The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 176 (SC 6659)
Number 3618.5-1
1.   f. 98   My lady hath forsaken me
The forsaken lover — six cross-rhymed quatrains followed by two couplets
Number 6118-1
2.   f. 98v   Up I arose in verbo tempore
A betrayed maiden’s lament — four macaronic quatrains
Number 3053-1
3.   f. 98v   Let be your wanton business
An erotic song — one quatrain
Number 2145-1
4.   f. 98v   I can be wanton and if I will
I can be wanton — six cross-rhyming quatrains
Number 5895-1
5.   f. 99   Though ye my love were near a lady fair
Farewell to a false love — three quatrains with a four-line burden: ‘Lost ys my love farewell adewe…’
Number 291-1
6.   f. 99   Alas mine eye why dost thou bringe
‘Why art thow thus my mortall foe’ — one quatrain
Number 128-1
7.   ff. 99-99v   A my heart
The lover reproaches his mistress for her hard heart — seven 8-line stanzas including a 4-line refrain: ‘Adewe pleasure welcome mornynge / alas all payne nowe ys my part / for I see well that sweting / doth not consyder my true hart’
Number 4780-1
8.   f. 99v   Sans remedy endure must I
The sleepless lover — three eight-line stanzas, aaabcccb, or quatrains with internal rhyme, plus burden: ‘Saunce remedy [ ]payne dedly for my maystres…’
Number 5227-1
9.   f. 100   The burn is this world blind
Christ’s appeal from the Cross — thirteen 6-line tail-rhyme stanzas with 3-line burden: ‘Cum ouer the borne Bessey / my lytyll prety bessey / comme ouer the bourne to m[e]’
Number 126-1
10.   f. 100   A most fair and true / Ye cause me rue
On the absence of his mistress — three 6-line stanzas with a 6-line burden: ‘Parting, parting / I may well synge / hath caused all my payne / from her to part / yt greveth my hart / ye wot not whom I meane’
Number 4090-1
11.   f. 100   O what a treasure is love certain
‘My lady loveth me’ — one quatrain
Number 300-1
12.   f. 100   Alas to whom should I complain
A lover’s complaint — one cross-rhymed quatrain
Number 221-1
13.   f. 100   Adieu adieu my hearts lust
William Cornish, A complaint, perhaps of one exiled — one cross-rhymed quatrain
Number 2447-1
14.   f. 100v   In a garden underneath a tree
A chanson d’aventure of the unhappy lover — six 6-line tail-rhyme stanzas and a 2-line refrain: ‘This nyghtes rest’.
Number 4440-1
15.   ff. 100v-101   Ravished was I that well was me
A song on the Princess Mary’s dancing with her father Henry VIII — six quatrains