The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 2382
Number 4080-23
1.   ff. 1-74v   O thoughtful heart plunged in distress
Life of Our Lady
Number 122-5
2.   ff. 75-86   A mery tale y telle yow may
The Assumption of Our Lady (earliest version) — in couplets, with a Prologue of ten lines
Number 3433-32
3.   ff. 86v-87   Mary mother well thou be / Mary maiden think on me
An orison to the Virgin Mary in the Speculum Christiani (Octaua Tabula) — twenty-seven couplets
Number 3937-11
4.   ff. 87v-96v; ff. 108-108v; ff. 128v-129v   O how wholesome and glad is the memory
John Lydgate, ‘Testament’, in five sections—sections 1, 3, and 5 in 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc); sections 2 and 4 in rhyme royal
Number 3970-32
5.   f. 97   O Lord Our Lord Thy name how marvelous
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Prioress’s Prologue of the Canterbury Tales — 35 lines in 7-line, rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 5601-34
6.   f. 97v-100   There was in Asia in a great city
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Prioress’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales — 203 lines in 7-line, rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 5405-27
7.   ff. 100v-102   The minister and nourice unto vices
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Prologue of the Second Nun’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales — 119 lines in rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 5729.4-27
8.   ff. 102-108   This maiden bright Cecilia as her life sayeth
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Second Nun’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales — 434 lines in rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 318-5
9.   ff. 109-111   All christian people listen and hear
Passio Sancti Erasmi’ — 172 lines in couplets (including a Prologue of 38 lines)
Number 6650-6
10.   ff. 111v-118   Whoso will over read this book
The ‘Long Charter of Christ’ (B text) — 414 lines in couplets
Number 1880-1
11.   ff. 118v-127   He that made both heaven and hell
The Childe of Bristowe — 558 lines in 12-line stanzas
Number 4140-6
12.   ff. 127v-128   Of all the marvel of Merlin how he makes his moan
A late Merlin prophecy — alliterative lines in various stanzas, quatrains abab, 8-line stanzas, six-line stanzas. nine-line stanzas