The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 7322
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 7860; Grid 409 526 (Warwicks: Hand A, ff. 7r-v, 8, 64, 79, 91v, 103r-v, 121r-v, 124v, 133v, 134, 135v, 136v, 138v-139v, 140v, 141v, 143r-v, 144v, 145r-v, 147v, 148, 149, 150); 1.113 (Norfolk: Hand B, ff. 152-163v).
Number 6574-1
1.   f. 7   Who that seeth Him on the Rood
A meditation on the Passion — nine lines
Number 6439-1
2.   f. 7v   When the feet coldeth
Signs of death — fourteen to twenty-two lines in couplets.
Number 2707-1
3.   f. 8   It beth three times on that day / that sooth to witten me may
Three Sorrowful Things — six lines
Number 5775-1
4.   f. 42v   This water this lion dragon also dreaden me so sore
Two couplets in a Latin exemplum
Number 5148-8
5.   f. 45v   That is merry to be a wife
A tag in the Fasciculus morum translating a Latin hexameter from Seneca, Controversia 6.8, ‘Felices nupte moriar quia nubere dulce
Number 6865-1
6.   f. 64   Yissing and glozing and fellowship been rive
The reply of the oracle on the Sins of the Time — three couplets
Number 2998-8
7.   ff. 79-79v   King I sit and look about
The Vicissitudes of Life, a tag in the Fasciculus morum — four couplets, translating Latin lines, each spoken by a king on the Wheel of Fortune
Number 3492-32
8.   ff. 92-95   Might is right…Light is night
Sentences of the Four Philosophers on the degeneracy of the times in a Latin exemplum incorporated into the Speculum Christiani (Sexta Tabula) — twelve rhyming phrases in four monorhyming stanzas
Number 6759-1
9.   f. 103v   With woe and dread I am born
On the Curse caused by Adam’s sin — six lines
Number 336-1
10.   f. 121   All his friends shall be loath
Description of a dying person — eighteen lines in couplets
Number 4287-1
11.   f. 121v   One it is and ne haveth nother
The Covetous Man (translating a Latin prose sentence) — four couplets
Number 5245-1
12.   f. 124v   The debtor so is false and falling
Qualities of Death — four lines — preceeded by Latin verson
Number 3823-1
13.   f. 133v   Now ye all be glad and blithe
Christ comes as a Champion — ten lines
Number 815-1
14.   f. 134   Behold thou man with ruthful heart
Learn Love from Christ’s Sufferings — eight lines
Number 3043-1
15.   f. 135v   Learn to love as I love thee
The Christ Child Shivering with Cold: a dialogue between Christ and the Virgin Mary — five 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 5372-1
16.   f. 136v   The life of this world
On the Vanity of this World — twelve unrhymed short lines
Number 5759-1
17.   ff. 138v-139   This time man hath overcome the fiend and robbed hell
How man is made God’s Brother — six long lines
Number 2653-1
18.   ff. 139v-140   In time of weal think on thy woe
In die bonorum non immemor sis malorum’ — a single couplet
Number 5626-1
19.   f. 140v   They priveth grittily
The Four Evils of Pride — four lines
Number 178-1
20.   f. 141v   A token of Gods loving
A definition of Humility — four lines
Number 5293-1
21.   f. 143   The gates of Paradise through Eve weren I-locken
Eve and Our Lady — a single couplet
Number 5536-1
22.   f. 143v   The worm on the tree
What Envy is Like — four lines
Number 2737-1
23.   f. 145r1   It is law that faileth not
An anagram on L. O. V. E. — four lines
Number 3278-1
24.   f. 145r2   Love is out of land I-went
On the Evils of the Time — seven lines preceded by Latin version
Number 2712-1
25.   f. 145v3   It falseth
Cupiditas — four monorhyming lines
Number 2752-1
26.   f. 147v   It resteth and it queemeth
The Four Benefits of Poverty — a single couplet
Number 2769-1
27.   f. 148   It wasteth
On lechery — four monorhyming lines following Latin Luxuria facit hec
Number 179-1
28.   f. 149   A treasure of great richesse
A definition of Chastity — four lines
Number 1460-1
29.   f. 150   Friendship that is worshipful
Three lines linking good conditions and qualities
Number 5948-1
30.   f. 152   Thy wicked deeds thee brought to care
Lines in a story from the Gesta Romanorum — twelve couplets
Number 6754-1
31.   f. 153   With this ring I wed thee / and with my body I worship thee
Several ring inscriptions, many illegible
Number 6233-1
32.   f. 153v1   What is he this that cometh so bright
Christ comes with bloody Garments — three couplets
