The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 372
Number 5422-7
1.   ff. 1-42v   The noble story to put in remembrance
Life of St. Edmund and St. Fremund (Lydgate)
Number 3911-7
2.   ff. 42v-43v   O glorious Martyr which of devout humbless
John Lydgate, Prayer to St. Edmund on behalf of Henry VI — eight 8-line stanzas
Number 1535-6
3.   ff. 43-43v   Go little book be fearful and quake for dread
Life of St. Edmund (Lydgate)
Number 864-5
4.   ff. 43v-44v   Blessed Edmund king martir & virgin
‘Banner of St Edmund’ (Lydgate)
Number 139-1
5.   ff. 45-51   A philosopher a good clerk secular
Advice to an old gentleman who wished for a young wife, perhaps by Lydgate — seventy-two rhyme royal stanzas and Envoy of two 8-line stanzas
Number 1472-1
6.   ff. 51-53v   From the time of Brut auctors do specify
‘The Kings of England sithen William Conqueror’
Number 3388-4
7.   ff. 54-55   Man to reform thine exile and thy loss
‘Complaint þat Crist maketh of his Passioun’
Number 2974-1
8.   ff. 55-55v   Joy blessed Lady with pure virginal flower
Gaude flore virginali — eight stanzas rhyme royal, each preceded by a Latin line, the first seven of which being with the word gaude
Number 872-1
9.   f. 56ra   Blessed Sebastian Gods martyr and knight
A prayer to St Sebastian — seven stanzas rhyme royal
Number 5823-7
10.   ff. 57-60v   Thou fierce god of arms Mars the red
Geoffrey Chaucer, Anelida and Arcite — 357 lines in 45 stanzas of various forms, mostly rhyme royal
Number 1761-5
11.   ff. 61-69v   Half in a dream not fully awaked
‘La Belle Dame sans Mercy’
Number 4057-5
12.   ff. 70-70v   O star of Jacob glory of Israel
John Lydgate, ‘To Mary the Star of Jacob’, an orison to the Virgin Mary of the Five Joys — seven stanzas rhyme royal with refrain, ‘Aue maria
Number 3581-23
13.   ff. 71-112   Musing upon the restless business
Hoccleve’s De Regimine Principum — 780 stanzas rhyme royal.
Number 6831-3
14.   f. 113   Ye proud gallants heartless
Against excess in men’s apparel — two to six monorhyming quatrains