The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. e.1 (SC 29734)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.148 (Norfolk: Hand A, ff. 11-50).
Number 6260-1
1.      What way didest thou wink when thou a wife took
The Trials of Marriage — two couplets
Number 2841-1
2.   ff. 49-50   Jesu for thy holy name
A Litany to Christ, the Virgin Mary, Angels and Saints — nine 6-line stanzas (ababcc) with refrain, ‘And bryng us to that blysse / That neuere shall mysse’, and 4-line burden: ‘Prey we to the trinyte / And to al the holy compane / For to bryng vs to the blys / The wych shal neuer mysse’
Number 3344-1
3.   f. 13   Man beware the way is slither
Against false executors — four quatrains (aaab) with the refrain: ‘Lytyll ioye ys son done’, and burden: ‘Haue in mynd in mynd in mynd / Secuters be oft onekynd’
Number 5606-1
4.   ff. 13-13v   There were three wily three wily there were
Abuse of Women — four couplets and burden: ‘Herfor & therfor & therfor I came / And for to praysse this prety woman’
Number 6532-1
5.   ff. 14-15v   Whilom I present was with my sovereign
The Complaint of one banished — eight 8-line stanzas (aabbcddc) and burden: ‘For pencynesse & gret distresse / I am full woo / Destitute frome al refute / Alone I goo’
Number 6806-1
6.   ff. 16-16v   Would God that men might seen
A song of the untrustworthiness of the world — five 6-line stanzas (aabaab)
Number 3772-1
7.   f. 16   Now is well and all thing a-right
Christ the Faithful Champion — sixteen lines
Number 1228-1
8.   ff. 16v-17v   Every man in his degree
‘For few be trew to tryst vpon’ — eleven quatrains (aaab) with this refrain, and burden: ‘In a blyssefull tyme that mane ys borne / That may fynd frend to trust vpon’
Number 5729.2-1
9.   ff. 17v-18v   This lovely lady sat and sang
Dialogue between the Virgin Mary and her Child — seven l0-line stanzas (ababccdeed) including refrain, ‘To syng by by lully lulley’ plus 7-line burden (aaabccb): ‘This enders nyght / I sawe a sight / A sterre as bryght / As any day / & euer a monge / A maydyn songe / Lylley by by lully lulley’
Number 39-1
10.   ff. 18v-19v   A ferly thing it is to mean
A Christmas carol — six 10-line stanzas with wheel rhyme, and burden: ‘Aye aye this is the day / That we shall worshep euer and eye’
Number 5729.7-1
11.   f. 19v   This may I prove withouten let
A song of the Nativity — five six-line stanzas (aaabcb) with Latin caudae and burden: ‘Now be we glad & not to sad / For verbum caro factum est
Number 5683-1
12.   ff. 20-21   This ender night / I saw a sight / A maid a cradel keep
The Complaint of the Child Jesus to his Mother — nine six-line stanzas (aabccb) and burden: ‘Lullay my chyld & wepe no more / Slepe & be now styll / The kyng of blys this fader ys / As it was hys wyll’
Number 4774-2
13.   f. 20   Saluator mundi domine
A macaronic Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Alleluya Alleluya deo patri sit gloria
Number 3128-1
14.   f. 21   Lithe and listen both old and young
A carol of the Nativity — seven quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Of a rose a louely rose / Of a rose I syng a song’
Number 1635-1
15.   f. 21   Gods Son for the love of man
A Christmas carol — four quatrains (aaab) and burden (bb): ‘Make we mery in this fest / For verbum caro factum est
Number 1334-1
16.   f. 21v   For a man that is almost blind
‘A good medycyn for sor eyen’ (a burlesque medical receipt) — two 6-line stanzas
Number 882-1
17.   f. 22   Blowing was made for great game
Against Blowing one’s own Horn — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘I hold hym wyse and wel itaught / Can bar an horn and blow it nought’
Number 5271-1
18.   ff. 22-22v   The first day of yule han we in mind
A Christmas carol — eight quatrains (aaab) and 3-line burden: ‘Make we myrth / For crystes byrth / & syng we yole tyl candelmes’
Number 5951-1
19.   ff. 22v-23   Tidings I bring for you for to tell
A Boar’s Head song — two irregular 9-line stanzas (aaabccddb)
Number 371-1
20.   ff. 23-23v   All that I may swink or sweat
A Henpecked Husband’s Complaint — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Care away, away, away / Care away for evermore’
Number 2471-1
21.   f. 23v   In all this world nis a merrier life
