The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 26 (SC 1871)
Linguistic note: Laing and Lass (2007) Index # 151; Grid 385 433 (Lancs, Hand D, ff. 107-108).
Number 857-1
1.   Part B, f. 107   Blessed be His holy come
A homily on the Advent, for the most part in rhyme — couplets
Number 3210-1
2.   f. 192   Lord Jesu Christ hery Thee of all Thy might
Praise for restoration of vision — one couplet
Number 3587-1
3.   f. 193   My daughter my darling
A recurring couplet in a Latin homily translating the text: ‘Audi filia et vide’ (Ps. 44.11)
Number 2085-1
4.   f. 193v   How mankind first began
Two couplets in a Latin homily on ‘Audi filia et vide’ (Ps. XLIV. 11) with refrain ‘My doȝter my derlyng, Herkne my lore yse my thechyng’
Number 6758-1
5.   f. 194v   With what mastery he hath man I-wrought
Four monorhyming lines
Number 2421-1
6.   f. 197   If thou would have in mind how brutal is thy kind
On transitoriness of mortal life — three long monorhyming lines
Number 212-1
7.   ff. 200-201   Adam alas and wellaway
On the Fall and Redemption — seven lines in a complex pattern of end of line rhyme and internal rhyme
Number 3079-1
8.   f. 201   Life lasting love having
Bliss evermore — one couplet in a Latin sermon
Number 2692-1
9.   f. 201   Is an ending of sorrow and ginning of bliss
The water of life — one couplet in a Latin sermon
Number 20-1
10.   f. 202v   A child is born amongst man
A Christmas carol — three stanzas with a 4-line burden: ‘Honnd by honnd we schulle ous take / & joye & blisse schulle we make / For the deuel of ele man haght forsake / & godes sone ys maked our make’