The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Harley 913
Number 1259-1
1.   ff. 3-6v   Far in sea by west Spain
The Land of Cokaygne — ninety-five couplets
Number 2994-10
2.   f. 6v   King counsel-less / Bishop loreless
The Abuses of the Age: rhyming lines ending in -les
Number 1750-1
3.   ff. 7-8v   Hail Saint Michael with long spear
A satire on the people of Kildare — twenty 6-line stanzas (aabcdd)
Number 5073-1
4.   ff. 9-10   Sweet Jesu hende and free
A homily by Friar Michael Kildare — fifteen 10-line stanzas
Number 5306-1
5.   ff. 16-20   The grace of God and Holy Church
‘A Sarmun’ — in quatrains
Number 5308-1
6.   ff. 20-21v   The grace of Jesu full of might
XV Signa ante Iudicium’ — 180 lines in quatrains
Number 3183-2
7.   ff. 28-28v   Look to thy Lord man there hangeth He on rood
A paraphrase of ‘Respice in faciem Christi tui’ — twelve lines
Number 3341-1
8.   f. 28v   Man behold what I for thee
A paraphrase of ‘O homo vide quid pro te pacior’, etc. — sixteen short lines
Number 5307-1
9.   ff. 29v-31   The grace of God full of might
The Fall and Passion — in quatrains
Number 3774-1
10.   ff. 31v-32   Now Jesu Christ for Thy dearworth blood
A homily on the Ten Commandments — twenty quatrains
Number 3302-1
11.   ff. 32-32v   Lullay lullay lullay little child why weepest thou so sore
A Lullaby warning against the evils of this world — six 6-line stanzas (aaaabb)
Number 6633-1
12.   ff. 44v-47v; ff. 52-52v   Whoso thinketh up this careful life
A song on the Times (temp Edward II) with a fable of the Lion, Wolf, Fox, and Ass — twenty-four 8-line stanzas (ababcdcd) and one of 5 lines (ababc)
Number 5355-1
13.   ff. 48-48v; ff. 22-22v   The King of heaven mid us be
Homily on the Seven Deadly Sins — six-line stanzas
Number 4885-1
14.   ff. 50-51v   Sith Gabriel gan greet
Sir Pers of Birmingham — in 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 1183-1
15.   ff. 54v; ff. 62   Eld maketh me geld
Old Age — in long irregular stanzas of 78 short lines
Number 3269-1
16.   f. 58   Love haveth me brought in lither thought
Three quatrains, possibly the conclusion of a longer piece
Number 2750-1
17.   f. 58v   It nis but truth I-wend on afte
Nego’ — twenty-four lines
Number 6292-1
18.   ff. 62-63v   When earth hath earth I-won with woe
Erthe upon Erthe (A version)