The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 61 (SC 6922*)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 71; Grid 478 318 (Leics).
Number 374-2
1.   f. i   All that loveth gods lore / Old and young less and more
Life of St Eustace
Number 374-1
2.   ff. 1-5   All that loveth gods lore / Old and young less and more
Life of St Eustace
Number 359-1
3.   ff. 5v-6   All righeousness doth now proceed
John Lydgate, ‘Rammeshorne’ — seven 8-line stanzas including refrain, ‘As ryȝth as a rams horne’ or ‘A resoun of the Rammeshorne’
Number 3241-1
4.   ff. 6-6v   Lordings all and ye will hear
‘How the Wyse Man Tawght His Son’ — 20 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc)
Number 3087-1
5.   ff. 7-8v   List and lithe a little space / I shall you gell a pretty case
‘þe Goode Wyfe tauȝt hyr Douȝter’, a garbled version of 1098 — 208 lines in couplets, including the introduction of four lines
Number 1934-1
6.   ff. 9-16v   Hende in hall an ye will hear / Of elders that before us were
Sir Isumbras — in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 1768-1
7.   ff. 16v-17   Harken sirs that stands about / I will you tell…
The Speculum Christiani version of the Ten Commandments occuring separately, with a unique stanza prefixed and three others appended
Number 2828-1
8.   ff. 17v-19v   Jesu Christ that died on tree / To buy mans soul…
An expanded and altered version of Lydgate’s Stans Puer ad Mensam (3588) (abab) with a Prologue of six 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc)
Number 6666-1
9.   f. 20   Whosoever will thrive or thee
Dame Curtasy’s moral instructions — 152 lines
Number 6640-1
10.   f. 21v   Whoso will beware of purchasing
‘Twelve points for purchasers of land to look to’, sometimes attributed to Sir John Fortescue — ten or twelve couplets
Number 3775-1
11.   f. 22   Now Jesu lord and well of all goodness
‘A deuout prayer toward thy bedde at nyght’ — six quatrains (abab)
Number 2862-1
12.   f. 22   Jesu Lord blessed Thou be
A morning prayer — seven quatrains
Number 3433-2
13.   ff. 22v-23   Mary mother well thou be / Mary maiden think on me
An orison to the Virgin Mary in the Speculum Christiani (Octaua Tabula) — twenty-seven couplets
Number 1768-2
14.   f. 22v   Harken sirs that stands about / I will you tell…
The Speculum Christiani version of the Ten Commandments occuring separately, with a unique stanza prefixed and three others appended
Number 5459.5-1
15.   ff. 23-26   The ship axe said unto the wright
The Debate of the Carpenter’s Tools — 288 lines in couplets
Number 6196-1
16.   ff. 26-26v   Welcome Lord in form of bread
A prayer at the ‘leuacion’ — six 6-line stanzas
Number 846-1
17.   ff. 26v-27v   Betwix two knights beyond the sea
The Knight who forgave the Slayer of his Father (from Handlyng Synne, lines 3797-3910)
Number 2813-1
18.   ff. 27v-38v   Jesu Christ in Trinity / Only God and persons three
The Earl of Toulous — in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 2824-1
19.   ff. 38v-59v   Jesu Christ our savior
Libeaus Desconus — mainly in 12-line stanzas (aabbccbddbeeb)
Number 381-1
20.   ff. 59r-62   All that will of solace lere
The ‘Romance of Sir Corneus’ or ‘The Cukwold’s Daunce’ — 255 lines, generally in 6-line stanzas
Number 3243-1
21.   ff. 62-65v   Lordings courteous and hende
A miracle of the Virgin Mary: the Knight and his jealous wife
Number 1788-1
22.   ff. 66-67v   Harkeneth now both more and less
Tale of an incestuous daughter — at least 47 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 3093-1
23.   ff. 67v-73   Listen lordings and ye shall hear
Sir Cleges — in 12-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)
Number 2819-1
24.   ff. 73-78v   Jesu Christ of mights most / Father and son and holy ghost
The Founding of the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls
Number 2809-1
25.   ff. 78v-83   Jesu Christ heaven king / Be at my beginning
De Principio Creationis mundi’, an Englishing of Grosseteste’s Chateau d’Amour — in couplets
Number 383-1
26.   ff. 83-87v   All that willen of wisdom lere / Listen to me and ye shall hear
The ‘Legend of Ipotis’ — in couplets
Number 3124-1
27.   ff. 87v-105v   Listeneth now I will you tell / Of mickle pity I may you spell
Northern Passion
Number 6769-2
28.   f. 106   Witteth now all that been here
The ‘Short Charter of Christ’ — couplets
Number 2442-1
29.   ff. 106-107   In a church as I gan kneel
A lament of the Virgin Mary — twelve 8-line stanzas. Every second stanza ends with ‘"ffor thy son dyȝed my dere sone dere’
Number 1356-2
30.   ff. 107-108   For health of body cover for cold thine head
John Lydgate, ‘Dietary’ — ten 8-line stanzas
Number 3207-1
31.   ff. 108-119v   Lord in Thine anger up take me not / And in Thy wrath blame thou not me
Maydestone’s version of the Penitential Psalms — in 8-line stanzas (abababab)
Number 422-1
32.   ff. 120-128   Almighty God in Trinity
Stimulus Conscientie Minor’ — in 8-line stanzas with Latin prose sub-headings of varying lengths
Number 1613-1
33.   ff. 128-135v   God that shaped both heaven and hell
‘The Stasyons of Ierusalem’ — in couplets with occasional quatrains
Number 317-1
34.   ff. 136-138v   All christian men that walk me by / Behold & see
Lamentacio Peccatoris, Prologue to the Adulterous Falmouth Squire (3348), a lament for the soul of William Basterfield, Knight — 99 lines in the longest text, mostly in 8-line stanzas
Number 6365-1
35.   ff. 138v-144v   When Jesu was in grave laid
The story of the Resurrection — 605 lines in six-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 4249-1
36.   ff. 145-150v   Old and young that here be
The Life of St. Margaret (later version)
Number 6744-1
37.   f. 150v   With sharp thorns that beth keen
The Wounds of Christ as Remedies against the Deadly Sins — eight quatrains
Number 6172-1
38.   ff. 151-156   We readen oft and find I-write
Sir Orfeo — in couplets
Number 4082
39.   ff. 156v-157   O vanity of vanities and all is vanity
‘Vanyte’ — eleven stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2918-1
40.   ff. 157-161v   Jesu that is heaven king
The Kyng and the Hermit — in l2-line stanzas (aabccbddbeeb)