The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ff.5.48
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.67 (Derbys: ff.1-78v, 93-135v); (Yorks: ff. 79-85v).
Number 1581-5
1.   f. 1   God sayeth Himself as written we find
Mirk’s Instructions for Parish Priests — in couplets
Number 6654-2
2.   ff. 8v-9   Whoso wilneth to be wise and worship desireth
‘The ABC of Aristotle’ with a Prologue in unrhyming alliterative verse
Number 6477-1
3.   ff. 9v-10v   When thunder cometh in January
Prognostications from the amount of thunder in the months of the year — twelve quatrains in couplets
Number 3124-5
4.   ff. 11-43   Listeneth now I will you tell / Of mickle pity I may you spell
Northern Passion
Number 6461-3
5.   f. 43v   When thine head quaketh memento
Signs of Death — 8 or 12 macaronic lines in couplets
Number 6713-1
6.   ff. 43v-44   With a garland of thorns keen
The Wounds of Christ as Remedies against the Deadly Sins — eight quatrains
Number 1788-2
7.   ff. 44-48   Harkeneth now both more and less
Tale of an incestuous daughter — at least 47 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 3348-4
8.   ff. 48; ff. 67-70   Man for mischief thou thee amend
Story of the adulterous Falmouth Squire — 49 quatrains (abab)
Number 1616-1
9.   ff. 48v-46v   God that sits in Trinity
A Tale of King Edward (?III) and the Shepherd — ninety-one 12-line stanzas
Number 2451-1
10.   ff. 57-57v   In a morning of May as I lay on sleeping
Dialogue between a Nightingale and a Clerk — 26 couplets plus one line
Number 4213-1
11.   ff. 58-61v   Of tales and trifles many men tells
The Tale of the Basin — twenty-five stanzas, generally 9-line (aaaabcccb); 223 lines altogether
Number 4143-1
12.   ff. 62-66   Of all these keen conquerors to carp is our kind
The Turnament of Totenham — in 9-line stanzas (aaaabcccb)
Number 3119-2
13.   ff. 71-72v   Listeneth lordings to my tale
A Lament of the Virgin Mary — fourteen 8-line stanzas (ababcdcd)
Number 4148-2
14.   ff. 73-74v   Of all women that ever were born
The Lamentation of the Virgin Mary — eleven 8-line stanzas with refrain, ‘For now lyeth dedd my dere sone dere’
Number 3433-17
15.   ff. 74v-75v   Mary mother well thou be / Mary maiden think on me
An orison to the Virgin Mary in the Speculum Christiani (Octaua Tabula) — twenty-seven couplets
Number 114-1
16.   ff. 75v-78   A man that will of wisdom lere / Harken to the book of prophecies here
Prognostics for the year, according to the day on which New Year falls, with a Prologue of twenty-two lines.
Number 4732-9
17.   ff. 79-80   Saint Michael the Archangel and his fellows also
Legend of St. Michael in the South English Legendary, Part I — couplets
Number 4731-8
18.   ff. 80v-84   Saint Michael in November hath yet another day
Part II of ‘St. Michael’ in the South English Legendary — couplets
Number 4704-8
19.   ff. 84-87v   Saint Mary in Lent among other days good
The Feast of the Annunciation in the South English Legendary — couplets
Number 1301-8
20.   f. 84v   Feasts moveable there beth cleped five in the year
South English Legendary
Number 3048-8
21.   ff. 84v-87v   Lent came there afterward that six week I-lasteth
South English Legendary
Number 787-6
22.   ff. 87v-92v   Before six days of Easter on Palm Sunday eve / Jesu came
South English Legendary
Number 1786-3
23.   ff. 95-112   Harkeneth hitherward ye lordlings
The Anonymous Short Metrical Chronicle of England — in couplets
Number 922-1
24.   ff. 112v-113v   By a forest as I gan fare
The Mourning of the Hunted Hare — 76 lines in quatrains
Number 5369-1
25.   f. 114v   The last time I thee well woke
The Betrayed Maiden’s Lament — five quatrains (aaab) and burden (c): ‘I haue forsworne hit whil I life / To wake the well-ey’
Number 3788-1
26.   ff. 115-116   Now of this feast tell I can
The Feest of Tottenham — seventeen 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 1016-3
27.   ff. 116v-118v   Christ that was crucified for sinners unkind
The Lady who buried the Host, a miracle — seventeen 8-line stanzas
Number 620-3
28.   ff. 119-128v   As I me went this ender day / Fast in my way
Thomas of Erceldoune’s Prophecy, in three ‘Fyttes’ — in quatrains or five-line stanzas, or others irregular
Number 2586-1
29.   ff. 128v-135v   In summer when the shaws be sheen
A Little Jest of Robin Hood and the Monk — ninety quatrains (abab)