On the Joys of being a bachelor — four quatrains (aaab) and burden: A, a, a, a, yet I love wherso I go
Number 6098-1
22.   ff. 23v-24   Under a forest that was so long
‘Asay þi frend or þu haf nede’ — six quatrains (abab) including refrain, ‘Asay a frend or þu haue nede’, plus burden (bb): ‘Man be ware & wise in dede / & assay a frend or þou haue nede’
Number 2050-1
23.   ff. 24-24v   Holy Writ sayeth which no thing is soother
‘Amende me and peyre me nauȝt’ — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘I pray yow all wyth o thowght / Amende me and peyre me nowght’
Number 6385-1
24.   ff. 24v-25   When no thing was but God alone
A song of the mysteries of God’s works — six 7-line stanzas (aaabbbb) with refrain, ‘What is why /To frayne why I hold it but foly / It is non other sertenly / But virtus verbi domini’ and burden: ‘Why why what is this whi / But virtus verbi domini
Number 2771-1
25.   ff. 25-25v   It wern four letters of purpose I / of M and A R and I
A song in praise of the Virgin Mary — four quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘M & A & R & I / Syngyn I wyl a newe song’
Number 3852-1
26.   f. 25v   O blissful bird full of grace
Salue regina / mater misericordie’ — six quatrains with Salue refrain and this burden
Number 3343-1
27.   f. 26   Man beware or thou knit thee fast
‘Poverte partyth company’ — two couplets
Number 1486-1
28.   f. 26   Gabriel that angel bright
Annunciation carol — five quatrains (aaab) including refrain, ‘Regina celi letare,’ plus burden (bb): Now synge we syng we ‘Regina celi letare
Number 3353-1
29.   f. 26v   Man have this in thy mind
Advice on marriage — one monorhyming quatrain
Number 2262-1
30.   f. 26v   I saw three headless playen at a ball
Riddling verses — two couplets
Number 3389-1
31.   ff. 26v-27   Man upon mould whatsoever thou be
On the need of money — nine quatrains (aaab) with refrain: ‘but þou haue þe peny redy to tak to’
Number 1485-1
32.   f. 27   Gabriel of high degree / Came down from the Trinity
Annunciation carol — seven 4-line stanzas (aaab) including refrain, ‘With noua’, plus burden (bb): ‘Nova Nova / Ave fit ex Eva
Number 3335-1
33.   f. 27v   Man and woman in every place
‘Thank God that al hath sent’ — five quatrains (aaab) with this refrain, and burden: ‘Lefte owr hertes wiþ good entent / & thanke [g]od þat al hath sen’
Number 117-1
34.   ff. 27v-28   A man was the first guilt
A Christmas carol — four quatrains and burden: ‘All þat leue in Christen lay / Worschup euery Cristmes day’
Number 2029-1
35.   ff. 27.2-27.2v   His body is wapped all in woe / Hand and foot he may not go
A song of the Passion — eight quatrains and burden: ‘Mary modyr cum and se / Thi son is naylyd on a tre’
Number 1490-1
36.   ff. 28-28v   Game and earnest ever among
Of Religious Duties — five quatrains (abab) and burden: ‘Syng we to the Trinite / With parce mihi domine
Number 2736-1
37.   ff. 28v-29   It is known in every shire
On the evil wrought by ‘wekyd tongges’ — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘A man that con his tong stere / He ther not rek wer that he go’
Number 5272-1
38.   ff. 29-29v   The first day when Christ was born
A Christmas carol — five quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘I thanke it a maydyn euery dyll’ and burden: ‘Nowel el el el el / I thank it a maydyn euery del’
Number 6874-1
39.   ff. 29v-30   Young men I rede that ye beware
Beware of a shrewish wife — three quatrains and burden: ‘In soro & car he led hys lyfe / Þat haue a schrow ontyll is wyfe’
Number 717-1
40.   f. 29v   At the beginning of the meat
A Boar’s Head carol — three quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Po po po po / Loue brane and so do mo’
Number 2038-1
41.   ff. 30-30v   Holly and Ivy made a great party [Holver and Heivy made a grete party]
Holly and Ivy — four 3-line stanzas
Number 5891-1
42.   ff. 30v-31   Though thou be king of tower and town
Verses urging Man to make Amends — five quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘But if þou wylt amendis make’ and burden: ‘Synful man for godis sake / I rede þat þou amendis make’
Number 472-1
43.   f. 31   An angel fro heaven gan light
A song of the Knot of the Trinity — five quatrains and two-line burden: ‘Off al the knottes that I se / I prese the knot in Trinite’
