The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson poet. 36 (SC 14530)
Number 4770-1
1.   ff. 1-1v   Saint Valentine of custom year by year
John Lydgate, on Saint Valentine’s Day, of similar theme and content with 4769, and having same first stanza — twelve rhyme royal stanzas
Number 2441-1
2.   ff. 2-2v   In a chamber as I stood
‘Seruice is noon heritage’ — nine 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc) with this refrain
Number 3237-1
3.   ff. 2v-3v   Lord what is this world weal
On the evils of the times and practical advice for amendment — twelve 8-line stanzas or twenty-two cross-rhymed quatrains
Number 6117-1
4.   ff. 3v-4   Unto you most forward this letter I write
A satirical love letter written by a mistress to her lover — five stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3902-1
5.   ff. 4-5   O fresh flower most pleasant of praise
A mocking love epistle by a lover in reply to his satirical mistress (see 6117) — eight stanzas rhyme royal, with introductory and concluding couplets
Number 2776-1
6.   f. 5   Iwis iwis I remember me
‘Why plesyth not age with no revylry’ — one 8-line stanza
Number 2230-1
7.   f. 5   I ne have joy ne pleasance nor comfort
On the absence of his mistress — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 2550-1
8.   f. 5v   In my heart is there nothing of remembrance
To his Sovereign Lady — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 573-1
9.   ff. 6-9v   As diverse doctors hath writ of the virtue
The Virtues of the Mass