The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ee.4.35, Part I
Number 3348-2
1.   ff. 1-2v   Man for mischief thou thee amend
Story of the adulterous Falmouth Squire — 49 quatrains (abab)
Number 1016-1
2.   ff. 3-5   Christ that was crucified for sinners unkind
The Lady who buried the Host, a miracle — seventeen 8-line stanzas
Number 2533-8
3.   f. 5   In March after the first C
How to find Easter Day according to the new moon (C) — three couplets
Number 2533-9
4.   f. 5   In March after the first C
How to find Easter Day according to the new moon (C) — three couplets
Number 2988-3
5.   f. 5v   Keep well ten and flee from seven / spend well five and come to heaven
Number rhymes — a single couplet
Number 2165-4
6.   f. 5v   I had my silver and my friend
A warning against lending money — four monorhyming lines
Number 765-1
7.   f. 5v   Be meek and mild of heart and tongue
The Seven Virtues opposed to the Deadly Sins — eight couplets
Number 5843-2
8.   f. 6   Thou shalt have one god and no moo
The Ten Commandments — twelve couplets
Number 1599-3
9.   ff. 6v-13v   God that died for us all
‘The Frere and the Boy’ or ‘The Chylde and hes Stepdame’ — in 6-line stanzas
Number 2585-1
10.   ff. 14v-19   In summer when the leaves spring
‘Robyn Hode and the Potter’ — about eighty quatrains
Number 6691-1
11.   ff. 19v-21   Will you hear a good bourd to make you laugh all
‘The King and the Barker’ — 128 lines in couplets
Number 5576-1
12.   f. 21   There is light right and might
On Light, Right and Might — four long rhyming lines
Number 3134-2
13.   ff. 22v-23v   Little children here you may lere / Much courtesy that is reckoned here
‘The Lytylle Childrenes Lytil Boke’ — fifty-four couplets
Number 6461-2
14.   f. 24   When thine head quaketh memento
Signs of Death — 8 or 12 macaronic lines in couplets