Number 3769-1
44.   ff. 31v-32   Now is the twelfth day I-come
An Epiphany carol — seventeen 5-line stanzas (aaabb), and burden: ‘Reges de saba venient / Aurum tus myrram offerent
Number 137-2
45.   ff. 32v-33   A patre unigenitus
A macaronic carol of the Nativity — five quatrains with burden: ‘Make we ioye nowe in this fest / In quo Cristus natus est / Eya’
Number 4147-1
46.   ff. 33-33v   Of all thy friends She is the flower
A song in praise of the Virgin Mary — six quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘Asay, asay’ and burden: ‘Man asay say say / Make thi mone to mary þat mild m[ay]’
Number 615-1
47.   ff. 34-34v   As I me rose in a morning
Song of the Virgin Mary lulling her Child — five quatrains and burden: ‘Modyr whyt os lyly flowr / Yowr lullyng lessyth my langovr’
Number 5678-1
48.   f. 34v   This ender day befell a strife
The Old Man Worsted — four quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Hey howe / Sely men God helpe yowe’
Number 670-1
49.   ff. 35-35v   As stories write and specify
A song in honour of St Thomas of Canterbury — six quatrains (abab) and Latin burden: ‘Pastor cesus in gregys medio / Pacem emit cruorys precio
Number 2481-1
50.   f. 35v   In Bethlehem that fair city
A Christmas carol — four quatrains each ending with a Latin line, and burden: ‘To blys God bryng vs al & sum / Christe redemptor omnium
Number 5203-1
51.   ff. 35v-38   The best tree is ye take entent
‘A treatise of wyne’ — twenty-three macaronic quatrains
Number 817-1
52.   ff. 38-38v   Behold what life that we rine in
Carol for the Feast of the Purification — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Reuertere reuertere / The quene of blysse & of beaute’
Number 633-1
53.   ff. 38v-39   As I went in a merry morning
A carol with refrain, ‘Timor mortis conturbat me’ — seven quatrains (aaab) including this refrain, and burden (bb): ‘In what state that ever I be / Timor mortis conturbat me
Number 3909-1
54.   f. 39v   O glorious John evangelist
A prayer to St. John — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘To almyghty God pray for pees / Amice christi lohannes
Number 6020-1
55.   f. 40   To thee now Christs dear darling
Hymn to St. John the Evangelist — four quatrains (abac) including refrain, ‘Amice Christi Iohannes’, plus burden(dc): ‘Pray for vs to the prince of peace / Amice Crysty Iohannes
Number 5952-1
56.   f. 41v   Tidings true there become new
A song of the Annunciation — 4 stanzas, 1st and last with 6 lines (abbccc and abcbdd), middle two with 8 lines (abcbdbeb) plus burden (ff): ‘Newell newell newell newell / This ys þe salutacion of Gabryell’
Number 893-1
57.   f. 41v   Bring us in no brown bread for that is made of bran
Bring us in good ale! — long lines in couplets, and refrain ‘And bryng vs in good ale’
Number 1093-1
58.   ff. 42v-43v   Daily in England marvels be found
On the Tyranny of Women — nine stanzas rhyme royal and burden: ‘Nova noua sawe yow euer such / The most mayster of te hows weryth no brych’
Number 6384-1
59.   ff. 43v-45   When nettles in winter bring forth roses red
When to trust women — seven stanzas rhyme royal including refrain, ‘Than put in a woman your trust & confidence’
Number 3413-1
60.   ff. 45-45v   Mary for the love of thee / Glad and merry shall we be
On the Five Joys — seven quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘A a a a / Gaude celi domina
Number 5074-1
61.   ff. 45v-47v   Sweet Jesu is come to us
A nativity carol on life of Jesus — twenty-one 6-line stanzas (aabccb) plus burden: ‘Hey now now now’
Number 6101-1
62.   ff. 47v-48   Under a tree
The Virgin Mary’s song of the Miraculous Conception — six 6-line stanzas (aabccb) and burden: ‘Nowel nowel nowel / Syng we with myrth / Cryst is come wel / With vs to sewell / By hys most noble byrth’
Number 634-1
63.   f. 48   As I went me for to solace / I heard a man sigh
‘The dred of deth do troble me’ — eight quatrains (aaab) with this refrain and burden: ‘Evermore wheresoeuer I be / The dred off deth do troble me’
Number 6738-1
64.   ff. 50v-51   With pity moved I am constrained
A song of the Tongue, man’s enemy — five 5-line stanzas (ababb) and burden: ‘Off al the enmys þat i can fynd / The tong is most enmy to mankynd.’
