The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Douce 302 (SC 21876)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 189; Grid 383 336 (Staffs: Hand A, ff. 1-34v); 1.148 (Staffs: Hand B, f. 35r and corrector).
Number 2513-1
1.   f. 1ra-2rb   In hell ne purgatory none other place
John Audelay, A treatise on the Deadly Sins and their remedies — 263 lines in 13-line stanzas
Number 1559-1
2.   ff. 2rb-7vb   God hath granted grace unto our learning
De concordia inter rectores fratres et rectores ecclesie’, by John Audelay — seventy-eight 13-line stanzas
Number 6031-1
3.   f. 8ra-8rb   To thy neighbor for love of me
John Audelay, a poem on the Nine Virtues — 102 lines in 13-line stanzas
Number 491-1
4.   ff. 8rb-9ra   An holy prayer here begins
John Audelay, An orison of the Wounds and the ‘Arms of Christ’ — twenty-three 6-line stanzas
Number 3920-1
5.   f. 9ra   O God the which Thou wouldest Lord
John Audelay, ‘Quomodo ihc fuit reprobatus a iudeis’ — seven 6-line stanzas
Number 6203-1
6.   ff. 9rb-9va   Well is is him that well can
John Audelay, ‘De psalterio passionis’ — chiefly Latin, with a few English rubrics
Number 6473-1
7.   f. 10ra   When thou sayest the sacrament
John Audelay, ‘De Salutacione corporis Ihesu Christi’ — introductory 6-line rubric followed by seven 8-line stanzas (with ‘Hayle’ anaphora), a second 8-line rubric followed by three 6-line stanzas of prayer to Christ by the Wounds
Number 3242-1
8.   ff. 10va-12rb   Lordings and ye will lith / Of o thing I shall you kith
Merita Misse
Number 5072-1
9.   f. 12va   Sweet Jesu Christ to Thee / Culpable wretch I yield me
A prayer of Confession — in couplets
Number 6120-1
10.   f. 12va   Upon a day Saint Gregory
John Audelay, ‘Quomodo dominus ihesu Cristus apparuit sancto Gregorio’ — an introduction to 5072 and 3965
Number 3965-1
11.   f. 12vb   O Lord Jesu Christ hanging on a cross
John Audelay, ‘Quomodo ihesu Crist in cruce rogabat patrem pro inimicis oracio’ — ten lines
Number 4542-1
12.   ff. 12vb-14va   Saint Anselm that holy bishop
John Audelay, ‘De visitacione infirmorum & consolacione miserorum’ — thirty-one 13-line stanzas
Number 2006-1
13.   ff. 14vb-15ra   Here shall ye hear a true lesson
John Audelay, An exhortation — one 6-line and four Latin lines (Multis diebus iam percutis etc.) and twenty-two 3-line stanzas
Number 4388-1
14.   ff. 15ra-15vb   Pope John the XII at Avignon was
John Audelay, ‘De passione domini nostri ihesu Cristi de horis canonicis’ — fifteen 8-line stanzas and a concluding quatrain
Number 1017-1
15.   ff. 15vb-16ra   Christ that was crucified on the cross for our sins sake
John Audelay, The Hours of the Cross — ten 9-line stanzas
Number 3750-1
16.   ff. 16rb-17ra   Now hear this pistle I you pray
John Audelay, ‘De epistola domini nostri ihesu Christi de die dominica’ — sixteen 13-line stanzas
Number 5491-1
17.   ff. 17-18v   The Sunday is Gods own chosen day
John Audelay, ‘Narracio quomodo michel duxit paulum ad infernum’ (‘Visio S. Pauli’) — twenty-eight 13-line stanzas
Number 316-1
18.   ff. 19ra-20rb   All christian men I bid you come
John Audelay, ‘De Misericordia Domini’ — thirty-three 8-line stanzas ending with ‘Nolo mortem peccatoris
Number 1973-1
19.   ff. 20rb-22rb   Here I conclude all my making
John Audelay, An exhortation — thirty-four 13-line stanzas
Number 4-1
20.   ff. 21ra-29rb   A babe is born of high nature / The Prince of peace
A New Year carol — four 7-line stanzas (ababccd) including 3-line refrain, plus 2-line burden (cd): ‘Qwat tydynges bryngyst þu massager / Of cristys berthe þis ȝolys day’
Number 1737-1
21.   ff. 22vb-23va   Hail Mary to Thee I say
John Audelay, An orison to the Virgin Mary — 177 lines, chiefly in 10-line stanzas, each line beginning ‘Hayle’ or ‘0 Ihesu’
Number 1757-1
22.   ff. 23va-24rb   Hail Thee fairest there ever God found
John Audelay, ‘Oracio de sancta Maria virgine’ — ten 12-line stanzas, with ‘Haile’ anaphora
Number 5193-1
23.   ff. 24rb-24vb   The angel to the Virgin said
