The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat. misc. c.66 [olim Capesthorne]
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 104 (Cheshire: ff. 92v-95, 101v, 103v, 104, 106-111v); 1.149 (Cheshire: ff. 123, 124v-127).
Number 6640-3
1.   f. 101bv   Whoso will beware of purchasing
‘Twelve points for purchasers of land to look to’, sometimes attributed to Sir John Fortescue — ten or twelve couplets
Number 6054-1
2.   f. 26   Too Amorous too Adventurous ne Anger thee not too much
‘The ABC of Aristotle’ — varying number of couplets
Number 2310-1
3.   f. 68v   I welcome you brethren goodly in this hall
A ‘sotelty’ for a bridal feast — five lines
Number 461.5-1
4.   f. 68v   Beth all glad and merry that sitteth at this mess
A sotelty for a bridal feast — one couplet
Number 2110-1
5.   f. 68v   I am coming toward your bride
A ‘sotelty’ for a bridal feast — three irregular lines
Number 2226-1
6.   f. 68v   I meekly unto you sovereign am sent
A ‘sotelty’ for a bridal feast — one couplet
Number 1421-1
7.   f. 84vb   For you my lady I am nigh slain
Humfrey Newton, To his mistress — four quatrains with refrain, ‘for ye haue my hert for euer more’
Number 3670-1
8.   ff. 91va-92vb   My worshipful and reverent lady dear
An Epistle to his mistress by Humfrey Newton — seventeen quatrains
Number 1220-1
9.   f. 92va-92vb   Everlasting love to me I have taken
Humfrey Newton, an acrostic to Elin — one quatrain
Number 1938-1
10.   f. 92vb   Her heart I would I had iwis
Humfrey Newton, On his mistress — one stanza rhyme royal (with acrostic Hvmfrey)
Number 935-1
11.   f. 93ra; f. 93rc   By god of love I set nothing
Humfrey Newton, Venus brings a maiden to the disinterested man — sixteen quatrains
Number 6485-1
12.   f. 93rb   When Zephyrus eke with his fresh tarage
Humfrey Newton, A love adventure praising love — ten quatrains
Number 4384-1
13.   f. 93va   Poets written by dark parables
Humfrey Newton, a poem on the months — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3561-1
14.   f. 93va   Most sovereign lady comfort of care
A love letter to his mistress by Humfrey Newton — one 8-line stanza (acrostic on MARGARET)
Number 1219-1
15.   f. 93va   Ever sovereign sweet sweetest in sight
Humfrey Newton, a love letter to his best beloved mistress, with acrostic on Elin — one quatrain
Number 785-1
16.   f. 93va   Beauty of you burn in my body abides
Humfrey Newton, On her (or his?) lover, an acrostic on BRIAN — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 2247-1
17.   f. 93vb   I pray you M to me be true
Humfrey Newton, A love letter to his mistress ‘M’ — one quatrain and eleven couplets
Number 1270-1
18.   f. 93vb   Farewell that was my lief so dear
Humfrey Newton, his mistress gets a separation from her lover — three 8-line stanzas
Number 4114-1
19.   f. 94ra   O ye my emperess I your servant this to you say
Humphrey Newton, A love letter to his mistress — twelve quatrains
Number 911-1
20.   f. 94rb   But one thing mistress grieves me full sore
Humfrey Newton, A love letter to his mistress — eight quatrains with refrain, ‘…my hert wold berst’
Number 1532-1
21.   f. 94rb   Go little bill and commend me hertely [Go litull bill and command me hertely]
Humfrey Newton, An epistle to his mistress — eleven couplets
Number 1220-2
22.   f. 94v   Everlasting love to me I have taken
Humfrey Newton, an acrostic to Elin — one quatrain
Number 259-1
23.   f. 94va-94vc   Alas a thousand sithe alas
Humfrey Newton, A lover’s lament — seven 8-line stanzas
Number 3643-1
24.   f. 94vb   My mourning M grieves me sore
A love letter to his mistress by Humfrey Newton — four quatrains
Number 1938-2
25.   f. 95   Her heart I would I had iwis
Humfrey Newton, On his mistress — one stanza rhyme royal (with acrostic Hvmfrey)
Number 3584-1
26.   f. 95v   My colors been both bright and sheen
Words of the bird of paradise accompanying an illustration of same — two couplets
Number 6205-2
27.   ff. 103v-104   Well on my way as I forth went
‘The Prophisies of Rymour, Beid, and Marlyng’ — 628 lines in 8-line stanzas
Number 6299-6
28.   f. 104rb   When faith fails in priests saws
A ‘Prophecy’, attributed sometimes to Chaucer and sometimes to Merlin — six lines — four 8-line stanzas (same three rhymes throughout).
Number 2869-4
29.   f. 106   Jesu lord that madest me / And with thy blessed blood hast bought
Richard de Caistre’s hymn — twelve quatrains
Number 4262-1
30.   ff. 106v-107   On cliff that castle so knettered
An alliterative poem (with some phrases from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) describing a castle, the approach of summer, and love-making, perhaps by Humfrey Newton — 53 alliterative lines in rhyming quatrains
Number 1538-1
31.   ff. 107v-111   Go little quire and swift thy princess dress
John Lydgate, On the Nightingale as a symbol of Christ — fifty-nine rhyme royal stanzas including a dedication of six stanzas
Number 6394-1
32.   f. 127v   When Phoebus passed was the Ram
Fragment beginning of a Humphrey Newton poem — four lines in couplets
Number 5425-2
33.   f. 129v   The number of Jesu Christs wounds
The number of the Wounds of Christ and the number of the Drops of Blood from these Wounds — nine lines
Number 4791-1
34.   f. 129v   Say to Our Lady aves seven
A rubric recommending prayer to the Heart of Christ — two couplets
Number 1336-1
35.   f. 129v   For all the blood I shed for thee
A couplet in a scroll attached to a drawing of the wound in Christ’s heart