The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 649 (SC 2293)
Number 3826-1
1.      Nunc leticia / nunc wele
Macaronic on mutability, in a Latin sermon — five short lines of which third and fifth rhyme
Number 1394-1
2.   f. 5v   For thee I wax all bloody upon the rood
Appeal of Christ to Man by the Pains of the Passion — four lines
Number 5481-1
3.   f. 33v   The soul of this sinful wight
An angelic message about a contrite woman in an exemplum — three lines
Number 4307-1
4.   f. 57   Our gladness of heart is I-went
A translation of Lamentations 5:15-16 — two couplets
Number 5290-1
5.   f. 57   The garland of bliss is fall us fro
On man’s fall from paradise — one couplet
Number 5781
6.   f. 66   This woman that died in dolour
Inscription of the tomb of a sinful woman, translating Candidus flore nitet hec extincta dolore — one couplet
Number 546-1
7.   f. 66   And to this woman that died in dolour
Tribute to Mary in a sermon — one couplet
Number 15-1
8.   f. 82   A bobbid a bobbid a biliried
A tag used in game: Blindman’s Buff or Hot Cockles
Number 3641-1
9.   f. 88v   My mercy is more than thy miss
Number 3270-1
10.   f. 89   Love him both morrow and eve
Inscriptions on the two halves of the open heart by an image of the God of Love in Athens — two couplets
Number 1338-1
11.   f. 89   For and ne love morrow and eve
Description of divine love — four couplets in pairs separated by prose text
Number 3507-1
12.   f. 121   Mine heart is sore I may not sing
An allusion to a song: man in tribulation ‘bene potest incipere hoc lamentabile carmen…
Number 3566-1
13.   f. 124   Mother and maiden that never did miss
Address to the Virgin — one couplet at the beginning of a sermon, Intravit castellum (Luke 10:38)
Number 2527-1
14.   f. 164   In libro men shall read
Verbum domini comparatur — four monorhyming lines
Number 5937-1
15.   f. 183v   Thy doom is given after the law
Five couplets interspersed in a Latin sermon, spoken by Iusticia, Potencia, Veritas, Sapiencia and Misericordia