John Audelay, On the Angelic Salutation, a translation of Angelus ad Virginem — five 10-line stanzas
Number 3652-1
24.   ff. 24va-25ra   My soul my Lord it magnifieth
Audelay’s paraphrase of the Magnificat — eight 13-line stanzas
Number 1727-1
25.   ff. 25ra-26rb   Hail maiden and wife hail widow bright
John Audelay, ‘Salutacio Sancte Brigitte’ — twenty-three 9-line stanzas
Number 686-1
26.   ff. 26ra-26vb   As thou were martyr and maid clean
John Audelay, An orison to St Winifred — thirty quatrains (aaab) with burden (bb): ‘Wenefrede thou swete may / Thow pray for vs bothe nyght & day’
Number 1759-1
27.   ff. 26vb-27rb   Hail Winifred that worshipful with thy virginity
John Audelay, ‘Salutacio Sancte Wenefrede virginisi’ — seven 9-line stanzas
Number 1491-1
28.   f. 27rb   Gaude felix Anna the mother of Mary
Salutacio in honore sancte Anne matris marie
Number 4777-1
29.   f. 27va   Salue I say holy face of our Saviour
John Audelay, ‘Salutacio in honore saluatoris’ — four 6-line stanzas
Number 1424-1
30.   ff. 27va-28ra   Forsake thy pride and thine envy
John Audelay, Song of the Seven Deadly Sins — five 5-line stanzas (ababc) including refrain, ‘I say þe so’, and burden (cc): ‘In wele be ware ore thou be woo / Thenke wens thou come wheder to goo’
Number 525-1
31.   f. 27vb   And love thy God over all thing
John Audelay, A song of the Decalogue — five 5-line stanzas (ababc) including ‘Leue ye me’ refrain and burden (cc): ‘A mon yif thou wold sauyd be / Foresake thi syn or hit do the’
Number 2249-1
32.   f. 27vb   I pray you sirs both more and less
Introduction to a series of Christmas carols — one couplet
Number 1303-1
33.   f. 28ra   Feed the hunger the thirst give drink
John Audelay, The Seven Works of Mercy — five 5-line stanzas (ababc) including ‘I cownsel þe’ refrain plus burden (cc): ‘Wele is him and wele schal be / That doth the vii werkis of merce’
Number 5274-1
34.   f. 28ra-28rb   The first it is thy hearing
John Audelay, A song of the Five Bodily Wits — five 5-line stanzas (ababc) and burden: ‘Thy v wittis loke þat wele spende / & thonke þat lord þat ham þe sende’
Number 6189-1
35.   ff. 28rb-28va   Welcome be Thou heaven king
A Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘Welcum yole for euer & ay’ and burden: ‘Welcum yole in glod aray / In worchip of the holeday’
Number 3500-1
36.   f. 28rb   Mind reason virtue and grace
A song of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost, by Audelay — six 5-line stanzas (ababc) with ‘Ellis were we lost’ refrain and burden: ‘God haþ ȝeuen of myȝtis most / The vii ȝiftis of the hole gost’
Number 4760-1
37.   f. 28va   Saint Stephen the first martyr
John Audelay, ‘In die sancti stephani’, — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘In reuerens of oure lord in heuen / Worchip this marter swete sent steuen’
Number 4630-1
38.   f. 28va-28vb   Saint John is Christs darling dear
John Audelay, a carol for St. John the Evangelist’s Day — ten quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘I pray youe breder euerechon / Worchip þis postil swete saynt jon’
Number 984-1
39.   ff. 28vb-29ra   Christ cried in cradle moder ba ba / The children of Israel
In die sanctorum Innocencium’ — six quatrains (aaab) and burden (bb): ‘With al the reuerens that we may / Worchip we childermas day’
Number 1379-1
40.   f. 29ra   For on a Tuesday Thomas was born
John Audelay, ‘De sancto Thome Archiepiscopo cantuariensis’, a carol — five quatrains (aaab) plus burden (bb): ‘I pra you sers al in fere / Worchip seynt thomas this hole marter’
Number 1351-1
41.   ff. 29rb-29va   For he is full young tender of age
John Audelay, ‘De rege nostro Henrico Sexto’ — sixteen quatrains (aaab) plus burden (bb): ‘A perles pryns to the we pray / Saue our kyng both nyght and day’
Number 2664-1
42.   f. 29va-29vb   In what order or what degree
John Audelay, ‘ffac ad quod venisti’, — eight 5-line stanzas(ababc) with ‘I say algate’ refrain and burden: ‘Hit is the best erele & late / Vche mon kepe his oune state’
