The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson poet. 32 (SC 14526)
Number 6299-7
1.   f. 1v   When faith fails in priests saws
A ‘Prophecy’, attributed sometimes to Chaucer and sometimes to Merlin — six lines — four 8-line stanzas (same three rhymes throughout).
Number 2994-3
2.   f. 1v   King counsel-less / Bishop loreless
The Abuses of the Age: rhyming lines ending in -les
Number 754-1
3.   f. 1v   Be cleanly clad
Moral counsels: do not be at strife with your betters, your fellows, or your subjects — one eight-line stanza
Number 1418-3
4.   ff. 2-39v   For why that God is inwardly the wit / Of man
Cato Major
Number 3588-7
5.   ff. 30-31v   My dear child first thy self enable / With all thine heart…
Stans Puer ad Mensam, ascribed to Lydgate — fourteen stanzas rhyme royal, with Envoy
Number 6132-4
6.   ff. 31v-32   Upon the cross nailed was I for thee
Why artow froward sith I am mercyable? (Lydgate)
Number 6369-2
7.   ff. 32v-35   When life is most loved and death is most hated
Erthe upon Erthe
Number 5651-1
8.   ff. 35v-37v   Thirty virtues shall have he
‘The XXX Virtues of the Mass’ — 136 lines in couplets
Number 2490-1
9.   ff. 38-53v   In Egypt whilom as I read and find
John Lydgate, Fabula duorum mercatorum — 130 stanzas rhyme royal, including Envoy
Number 6442-2
10.   f. 54v   When the game is best
A proverbial couplet, translating ‘Dum ludus bonus est ipsum dimittere prodest’ — one couplet
Number 3011-1
11.   f. 54v   Know well ere thou knit too fast / For often rape rueth at last
Admonitory couplet
Number 5530-2
12.   ff. 54va-55rb   The wise man said to his sons
‘Prouerbis of Wysdom’ — 106 lines in couplets
Number 6554-1
13.   f. 55   Who of plenty will take no heed
A moralizing couplet, included in a longer series of proverbs against lending money
Number 2988-1
14.   f. 55   Keep well ten and flee from seven / spend well five and come to heaven
Number rhymes — a single couplet
Number 323-1
15.   f. 55   All false gods thou shalt forsake
The ‘X Comawndmentes’ — five couplets
Number 42-3
16.   f. 55   A fools bolt / Is soon I-shotten
A proverbial couplet
Number 2363-1
17.   f. 55a   If I lie backbite or steal / If I curse scorn or swear
A lesson to be kept in mind by a virtuous child — eighteen lines in couplets
Number 3266-1
18.   f. 55   Love god and flee sin
How to win Heaven — two couplets
Number 6373-1
19.   f. 55   When man hath what will is
Moral saying about man’s will — a single couplet
Number 2333-1
20.   f. 55   I would lend but I ne dare
Verses on the Incommodities of Lending — four couplets
Number 3941-2
21.   f. 169v   O Jesu Christ of everlasting sweetness
The Fifteen O’s of Christ — thirty-four stanzas rhyme royal
Number 5509-1
22.   ff. 173-193   The true process of English policy
The Libel of English Policy, the ‘B’ Text, 1st version — in couplets, with a Prologue of seven stanzas rhyme royal and Envoy of fifteen lines. For the ‘A’ Text, see 5508; for the ‘B’ Text, 2nd version, see 5510.
Number 5650-1
23.   f. 205   Thirty-two teeth that keep full keen
Mnemonic verses on the number of teeth, bones and veins — two couplets