The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Sloane 747
Number 2533-17
1.   f. 46   In March after the first C
How to find Easter Day according to the new moon (C) — three couplets
Number 2840-17
2.   f. 46v   Jesu for Thy holy name / And for Thy bitter Passion
The popular prayer by the Holy Name — four lines, frequently followed by two more varying lines
Number 6461-8
3.   f. 49v   When thine head quaketh memento
Signs of Death — 8 or 12 macaronic lines in couplets
Number 6243-1
4.   f. 57   What manner of evil thou be in Gods name I conjure thee
Medicina pro morbo caduco et le fevre’ — seven couplets
Number 118-8
5.   f. 58v   A man without mercy mercy shall miss
On mercy — one couplet
Number 560-6
6.   f. 65v   Arise early / Serve god devoutly
Precepts in -ly; the texts show much variation — 16 lines in most witnesses, monorhyming
Number 6212-4
7.   f. 66   Well wot her cat
A proverbial couplet
Number 1914-2
8.   f. 66   He that will with the devil eat / A long spoon must he get
A proverbial couplet (Tilley (1950), S 771)
Number 4943-1
9.   f. 88v   So proper caps
(?)John Skelton, ‘The maner of the world now a dayes’ — in quatrains with refrain
Number 630-2
10.   ff. 95-96   As I walked upon a day / To take the air of field & flower
Give me License to live in Ease — eleven 12-line stanzas with refrain phrase ‘to lyue in ease.’