The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Sloane 2593
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 4279; Grid 581 289 (Norfolk).
Number 5866-1
1.   f. 2   Thou wost well little who is thy foe
A chanson d’aventure — song of moral advice spoken by a bird — in quatrains (abab) with refrain, ‘Þou wost wol lytil ho is thi foo’
Number 2630-1
2.   ff. 2-2v   In the Vale of Abraham
A song of the Creation and Fall of Adam — eight quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Now bething the gentilman / How Adam dalf and Eue sp[an]’
Number 4738-1
3.   ff. 2v-3   Saint Nicholas was of great post
A carol to St. Nicholas — seven irregular quatrains and burden: ‘Alle maydenis for godes grace / Worchepe ȝe seynt nicolas’
Number 5797-1
4.   ff. 3-3v   This world lordlings I understand
A song of Doomsday — nine quatrains and burden: ‘God þat alle mytes may / Helpe vs at our ending day’
Number 216
5.   ff. 4-4v   Adam our father was in bliss
The Prophets of the Old Testament — a song of ten quatrains with Latin caudae and burden: ‘O flos de lesse virgula / Laus tibi sit et gloria
Number 1224-1
6.   f. 4v   Every day thou might lere
Think on Doomsday — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Gay gay gay gay / Think on drydful domisday’
Number 859-1
7.   f. 4v   Blessed be that maid Mary
A Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: Eya jhesus hodie / Natus est de uirgine
Number 6781-2
8.   f. 5   Women beth both good and sheen
A song in praise of women — five quatrains with refrain, ‘Witnesse on Marie’, and burden: ‘Wymmen beth bothe goude & truwe / Wytnesse on marie’
Number 1673-1
9.   f. 5v   Guile and gold together arn met
Of covetous guile — five quatrains and burden: ‘Now go gyle gyle gyle / Now go gile gyle go’
Number 2792-1
10.   f. 5v   Jesu as Thou art our savior
A song to Christ — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Jhesu jhesu jhesu jhesu / Saf vs alle thorw thi vertu’
Number 6327-1
11.   f. 6   When I have in my purse enough
‘Gramersy myn owyn purs’ — four quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Syng we alle & sey we thus / Gramersy myn owyn purs’
Number 5891-2
12.   ff. 6-6v   Though thou be king of tower and town
Verses urging Man to make Amends — five quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘But if þou wylt amendis make’ and burden: ‘Synful man for godis sake / I rede þat þou amendis make’
Number 3114-1
13.   ff. 6v-7   Listeneth lordings both elde and young
A carol of the Nativity — seven quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Of a rose a louely rose / Of a rose is al myn song’
Number 5947-1
14.   f. 7   Thy tongue is made of flesh and blood
A song of keeping the tongue — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Man bewar bewar bewar / & kepe the þat þou haue no car’
Number 113-1
15.   ff. 7-7v   A man that should of truth tell
Truth is unpopular: a carol — six quatrains and burden: ‘God be wit trewthe qwer he be / I wolde he were in this cuntre’
Number 2098-1
16.   ff. 7v-8   I am a child and born full bare / And bare out of this world shall fare
‘When I think on my Ending Day’ — four quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘I drukke I dare so wil I may / Quan I thynke on myn endyng day’
Number 6877-1
17.   f. 8   Young men that bearen them so gay
A song of Doomsday — five quatrains and burden: Gay gay to be gay / I holde it but a vanite
Number 2407-1
18.   f. 8   If thou serve a lord of price / Be not too boistous…
‘Seruyse is non erytage’ — four quatrains (aaab) with this refrain and burden: ‘Bewar sqwyer yeman & page / For seruyse is non erytage’
Number 3418-1
19.   f. 8v   Mary is a lady bright / She hath a son of much might
Carol on the Virgin — five quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and burden: A a a a / Nu[nc] gaudet maria
Number 5275-1
20.   ff. 9-9v   The first Joy as I You tell
The Five Joys of the Virgin Mary — five quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘Wiþ fader and sone and holy gost’ and burden: ‘I may synge of a may / Of joyis fyve & merthis most’
Number 4404-2
21.   f. 9   Pride is out and pride is in
A song against Pride — five quatrains (aaab) and burden (bb): ‘Man be war er þu be wo /Þink on pride & let hym goo’
Number 3172-1
22.   f. 9v   Look ere thine heart be set / Look thou woo ere thou be knit
