The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ii.4.9
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 621; Grid 604 299 (Norfolk); 1.68 (Norfolk: ff. 95v-96, 169, 190-193).
Number 3124-9
1.   ff. 1-42   Listeneth now I will you tell / Of mickle pity I may you spell
‘Northern Passion’
Number 6650-4
2.   ff. 42v-47   Whoso will over read this book
The ‘Long Charter of Christ’ (B text) — 414 lines in couplets
Number 2205-1
3.   f. 55v   I know to the god full of might
The Lay Folks’ Mass Book
Number 1942-3
4.   ff. 63v-65v   Here are nine points of great virtue
Novem Virtutes — 114 lines in couplets with Latin interpolations
Number 1171-1
5.   ff. 67-68v   Earth upon earth is waxen and wrought
‘Erthe upon Erthe’
Number 6500-1
6.   f. 69   Wherefore in this vale of misery do you abide
On death, translating‘Cur in hac miseria miseri moramini’, which precede — four lines
Number 4415-4
7.   ff. 87v-93v   Princes proud that beth in press
Roberd of Cisyle — in couplets
Number 1283-2
8.   ff. 97-142   Father and Son and Holy Ghost / That art one God of mights most
Robert of Brunne, Handlyng Synne — 12630 lines in couplets
Number 1598-1
9.   ff. 142v-163v   God that died for mans need / Give us grace will to speed
A treatise on Shrift and the Deadly Sins, illustrated by exempla
Number 3737-1
10.   ff. 163v-165   Now go we on to our wits five
The V Bodily Wits, concluding with a form of confession — forty couplets
Number 3355-1
11.   ff. 165-173   Man if that thou wilt flee sin / Never more to come therein
The Seven Virtues opposed to the Seven Deadly Sins, illustrated by Narrationes — 454 lines in couplets
Number 3358-1
12.   ff. 173-177   Man if thou wilt hear / Right good thing thou might lere
The Seven Works of Mercy, some illustrated by Narrationes — 229 lines in couplets
Number 3099-1
13.   ff. 177-185   Listen man if thou wilt hear / Of thing that is bothe digne & dear
The Seven Sacraments, illustrated by exempla — 456 lines in couplets
Number 3339-1
14.   f. 185   Man behold and thou might hear / Thing full needful for to lere
The Seven Principal Virtues — 198 lines in couplets
Number 378-1
15.   ff. 188v-190   All that will a stound dwell / Listen I shal you tell
The Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost — thirty-three couplets