Number 1382-1
43.   ff. 29vb; ff. 31ra   For pride in heart he hates all one
John Audelay, ‘Cantalena de puericia’ — eight quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘And god wold graunt me my prayer / A child ayene I wold I were’
Number 871-1
44.   f. 30ra   Blessed must Thou be Thou bird so bright
John Audelay, hymn ‘De sancta maria’ — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Heyle of wymmen flour of all / Thou herst vs when we to the call’
Number 869-1
45.   f. 30ra-30rb   Blessed must be our heaven Queen
John Audelay, ‘De Virginitate’ — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘For the loue of a maydon fre / I haue me choson to chastite’
Number 2672-1
46.   ff. 30rb-30va   In word in deed in will in thought
John Audelay, ‘Cantalena de virginibus’ — eight quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘I pray youe maydys that here be / Kepe your state & your degre’
Number 1152-1
47.   ff. 30va-32ra   Dread of death sorrow of sin
John Audelay, ‘Timor mortis conturbat me’ — eleven quatrains (abab) including refrain, ‘passio christi conforta me’ and burden: ‘Lade helpe Ihesu merce / Timor mortis conturbat me
Number 2730-1
48.   f. 30va   It is full heavy chastity
John Audelay, ‘De matrimonio mulierum’ — seven 5-line stanzas (ababc) with ‘All day thou seest’ refrain and burden: ‘Avyse youe wemen wom ye trust / & beware of had i wys’
Number 1368-1
49.   f. 30va-30vb   For love is love and ever shall be
John Audelay, ‘De amore dei’, a carol — five 5-line stanzas (ababb) with refrain, ‘I say herefore’ and burden: ‘I haue a loue is heuen kyng / I loue his loue fore euermor’
Number 5565-1
50.   f. 31ra-31rb   There is a babe born of a may
John Audelay, an Epiphany carol — eleven quatrains (abab) and burden: ‘Nowel nowel nowel
Number 5088-1
51.   ff. 31rb-31va   Sweet Saint Anne we thee beseech
John Audelay, an invocation to St. Anne — nine 5-line stanzas (ababc) with ‘Herefore we say’ refrain and burden: ‘The moder of mary þat merceful may / Pray for vs both nyght & day’
Number 5691-1
52.   f. 31va-31vb   This flower is fair and fresh of hue
John Audelay, The Flower of Jesse, a song in praise of the Virgin Mary — seven six-line stanzas (aaaabb) and burden: ‘There is a floure spr[u]ng of a tre / The rote þerof is callid jesse / A floure of pryce / Þer is non seche in paradise’
Number 1492-1
53.   ff. 31vb; ff. 30ra   Gaude maria Christs Mother
John Audelay, A hymn of the Five Joys — six 8-line stanzas with burden: ‘Aue maria now say we so / Moder & maydon was neuer non mo’
Number 4341-1
54.   f. 32   Overhippers and skippers and mutterers and mumblers
A short interpolation embedded in a prose extract from Rolle’s Form of Living — one 13-line stanza (ababbcbcdeeed)
Number 4445-1
55.   f. 32a   Read this oft but read it soft
A commendation to the reader — two couplets preceding an extract from Rolle’s Form of Living
Number 63-1
56.   f. 32ra   A holy confessor thou were one
John Audelay, An Orison to St Francis — thirteen quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Saynt frances to þe I say / Saue þi breder boþ nyȝt & day’
Number 1341-1
57.   f. 32vb   For better it were still to be
Against the sin of ‘rabylding’ divine service by ‘ianglers, haukers, and hunters’ — three lines in a prose treatise
Number 5430
58.   ff. 33va-34ra   The Pater Noster to expound may no man it praise
John Audelay, Exposition of the Pater Noster — seven 11-line stanzas
Number 4255-1
59.   ff. 34ra-34vb   On a birchen bank there boughs arn bright
De tribus regibus mortuis’, a vision poem — eleven 13-line alliterative stanzas (ababababcdccd)
Number 3698-1
60.   f. 35ra-35>rb   No man this book he take away
Epilogue to Audelay’s book of poems — sixteen lines including three Latin lines
Number 2004-1
61.   f. 35ra-35rb   Here may ye hear now what ye be
John Audelay, ‘Sapiencia huius mundi stulticia est apud deum’ — four 13-line stanzas