The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Bodleian Library Tanner 407 (SC 10234)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.152 (Norfolk).
Number 5425-3
1.   f. 10v   The number of Jesu Christs wounds
The number of the Wounds of Christ and the number of the Drops of Blood from these Wounds — nine lines
Number 4810-3
2.   f. 17v   Serve thy God truly
Precepts in -ly — usually two quatrains, but sometimes in expanded versions
Number 3209-1
3.   f/ 17v   Lord Jesu Christ Gods Son on live
A simple prayer by the five wounds — one couplet
Number 3067-3
4.   f. 18   Lex is laid a-down / And veritas is but small
Evils of the Time — four lines (aabb)
Number 5563-1
5.   f. 18   There beth three things that be much of price
Moral Advice — four lines
Number 5560-1
6.   ff. 18v-19   There been three points of mischief
A Series of Triads — 100 lines in eight-line stanzas (ababbcbc) with refrain
Number 2551-1
7.   ff. 18v-19   In my youth full wild I was
‘I wiyte my silf myn owne woo’ — eighteen 8-line stanzas with this refrain
Number 2619-1
8.   ff. 20-20v   In the old law in that life a man hight Ysakar
The Children of St. Anne by her three husbands — in monorhyming quatrains
Number 5016-1
9.   ff. 21-29   Sovereigns and sirs if it be your wille
The Life of St. Anne — 460 lines in quatrains
Number 4875-1
10.   ff. 29v-32   Sirs a miracle or two I shall you tell
Two miracles of the Virgin Mary: (I) Knight saved by Two Words (104 lines); (2) Knight who said five Aves daily (238 lines) — in couplets
Number 5454-1
11.   f. 32   The root of wisdom is God to dread
Four lines of moral counsel — one monoriming quatrain
Number 3154-1
12.   f. 32   Lo King Arthur full manly and full wise
King Arthur, Charlemagne, and David — three quatrains
Number 5814-1
13.   f. 32v   Thou Achilles in battle me slew
A Mumming of the Nine Worthies — nine couplets
Number 6461-1
14.   f. 35v   When thine head quaketh memento
Signs of Death — 8 or 12 macaronic lines in couplets
Number 1369-1
15.   f. 35v   For love of god and dread of pain
Advice advocating mercy — two couplets
Number 6610-3
16.   f. 36v   Whoso him bethought
A remembrance of Mortality — eight lines
Number 1149-1
17.   f. 36v   Dread God and all thing shall dread you
The Christian life — five lines
Number 3945-1
18.   f. 38v   O Jesu mercy what world is this
Despair — two quatrains
Number 2127-1
19.   f. 38v   I am old when age doth appeal
The trials of old men in love — one 8-line stanza
Number 3147-1
20.   ff. 43v-44   Lo here is a lad light
Poem on Delight, from a pageant — ten 6-line stanzas
Number 3820-1
21.   f. 44v   Now worshipful sovereigns that sitten here in sight
Epilogue to a Miracle Play — two stanzas ababbcbcbdddb and one abab
Number 3000-4
22.   ff. 45-47v   King of grace and full of pity / Lord of Heaven I-blessed thou be
The Fifteen Signs before the Day of Judgment, prefaced by a short invocation of nine couplets
Number 3361-1
23.   f. 48v   Man in the church not idle thou stand
On the Use of the Rosary — ten couplets
Number 47-1
24.   f. 52   A friar an hayward a fox and a fulmar sitting on a row
Nonsense verses — one long couplet
Number 3987-1
25.   f. 52v   O mankind / Have in thy mind
Appeal of Christ to man by the pains of his Passion — one 6-line stanza