The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson D.913 (SC 13679)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.151 (‘Language of Soke’: f. 9r-v); 1.151 (Norfolk: ff. 44-51).
Number 6834-1
1.   Item 1    Ye Sir that is I-dronken
The Drunkard’s Sons — two stanzas and linking line
Number 3253-1
2.      Lordings that be now here / If ye will listen and lere
Robert of Brunne’s Metrical Chronicle — in two parts of 8365 and about 4500 couplets
Number 5301-1
3.   Item I (b)    The good man on his way
A single line fragment of an English song
Number 3684-1
4.   Item I (d)    Ne say never such a man a Jordan was
Fragment of a song, considerably mutilated
Number 2171-1
5.   f. 1, item 1   I have a mantle I-maked of cloth
A single line fragment of an English song
Number 4162-1
6.   f. 1   Of every kind of [everykune] tree
‘My lemmon …. þe fairest of erþkinne’ — two quatrains (aaba)
Number 6222-1
7.   f. 1v   Were there either in this toun
A toast to his mistress — eighteen lines
Number 3328-1
8.   f. 1v   Maiden in the moor lay
The Maid of the Moor — four rondel-type 7-line stanzas (aabbaac)
Number 327-1
9.   f. 1v   All gold Jonette is thine hair
‘Ionet and Iankyn’, a dance refrain — five monorhyming lines
Number 1647-1
10.   f. 1v   Good sir pray I thee
An early fragmentary carol — one quatrain (aaab) and burden: ‘Icham of Irlaunde / Ant of the holy londe / Of Irlande’
Number 351-1
11.   f. 1v   All nist by the rose rose
The Singer and the Rose — four lines
Number 3995-4
12.   ff. 3-3v; ff. 2-2v   O mighty Mars that with thy stern light
Troy Book
Number 501
13.   ff. 4ra-4vb   And all the tother that were their purse
One leaf of a poem on King Arthur, possibly a version of the Morte d’Arthur, containing the victory of the Britons over the Roman
Number 4022-1
14.   f. 6   O painful heart in pains sight
A disconsolate lover — two cross-rhymed quatrains
Number 3057-1
15.   ff. 6-6v   Let love to love go kindly and soft
On the nature of love — eight quatrains
Number 2139-1
16.   ff. 7-8v   I believe that Christ was born of Mary the Virgin
A macaronic paraphrase of the Creed — eleven 8-line stanzas
Number 5398-22
17.   f. 9   The might of the Father Almighty
The Pricke of Conscience, sometimes attributed to Richard [Rolle of] Hampole
Number 5398-23
18.   f. 62   The might of the Father Almighty
The Pricke of Conscience, sometimes attributed to Richard [Rolle of] Hampole
Number 3581-5
19.   ff. 63-63v   Musing upon the restless business
Hoccleve’s De Regimine Principum — 780 stanzas rhyme royal.