The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Lansdowne 762
Number 6640-11
1.   f. 2v   Whoso will beware of purchasing
‘Twelve points for purchasers of land to look to’, sometimes attributed to Sir John Fortescue — ten or twelve couplets
Number 2503-3
2.   f. 3   In four points my will is ere I hence depart
The Testament of one about to die — four stanzas rhyme royal
Number 618-1
3.   ff. 5-6v   As I me walked over fields wide / When men began to Ere
God Speed the Plough — twelve 8-line stanzas including refrain, ‘I pray to god spede wele the plough’
Number 3164-3
4.   f. 7v   London thou art of towns a per se
To the City of London, attributed to William Dunbar — seven 8-line stanzas with refrain
Number 1665-1
5.   f. 9v   Great marvel and wonder I have in my conceit
On sudden anger — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 5731-26
6.   ff. 10-12   This mighty William Duke of Normandy
Verses on the Kings of England (Lydgate)
Number 560-5
7.   f. 16v   Arise early / Serve god devoutly
Precepts in -ly; the texts show much variation — 16 lines in most witnesses, monorhyming
Number 6573-2
8.   f. 16v   Who that maketh in Christmas a dog to his larder
Proverbial moral advice — two couplets
Number 6567-2
9.   f. 16v   Who that buildeth his house all of sallows
Gnomic verses — four monorhyming lines
Number 6095-2
10.   f. 16v   Two women in one house
Combinations for discord: a saw — two couplets
Number 5557-1
11.   f. 16v   There be four things full hard for to know
Cordiale quatuor novissimorum’ — six lines introducing prose
Number 1258-1
12.   f. 16v   Far from thy kin cast thee
A moral saw — four monorhyming lines
Number 1265-1
13.   f. 19v   Farewell my friends the tide abideth no man
An epitaph, frequently inscribed on monuments or brasses — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 4240-3
14.   f. 24   Of wine away the moles may ye wash
On removing spots made by wine, water, and milk — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 620-7
15.   ff. 24-31   As I me went this ender day / Fast in my way
Thomas of Erceldoune’s Prophecy, in three ‘Fyttes’ — in quatrains or five-line stanzas, or others irregular
Number 4140-10
16.   f. 50-52; f. 62; f. 65   Of all the marvel of Merlin how he makes his moan
A late Merlin prophecy — alliterative lines in various stanzas, quatrains abab, 8-line stanzas, six-line stanzas. nine-line stanzas
Number 5375-2
17.   f. 52r1   The lily that fair flower
A prophecy of the conquest of France — 18 lines
Number 6302-2
18.   ff. 52r2-53v   When M.CCCCC together be knit
Prophetia Regis Anglie’, the Prophecy of Merlyon of the conquest of France — 26 couplets
Number 1443-1
19.   f. 53v; f. 64v   France and Flanders then shall rise
A political prophecy — one cross-rhymed quatrain
Number 478-1
20.   ff. 53v-54   An eagle shall rise with a boar bold
A political prophecy — forty-five irregular rhyming lines
Number 5545-1
21.   f. 54v   Then a dead man shall arise and agreement make
A political prophecy — three quatrains
Number 5322-1
22.   ff. 59-61   The hedgehog will the cuckoo feed
Prophetical verses — 141 lines in irregular rhyming lines, with refrain, ‘When cuckowe tyme cometh oft so sone’
Number 5540-1
23.   ff. 63v-65   The year of our Lord 1484
The Streets of London, an animal prophecy — 134 irregular rhyming line
Number 6226-3
24.   f. 71   What can it avail
John Skelton, ‘Colyn Cloute’ — 1270 lines in ‘skeltonics’
Number 6205-9
25.   ff. 75-88   Well on my way as I forth went
‘The Prophisies of Rymour, Beid, and Marlyng’ — 628 lines in 8-line stanzas
Number 2635-1
26.   f. 91   In these words plus pi been contained
Acrostic (Plus pi) on those not obligated to fast — one stanza rhyme royal commenting on ten lines of Latin preceding
Number 6569-1
27.   f. 91v   Who that drinketh well much is he the gladder
On Excess in Drinking — five monorhyming lines translating the Latin ‘Si quis bene biberit’, etc.
Number 4180-1
28.   f. 91v   Of life and death now choose thee
Satirical verses against Marriage — two couplets in a collection of Latin sermons
Number 2321-1
29.   f. 92   I winked I winked when I a woman took
On the need for caution in marriage — a 3-line tag
Number 6029-1
30.   f. 92   To thy friend thou lovest most
On Discretion — one 6-line stanza (aabccb) in a Latin collection
Number 1489-1
31.   f. 92   Gallaunts purse penniless per vicos ecce vagrantur
On a ‘Galaunt’ — one macaronic couplet
Number 2783-1
32.   f. 93v   Jangler cum jasper lepper galper quoque dragger
Three macaronic lines on Tutivillus
Number 6594-4
33.   f. 94   Whose conscience be cumbered and be not clean
Against censoriousness — two couplets
Number 1215-12
34.   ff. 96-96v; ff. 97   Ever is six the best chance of the dice
A political prophecy according to the throw of the dice — in couplets
Number 5213-4
35.   f. 96   The black shall bleed and the blue shall fare and feed
A political prophecy by the stars — couplets or rhyme royal, loosely rhyming
Number 4437-2
36.   f. 96   R shall reach and the P shall preach
Doggerel prognostics and prophesies — ten lines trailing off into prose
Number 4437-1
37.   f. 97v   R shall reach and the P shall preach
Doggerel prognostics and prophesies — ten lines trailing off into prose
Number 2021-3
38.   f. 101v   Hi sunt qui psalmos corrumpunt nequitur almos
Macaronic lines on Tutivillus — four lines in a Latin treatise cautioning priests and other clerics regarding the saying of divine offices