The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 367
Number 975-16
1.   ff. 55-75   Child of discipline incline to me thy ear
The Twelve Gates or The Compende of Alkemye by George Ripley, 1471, including Preface, Twelve Gates, Recapitulation and Admonition, sometimes with a dedicatory prologue to Henry IV — in rhyme royal and couplets
Number 720-6
2.   f. 80-83v   At the reverence of Saint Margaret / My purpose is
John Lydgate, Life of St Margaret — seventy-seven stanzas rhyme royal including an eleven-stanza prologue and three-stanza Envoy
Number 1904-20
3.   ff. 83v-86   He that whilom did his diligence
Fall of Princes
Number 3911-6
4.   ff. 86-86v   O glorious Martyr which of devout humbless
John Lydgate, Prayer to St. Edmund on behalf of Henry VI — eight 8-line stanzas
Number 1535-5
5.   f. 86v   Go little book be fearful and quake for dread
Life of St. Edmund (Lydgate)
Number 3645-5
6.   f. 86v2   My noble sons and eke my lords dear
Scogan’s ‘Moral Balade’ — twenty-one 8-line stanzas
Number 1230-3
7.   ff. 87-87v   Every manner creature / Disposed unto gentilesse
John Lydgate, A Lover’s Lament — fifteen 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc) each ending, ‘ladye dere’ and envoy
Number 948-2
8.   f. 88ra-88rb   By true record of the Doctor Bede
John Lydgate, Verses on Cambridge — fourteen rhyme royal stanzas
Number 1605-2
9.   ff. 89-100   God that is most of might
The House of Stanley: The Most Pleasant Song of Lady Bessy, perhaps by Humphrey Brereton — 1082 lines in quatrains
Number 4916-1
10.   ff. 101-109v   Sith ye have me challenged Master Garnesche
John Skelton, Against Garnesche, a flytyng — 469 lines in rhyme royal stanzas, couplets, and ‘Skeltonics’
Number 3779-2
11.   ff. 120-125   Now let us talk of Mount of Flodden
A ballad in praise of the Stanley family, detailing events in France after Flodden Field — 428 lines in rhyme royal
Number 5987-1
12.   ff. 127-127v; ff. 126-126v   To London once my steps I bent
‘London Lickpenny’ — sixteen stanzas