Number 384-1
33.   f. 153v2   All the joy of our heart now is went away
The sinner’s lament (based on Lamentations, 5:15) — two couplets
Number 6839-1
34.   f. 154r1   Ye that by this way pass
O vos omnes qui transitis per viam
Number 3286-1
35.   5. 154r2   Love thou art of mickle might
An apostrophe to Love (with a religious application) — one 6-line stanza
Number 3043-2
36.   f. 154r3   Learn to love as I love thee
The Christ Child Shivering with Cold: a dialogue between Christ and the Virgin Mary — five 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 5776-1
37.   f. 155v1   Though love be strong and mickle of might [Þey loue be strong and mikel of mith]
On True Love — four couplets
Number 1312-9
38.   ff. 155v2-156   Fire water wind and land
The use and benefits of prayer: inscriptions accompanying an image of Prayer — four couplets in the Fasciculus morum
Number 6792-1
39.   f. 157   Worlds bliss strife hath wrought
Advice not to trust the World — three couplets
Number 1831-1
40.   f. 157v   He is well sicker that hath cleanness
Purity — a single couplet
Number 284-1
41.   f. 158r1   Alas in great sin all biget we were
On Mortality — four monorhyming lines
Number 2468-1
42.   f. 158r2   In all manner thrift I pass all thing
A single couplet on Superbia
Number 3478-1
43.   f. 158r3   Mercy abide and look all day
On the Mercy of God — five couplets
Number 3376-2
44.   f. 158r4   Man sicker help hast thou and prest
The Virgin Mary and her Son, Man’s Advocates — three couplets
Number 4843-1
45.   ff. 158r5-158v   Sin and filth only forsake
The King’s Letter to his Son — five couplets
Number 969-1
46.   ff. 162-162v   Charity chastity pity aren waxen all cold
The Evils of the Time — four 3-line stanzas
Number 5702-1
47.   f. 162v1   This is a wonder merry play and long shall last
On the Fickleness of Fortune — four couplets
Number 3459-1
48.   f. 162v2   Me thinketh thou art so lovely
A Lover’s Saying — one quatrain
Number 5782-1
49.   ff. 162v3-163   This wonder well under this throne
Warning, ‘Ware the Wheel of Fortune’ — six lines (aabcbc)
Number 5286-1
50.   f. 163r1   The foremost of these beasts three
Three dangerous beasts, the lion, the bear and the dragon, eleven to fifteen lines—mixed rhyme schemes, couplets and short lines abba (the first two lines not in Furnivall).
Number 5834-1
51.   f. 163r2   Thou most fort with weal or woe
On Fortune’s Wheel — ten lines. Written as prose inserted into Latin text, the Latin between couplets. Rough couplets and a quatrain, abab.
Number 2099-1
52.   f. 163r3   I am a fool I can no good
Amor fatuus’ — eight lines, rhyming couplets and a quatrain, abab.
Number 6179-1
53.   f. 163v   Weak and wretched thou art in sight
The Ten Ages of Man’s Life — ten couplets
Number 1633-1
54.   f. 167r1   Gods ore
Inducements to repentance — four short lines translating a Latin text
Number 1817-1
55.   f. 167r2   He abide tholemodely
On the Mercy of God — four lines
Number 2096-1
56.   f. 168v   How thy fairness is bespit
Three monorhyming lines on the Sufferings of Christ
Number 6459-1
57.   f. 169v   When thine earen dinneth and thy nose sharpeth
Signs of Death — eight long lines or 16 shorter ones
Number 4199-1
58.   f. 172   Of our five wits a well witting
Against Temptation — three lines
Number 5043-1
59.   f. 172v1   Strong it is to flit
The Bitterness of Death — twelve lines, mainly in couplets
Number 5216-1
60.   f. 172v2   The bliss of our heart all it is ago
The Sinners’ Lament — two couplets based on Lam. 5:15-16
Number 5145-1
61.   f. 181r1   That ilk day be out of mind
Job’s Curse (Job III. 3) — a single couplet
Number 1347-1
62.   f. 181r2   For foul lusts I have withstood
Dialogue between the Saved and the Damned — four couplets
Number 1402-1
63.   f. 183v1   For thou were meek and leftest pride
The Reward of the Meek — one couplet
Number 3451-1
64.   f. 183v2   Matthew had made a great gestening
Mathew’s Feast (Matt. IX. 10) — a single couplet
Number 6170-1
65.   f. 184r1   We prayen believe God will and pity
The Virtues serve us — two couplets
Number 3203-1
66.   f. 184r2   Lord I bid both day and night
Lord come to my feast — three couplets
Number 36-1
67.   f. 185   A false behighting
Phrases describing three evils, in a sermon — three monorhyming lines