The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, British Library Cotton Caligula A.II
Number 5607-3
1.   ff. 3-5   There woned in Babylon a bairn in that burgh rich
‘The Pistill of Susan’ (the story of Susannah) — twenty-eight 13-line stanzas (ababababcdddc of alliterative verse
Number 2867-3
2.   ff. 5va-13rb   Jesu Lord our heaven king / Grant us all…
Syr Egyllamore of Artas — generally in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 3588-14
3.   ff. 14-15v   My dear child first thy self enable / With all thine heart…
Stans Puer ad Mensam, ascribed to Lydgate — fourteen stanzas rhyme royal, with Envoy
Number 1356-24
4.   ff. 15v-16v   For health of body cover for cold thine head
John Lydgate, ‘Dietary’ — ten 8-line stanzas
Number 4420-6
5.   ff. 17-22   Problems of old likeness and figures
John Lydgate, ‘The Chorle and the Birde’ — fifty-four stanzas rhyme royal including 2-stanza envoy, plus one 8-line ‘Verba translatoris’ (ababbcbc)
Number 2930-1
6.   ff. 22v-35rb   Jesu that was with spear I-stung / And for us…
Octavian (Southern version) — 1962 lines in 6-line stanzas (aaabab)
Number 930-1
7.   ff. 35va-42va   By doughty Arthurs daws / That held England in good laws
Launfal Miles, or Sir Launfal, a ‘Breton lai’ by Thomas Chestre — 1044 lines in 12-line stanzas
Number 2824-2
8.   ff. 42vb-57rb   Jesu Christ our savior
Libeaus Desconus — mainly in 12-line stanzas (aabbccbddbeeb)
Number 3871-1
9.   ff. 57v-58   O death how bitter is the mind of thee
The bitterness of Death, an elegy for the tomb of Ralph, Lord Cromwell, circa 1450 — eight 8-line stanzas (ababbaba; only two rhymes used throughout)
Number 5273-1
10.   f. 58v   The first introit of sapience
A Paraphrase of the Ten Commandments — four 8-line stanzas
Number 1538-3
11.   ff. 59-64   Go little quire and swift thy princess dress
John Lydgate, On the Nightingale as a symbol of Christ — fifty-nine rhyme royal stanzas including a dedication of six stanzas
Number 1563-3
12.   ff. 64v-65   God in Thy name make me safe and sound
Deus in Nomine Tuo saluum me Fac’, by Lydgate — nine 8-line stanzas with slightly varying refrain
Number 2264-1
13.   ff. 67-67v   I see a ribbon rich and new
Man for the Better Abyde — seven 8-line stanzas
Number 5311-1
14.   f. 68   The great God full of grace
‘All way fond to say the Best’ — ten 8-line stanzas
Number 925-5
15.   f. 68v   By a way wandering as I went / Sore I sighed sad
’Thank God of All’ — up to seventeen 8-line stanzas, ababbcbc, alliterative, with refrain, ‘thank God of all’
Number 926-3
16.   f. 69   By a wood as I gone ride / Walking all my self alone
‘For þi Sunnes Amendes make’ — twelve 8-line stanzas with this refrain
Number 2838-3
17.   f. 70v   Jesu for Thy blood Thy bleddest
A prayer by the Seven Times Christ shed His Blood — eight 6-line stanzas
Number 2920-1
18.   ff. 71ra-76vb   Jesu that is king in throne
Emare — 1035 lines in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 6650-5
19.   ff. 77ra-79rb   Whoso will over read this book
The ‘Long Charter of Christ’ (B text) — 414 lines in couplets
Number 383-12
20.   ff. 79v-83ra   All that willen of wisdom lere / Listen to me and ye shall hear
The ‘Legend of Ipotis’ — in couplets
Number 1909-2
21.   ff. 83rb-86va   He that will his soul leche / Listeneth to me and I woll…
‘The Stacions of Rome’ — in couplets
Number 134-1
22.   ff. 86vb-88ra   A noble story writ I find / A pope that wrote…
The Trentale of St Gregory
Number 6649-1
23.   ff. 88rb-88vb   Whoso will of nurture lere
Urbanitatis — ninety-eight lines in couplets
Number 436-2
24.   f. 89ra-89rb   Almighty God that all hath wrought
An Invocation to the Creator — in couplets
Number 3000-6
25.   ff. 89rb-91rb   King of grace and full of pity / Lord of Heaven I-blessed thou be
The Fifteen Signs before the Day of Judgment, prefaced by a short invocation of nine couplets
Number 6122-1
26.   f. 91rb   Upon a lady my love is lent
A song of Love to the Virgin Mary — seven quatrains (abab)
Number 1607-1
27.   ff. 91va-95rb   God that is so full of might
‘Owayne Miles’ (couplet version), a version of St. Patrick’s Purgatory — 342 lines in couplets
Number 2866-2
28.   ff. 95va-107vb   Jesu lord of mights most / Father and son and holy ghost
Visio Tundali’ — in couplets
Number 5059-1
29.   ff. 107vb-108ra   Surge mea sponsa so sweet in sight
Veni coronaberis’, a song of Christ to the Virgin Mary — nine 8-line
Number 2551-3
30.   ff. 108rb-108vb   In my youth full wild I was
‘I wiyte my silf myn owne woo’ — eighteen 8-line stanzas with this refrain
Number 2651-3
31.   ff. 111-125   In Tiberius time the true emperor
The alliterative Sege of Ierusalem — 1334 lines
Number 413-1
32.   ff. 125v-129v   All-wielding God when it is His will
The Chevalere Assigne — 370 alliterative lines
Number 1934-6
33.   ff. 130ra-134rb   Hende in hall an ye will hear / Of elders that before us were
Sir Isumbras — in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 6132-11
34.   f. 134v   Upon the cross nailed was I for thee
Why artow froward sith I am mercyable? (Lydgate)
Number 1713-2
35.   f. 135   Hail glorious Virgin ground of all our grace
A hymn on the Five Joys, ascribed to an anchoress of Maunsfeld by Shirley (1713-1, Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 59 (SC 6943)) and to Lydgate by Stow (1713-3, London, British Library Addit. 29729) — five 8-line stanzas
Number 4623-9
36.   ff. 135v-137   Saint Jerome was swithe good clerk and wise through all thing
Life of St. Jerome in the South English Legendary — couplets
Number 4592-9
37.   f. 137v   Saint Eustace the noble knight of heathen law was
Life of St. Eustace in the South English Legendary — couplets