin treatises
Number 3482-1
11.   f. 25v   Mercy is hendest where sin is most
On the Mercy of God — three couplets
Number 1625-2
12.   f. 25v   God with His angels I have forloren
The lament of a damned soul — three couplets
Number 1106-2
13.   f. 25v   Death is strong and mastereth all thing
The qualities of death — five couplets
Number 3471-2
14.   f. 26   Men them bemoanen of little truth / It is dead and that is ruth
On the degeneracy of the times — two couplets translating ‘Heu plebs conqueritur’, etc.
Number 4848-1
15.   f. 26   Sinful kind fro kindly skill
God’s Law is above Nature — four rhyming lines
Number 4788-1
16.   f. 26   Say sinful man what is thine thought
A warning to the worldly man — one quatrain
Number 3441-1
17.   f. 26   Mary you queen you mother maiden bright
A prayer to the Virgin Mary — two couplets
Number 3369-1
18.   f. 26   Man look you trust ye not too fele
A reminder of mortality — four couplets
Number 2071-1
19.   f. 26   Hope is hard there hap is foe
Hope in Adversity — four monorhyming lines
Number 1834-2
20.   f. 26   He is wise that can be ware ere him be woe
On the Wise Man — a single monorhyming quatrain
Number 3741-1
21.   f. 26v   Now goeth falsehood in every flock
Verses claiming Truth is a Prisoner — a single quatrain
Number 4476-1
22.   f. 26v   Rich mans rifler
On Death — four rhyming lines
Number 1823-1
23.   f. 26v   He gave himself as good fellow
The Lowliness of Christ — eight lines
Number 877-1
24.   f. 26v   Bliss it were in land to haven worship and might
Worldly Honour is Brief — two couplets (long lines)
Number 1104-1
25.   f. 36   Death is a well common thing
On death — two couplets
Number 2968-1
26.   f. 54   Jolif te Jolif te
A tag, the first two lines of a popular song, quoted in a Latin exemplum De Guloso, introduced with ‘Quadam autem die sic comedit,et postea versus silvam ivit, incipiens istum cantum
Number 3353-2
27.   f. 56v   Man have this in thy mind
Advice on marriage — one monorhyming quatrain