A song against marrying unadvisedly — four quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Man bewar of thin wowyng / For weddyng is the longe wo’
Number 4774-3
23.   ff. 9v-10   Saluator mundi domine
A macaronic Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Alleluya Alleluya deo patri sit gloria
Number 3427-1
24.   f. 10   Mary mother meek and mild
A macaronic song of the Five Joys — five quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and ‘Nowel’ burden: ‘Nowel el el el el el el el el el el / Mary was gret with gabriel’
Number 4253-1
25.   f. 10v   Omnes gentes plaudite
A minstrel’s begging song — five couplets
Number 2281-2
26.   f. 10v   I sing of a maiden that is makeless
A song in praise of the Virgin Mary — five couplets
Number 2167-1
27.   f. 10v   I have a gentle cock
My gentle cock — five long couplets, or quatrains abcb
Number 2174-1
28.   f. 11   I have a young sister far beyonden the sea
A riddling love-song — seven quatrains
Number 215-1
29.   f. 11   Adam lay I-bounden bounden in a bond
A song: Blessed be the apple — two quatrains
Number 5476-1
30.   f. 11v   The Son of grace him shineth in
The Son of Grace — a carol of four quatrains (abcb) and burden: ‘Al the meryere is þat place / Þe sunne of grace schynit in’
Number 2172-1
31.   f. 11v   I have a new garden and now is begun
An amorous encounter — six quatrains
Number 4333-1
32.   ff. 12-13v   Out of the blossom sprang a thorn
An Epiphany carol — twelve quatrains (aaab) with refrain element, ‘…his moder Marie’, burden lacking
Number 6264-1
33.   f. 13v   Wheat is both seemly and soot
In praise of Wheat — six quatrains with refrain, ‘So blyssid be the qwete flour’ and burden: ‘Of alle the spyces þat I knowe / Blyssid be the qwete flour’
Number 2944-1
34.   ff. 14-14v   Jesu was born in Bethlehem Iudea / Of maid Mary thus find we
A carol for Epiphany — eleven quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘The sterre hym schon bothe nyght & day / To lede thre kynges ther our lord lay’
Number 2194-1
35.   f. 14v   I heard a carping of a clerk
Robyn and Gandeleyn — seventy-six short lines
Number 615-2
36.   f. 16v   As I me rose in a morning
Song of the Virgin Mary lulling her Child — five quatrains and burden: ‘Modyr whyt os lyly flowr / Yowr lullyng lessyth my langovr’
Number 3769-3
37.   ff. 17-18v   Now is the twelfth day I-come
An Epiphany carol — seventeen 5-line stanzas (aaabb), and burden: ‘Reges de saba venient / Aurum tus myrram offerent
Number 637-1
38.   f. 18v   As I went through a garden green
Verbum caro factum est, the Virgin Mary’s song of the Nativity — seven 8-line stanzas including this Latin refrain
Number 925-6
39.   f. 19v   By a way wandering as I went / Sore I sighed sad
’Thank God of All’ — up to seventeen 8-line stanzas, ababbcbc, alliterative, with refrain, ‘thank God of all’
Number 2722-1
40.   ff. 21v-22   It is bread from heaven come / Flesh & blood of Mary it nam
A Song in honour of the Eucharist — seven quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Worchyp we bothe more & lesce / Crystes body in furme of bred’
Number 3357-1
41.   ff. 22-22v   Man if thou has sinned ought / Change readily thy thought
Think on Christ’s Passion — eight quatrains (aab) and burden: ‘Synge we synge we / Gloria tibi domine
Number 4761-1
42.   f. 22v   Saint Stephen was a clerk in King Herods hall
Ballad of St. Stephen and Herod — twenty-four lines
Number 3424-1
43.   ff. 23-23v   Mary mother come and see / Thy son is nailed on a tree
Song of the Passion — seven quatrains (aabb, aaaa) and burden: ‘Nowel el…’
Number 3113-3
44.   ff. 23v-24   Listeneth lordings both great and small
Song in honour of St. Thomas of Canterbury — in quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and burden: A a a a / Nu[nc] gaudet ecclesia
Number 2641-3
45.   ff. 24-24v   In this time Christ hath us sent
A Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Make we mery in hall & bowr / Thys tyme was born owr savyower’
Number 6875-1
46.   ff. 24v-25   Young men I warn you everyone
Verses against marrying elderly women — five quatrains with refrain, ‘I dar not seyȝ quan che seȝt pes’ and burden: ‘How hey it is not les / I dar not seyȝ quan che seȝt pes’
Number 2771-2
47.   f. 24v   It wern four letters of purpose I / of M and A R and I
A song in praise of the Virgin Mary — four quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘M & A & R & I / Syngyn I wyl a newe song’
