The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 549 (SC 2298)
Number 2323-1
1.   f. 77v   I worship Thee O God in persons three
‘The X Commaundementys’ — two stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2137-1
2.   f. 77v   I believe in God the Father almighty
The Creed — two stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3186-1
3.   f. 78   Lord against Pride grant humility
A prayer against the Deadly Sins — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1555-1
4.   f. 78   God grant me grace the hungry to feed
A prayer of the Seven Bodily Works of Mercy — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1291-1
5.   ff. 78-78v   Father in heaven hallowed be Thy name
‘The vii Peticions to the ffader’ (Pater noster) — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 4073-1
6.   f. 78v   O Thou Holy Ghost give us good dread
A prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 3790-1
7.   ff. 78v-79   Now Our Lady Mary for the joys five
An orison to the Virgin Mary by the Five Joys — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 2788-1
8.   f. 78v   Jesu after our baptism ever thou us keep
A prayer on the Seven Sacraments — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1659-1
9.   f. 78v   Grant us faith mightful Father first in Trinity
Prayer for the Seven Virtues — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 4109-1
10.   f. 79   O ye holy angels in your orders nine
A prayer to all angels and saints — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1933-1
11.   f. 79   Helpeth all Holy Church this counsel general
A prayer ‘ffor alle quyke and dede’ — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1658-1
12.   f. 79   Grant me to teach Lord that been unwise
Prayer of the Seven Ghostly Works of Mercy — one stanza rhyme royal