Number 5952-2
65.   ff. 51v-52v   Tidings true there become new
A song of the Annunciation — 4 stanzas, 1st and last with 6 lines (abbccc and abcbdd), middle two with 8 lines (abcbdbeb) plus burden (ff): ‘Newell newell newell newell / This ys þe salutacion of Gabryell’
Number 309-1
66.   ff. 52-52v   Ale make many a man to stick at a briar
Of the effects of Ale — six quatrains (aaab) and two-line burden: ‘Doll thi ale doll doll thi ale dole / Ale mak many a mane to haue a doty poll’
Number 1636-1
67.   ff. 52v-53   Gods Son is born
A song of the Nativity — five 9-line stanzas (ababcdddc) and 4-line burden: ‘Blyssid be that lady bryght / That bare a chyld off great myght / Withoute peyne as it ws right / Mayd mother marye’
Number 6188-1
68.   ff. 53-53v   Welcome be this blessed feast
A song of the Trinity — five quatrains (abab) and burden: ‘O meruelous & blessed natiuite / Off goddes sone in diuinite’
Number 1960-1
69.   ff. 53v-54   Here comes Holly that is so gent
In praise of holly — four couplets, ‘Alleluia’ refrain, and burden: Alleluia, alleluia / Alleluia now syng we’
Number 5413-1
70.   f. 54   The most worthy she is in town
In Praise of Ivy — four quatrains (abab) with ‘Veni coronaberis’ refrain and burden: ‘Ivy chefe off treis it is / Veni coronaberis
Number 520-1
71.   f. 54v   And I were a maiden / As many one is
A girl’s progress in love — three quatrains
Number 3400-1
72.   ff. 54v-55   Many a man blames his wife pardie
Women will have their word — fourteen quatrains (aaab) including refrain, ‘In villa’ plus burden (b): ‘In villa In villa quid vidistis in villa
Number 2497-1
73.   ff. 55v-56   In every place ye may well see
The excellence (or not!) of women — ten quatrains (aaaa) with burden: ‘Of all creatures women be best / Cuius contrarium verum est
Number 4956-1
74.   ff. 56v-57   Some be merry and some be sad
Carol on the different kinds of women — six 6-line stanzas (aaabccb) including refrain, ‘Yet all be not so / For sum be lewde & sum be shrewed / Go shrew wher so euer ye go’, and burden (dd): ‘Women women love of women / Makeþ bare pursis wiþ sum men’.
Number 2274-1
75.   ff. 57v-59v   I shall you tell a full good sport
The Gossips’ Meeting — twenty-five 6-line stanzas (aaabbc) with ‘Good gossips myn’ refrain and burden: ‘Hoow gossip myne gossip myn / Whan will we go to the wyne / Good gossipes [myn]’
Number 204-1
76.   f. 60   About the field they piped full right
The Angels appearing to the Shepherds, a carol — seven quatrains (abab) including refrain, ‘Terly terlow tirly terlow’, plus burden (bb): ‘Tyrly tirlow tirly terlow / So merily the sheperdis began to blow’
Number 6141-1
77.   ff. 60v-61   Vices be wild and virtues lame
A song on the Abuses of the Age — six quatrains (aaab) plus burden (bb): ‘God þat sittith in trinite / Amend this world yf thy will be’
Number 5991-1
78.   f. 124   To Moses law appeal I make
A couplet in a sermon