The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Royal 17 B.XVII
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 3; Grid 444 381 (Derbys: ff. 2, 13v-18v); LP 114; Grid 428 369 (Derbys: ff. 13v-18v).
Number 6397-1
1.   f. 2v1   When pride is most in prize
On the Abuses of the Age — five lines (aaabb)
Number 5139-2
2.   f. 2v2   That I eat and drink may have
Gifts come back to God — two couplets translating a Latin distich Sunt mea si qua dedi…
Number 343-4
3.   f. 2v3   All it is phantom that we with fare
All is Phantom — four lines aaaa
Number 1506-13
4.   f. 2v4   Gift is made doomsman / guile is made chapman
The Abuses of the Age — sixteen short lines, translating Munus fit iudex, etc.
Number 5537-6
5.   ff. 3-13   The worthiest thing most of goodness
The Lay Folks’ Mass Book
Number 3290-14
6.   f. 10   Loved be thou king and thanked be thou king
Form of Living
Number 6622-2
7.   f. 13v1   Whoso oft sayeth this is with good will
Promise of grace to those who often say the preceding prayer (5077), immediately following 5077 — four lines monorhyming
Number 5077-5
8.   ff. 13v2-19   Sweet Jesu now will I sing
A song of love to Jesus — in monorhyming quatrains
Number 1782-8
9.   ff. 19-36   Harkeneth all to my speech
Speculum Gyde Warewyke’ (also entitled ‘Speculum Mundi’ and ‘Speculum vtile istius mundi’) — in couplets
Number 422-7
10.   ff. 36-49   Almighty God in Trinity
Stimulus Conscientie Minor’ — in 8-line stanzas with Latin prose sub-headings of varying lengths
Number 1926-1
11.   f. 98v   Heaven is wonnen with woe and shame
How to win Heaven or Hell — two couplets
Number 4427-5
12.   f. 99r1   Quant homme deit parleir videat que verba loquatur
On the Evils of the Times — thirty-six macaronic lines in Latin, French and English
Number 3741-2
13.   f. 99r2   Now goeth falsehood in every flock
Verses claiming Truth is a Prisoner — a single quatrain
Number 1662-1
14.   f. 101   Great ferly it is why men that fraisten
‘Of þo flode of þo world’ — 218 lines in couplets
Number 402-1
15.   ff. 104v-106v   All wandereths wealths in likings
‘þo Whele of Fortune’ — 112 lines in couplets