Number 2043-2
48.   f. 25   Holy Maiden blessed Thou be / Gods son is born of Thee
A song in praise of the Virgin Mary — seven quatrains (aaaa) with refrain ‘Regina celi letare’, and burden: ‘Synge we to this mery cumpane / Regina celi letare
Number 130-1
49.   f. 25v   A new song I will begin
A carol for St Edmund’s Day — four quatrains
Number 5637-1
50.   ff. 26-26v   Think man whereof thou art wrought
Of the Tokens of God’s Displeasure — eight quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Man be wys & arys / & thynk on lyf þat lestenit ay’
Number 6163-1
51.   ff. 26v-27   We bearen about none cats skins
A Pedlar’s carol (with double entendre) — four quatrains (abab) and burden: ‘We ben chapmen lyȝt of fote / þe fowle weyis for to fle’
Number 4361-1
52.   f. 26v   Penny is an hardy knight
‘Sir Peny’ — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Go bet peny go bet go / For þou mat makyn bothe frynd & fo’
Number 2640-1
53.   ff/ 27-27v   In this time a child was born
A song of the six festivals in honor of Christ: Nativity, Circumcision, etc. — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ’Man be glad in halle & bour / This tyme was born our sauyour’
Number 736-1
54.   f. 27   Ave maris stella the star on the sea
A macaronic hymn to the Virgin Mary — five couplets
Number 3-2
55.   f. 27v   A babe is born all of a may / In the salvation of us
An Epiphany carol — five quatrains with Latin caudae
Number 5758-1
56.   f. 28   This time is born a child full good
A Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Man be merie as bryd on berie / & al thi care let away’
Number 2884-1
57.   ff. 28-28v   Jesu of His mother was born
Verbum caro factum est’ — six quatrains (aaab) with ‘He tok his deth for most & lest’ refrain and burden: ‘I may seyn to most & lest / Verbum caro factum est
Number 3825-1
58.   ff. 28v-29   Nowell ell both elde and young
A Christmas carol — eight quatrains (aaab) and ‘Nowel el’ burden
Number 3117-1
59.   ff. 29-29v   Listeneth lordings I you beseek
The Braggart and his Baselard — eight quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Prenegard prenegard / þus bere I myn baselard’
Number 4808-1
60.   ff. 29v-30   Semenaunt is a wonder thing
A song of ‘Seeming’ — six quatrains and burden: ‘I may seyn & so mown mo / Þat in semenaunt goth gyle’
Number 5583-1
61.   ff. 30-30v   There is none grass that groweth in ground
A song of the ‘wikked tunge’ — five quatrains and burden: ‘Kep thi tunge thi tunge thi tunge / Thi wykyd tunge werkit me w[o]’
Number 608-4
62.   f. 30v   As I lay upon a night
A carol of the Annunciation — five quatrains (aaab) including refrain, ‘Redemptoris mater’ plus burden (bb): ‘Now syng we all in fere / Alma redemptoris mater
Number 2365-1
63.   f. 31v   If I sing ye will me lack
‘For sothe I may not synge’ — three quatrains
Number 6189-2
64.   f. 32   Welcome be Thou heaven king
A Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘Welcum yole for euer & ay’ and burden: ‘Welcum yole in glod aray / In worchip of the holeday’
Number 2257-1
65.   ff. 32-32v   I saw a fair maiden sitten and sing
Cradle song of the Virgin Mary — five couplets and burden: ‘Lullay myn lykyng my dere sone myn swetyng / Lullay my dere herte myn owyn dere derlyng’
Number 1190-1
66.   f. 32v   Enemy Herod thou wicked king
Hostis Herodes impie’ — five monorhyming quatrains
Number 610-1
67.   f. 33   As I me lened to a land / I heard a shepherd
A lord how gos þis word abowte
Number 5271-2
68.   ff. 33v-34   The first day of yule han we in mind
A Christmas carol — eight quatrains (aaab) and 3-line burden: ‘Make we myrth / For crystes byrth / & syng we yole tyl candelmes’
Number 2564-1
69.   f. 34   In Patras there born he was
A song of St. Nicholas — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Mak ye merie as ye may / & syng with me I you pray’
Number 635-1
70.   f. 34   As I went on Yule day in our procession
Joly Jankin — seven 3-line stanzas (aab) with kyrieleyson refrain and burden: ‘kyrie so kyrie / Iankyn syngyt merie / with aleyson’
Number 5255-2
71.   f. 169   The Father of heaven his own Son he sent
A ‘Lullay’ carol of the Nativity — in 3-line stanzas (aab) including ‘So blyssid be the tyme’ refrain and burden: ‘A new yer a newe yer a chyld was iborn / Vs for to sauyn þat al was forlorn / So blyssid be the tyme’