The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Kk.4.24
Number 171-1
1.   f. 123rb   A temple of true wedding
Four ways in which a church is sanctified at its dedication, in a sermon (?by John of Bromyard), ‘de dedicatione ecclesie’ — 8 lines in couplets and monorhyming quatrain
Number 2048-1
2.   ff. 123vb-124rb   Holy water well I-made
Four things used in blessing a church, and a comment on how these things are lacking in the author’s time — two quatrains (aabb) in a sermon (by Bromyard?) de dedicatione ecclesie
Number 918-1
3.   f. 132ra   But woe is him that is in woe
Couplet describing the lonely state of Christ at the time of his passion, in a sermon (?by John of Bromyard), ‘de passione domini vel In Ramispalmarum’ — one couplet
Number 2160-1
4.   f. 135va   I do you to witting without fail
The spiritual battle — one couplet translating, ‘Ortum est bellum satis durum…’ in a Latin sermon (?Bromyard), de passione domini vel In Ramispalmarum
Number 751-1
5.   ff. 135vb-138   Banners beth displayed
Couplets of varying line length interspersed in a Latin sermon (?by John of Bromyard), ‘de passione domini vel in Ramispalmarum’ — nine couplets
Number 4318-1
6.   f. 137   Our Kings banners beth forth I-bore
One quatrain, translating the first stanza of Vexilla regis prodeunt
Number 5404-4
7.   f. 144rb   The mind of Thy sweet passion Jesu tears it tells
Effects of Passion Longing — 1 x 2 in Latin homily, ‘Amore Langueo
Number 3625-3
8.   f. 144rb   My life I end in sorrow and woe
Christ’s sufferings to save mankind, in a Latin prose homily, ‘Amore langueo — one couplet
Number 2228-3
9.   f. 144rb   I mourn for love thou may see
A couplet in a Latin homily ‘Amore Langueo
Number 4491-1
10.   f. 144vb   Right as the dawing ere the day spring
Christ as light to the world, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 1367-1
11.   ff. 144vb-145rb   For love I mourn and sorrow make
Amore langueo’ — two couplets as introductio thematis in a Latin homily, Dominica in passione vel in die parasceue, perhaps by John Bromyard
Number 1371-1
12.   f. 145rb   For love of Jesu my sweet heart
A couplet in a Latin homily, Amore Langueo (and repeated passim)
Number 1837-3
13.   f. 145rb   He loses His might and waxeth wan
Christ’s suffering for humankind in a Latin sermon (by John Bromyard?), dominica in passione vel in die parasceue or Amore langueo — six lines in couplets
Number 880-3
14.   ff. 145rb-145va   Blood sweating
The seven torments of Christ in the Latin homily, Amore Langueo — seven short monorhyming lines
Number 2112-3
15.   f. 146va   I am diseased and all forshend
A single couplet in a Latin homily for Good Friday
Number 3228-3
16.   ff. 146vb-150ra   Lord that sufferedest hard torment
A series of eight prayers to Christ, each beginning ‘Lorde’ (except 4) scattered throughout a Latin Good Friday homily, ‘Amore langueo’: ‘Sermo de passione Cristi in die parasceueus facienda’, possibly by John Bromyard — in quatrains
Number 1395-1
17.   f. 147va   For thee man I suffer shame
What Christ suffered — one couplet in a Good Friday sermon on Amore langueo, possibly by John Bromyard
Number 3205-1
18.   f. 147vb   Lord I-blessed be Thy name
Prayer in a passion sermon on Amore Langueo (possibly by Bromyard) for dominica in passione vel in die parasceue — 2 couplets
Number 2606-3
19.   f. 148rb   In the land of life I hope to see
A single couplet in a Latin homily
Number 2102-2
20.   f. 148rv   I am a worm and no man
A couplet in a Latin sermon, translating Psalm 22:6
Number 4855-1
21.   f. 149ra   Sing ye a new song
Praise to Christ in a passion sermon on Amore langueo (for John of Bromyard) — two couplets
Number 6280-1
22.   f. 173   When Christ for us would be dead
On the Eucharist — one quatrain
Number 5703-1
23.   f. 173rb   This is bread to praise
Prayer of praise for corpus christi, in a Latin sermon — six lines
Number 4167-1
24.   f. 180v   Of ghostly fighting
Rhyming phrases describing four spiritual activities, in a prose sermon on Corinthians 6 — four monorhyming phrases
Number 679-1
25.   ff. 184ra-184va   As the nightingale in the thorn
Comparisons with birds interspersed in a Latin prose sermon on Corinthians 6 — three couplets
Number 566-1
26.   f. 186rb   As a master that them taught
Characteristics of christ in a Latin sermon ‘de ascensione domini’ — roughly two cross-rhymed quatrains
Number 91-1
27.   f. 186rb   A lesson of mercy and forgiveness
Verses about lessons to be learned to withstand sin, in a Latin sermon — two couplets
Number 1625-1
28.   f. 187   God with His angels I have forloren
The lament of a damned soul — three couplets
Number 6079-1
29.   f. 187v   Truth is turned into treachery
Translation of a distich, ‘Ingenium dolus est, amor omnis ceca voluntas…’ — two couplets
Number 1465-1
30.   f. 187vb   From God and heaven a long parting
Three results of sin — three lines in a sermon
Number 5165-1
31.   f. 190va   That of wise man maketh him mad
Acts that please Christ, in a Latin sermon — two couplets
Number 2682-1
32.   f. 193ra   Into this world is I-come light
Christ the light — one couplet in a Latin sermon
Number 6770-1
33.   f. 193rb   Witty in understanding
Qualities of a preacher, in a Latin sermon — four monorhyming lines
Number 4837-1
34.   f. 193vb   Sickmen wax blissful / Thieves wax dreadfull
Four miracles (of doomsday?), in a sermon — four lines in couplets
Number 1302-1
35.   f. 193vb   Feeble men waxen doughty
A proverb on the merits of right living — two couplets in a sermon
Number 5166-1
36.   f. 197ra-197rb   That one is light / That other is might
Three gifts of Christ to man, in a Latin sermon — seven lines rhyming aaaabcb
Number 499-1
37.   f. 199rb   An whole precious offering
On the benefit of giving offering for the sake of man’s soul, in a Latin prose sermon — one monorhyming quatrain
Number 5459.3-1
38.   f. 203va   The sharpness of cursing
Emotions of the sinner, in an English sermon, de introductione excommunicacione 4 temporibus anni — three monorhyming lines
Number 6782-1
39.   f. 213vb   Wone with us lord full of might
Prayer for evening, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 196-1
40.   f. 215rb   A word of comforting habetis
Two things wanting for good governance — three macaronic lines in a Latin sermon
Number 2986-1
41.   f. 215va   Keep thy part for cause of good rewarding
Reasons for morality — one couplet in a Latin sermon
Number 156-1
42.   f. 215va   A singular demonstration in warning
Warning to sinners in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 25-1
43.   f. 216vb   A countenance of travail without resting Custodi solicite
Three benefits of a pure soul(?), in a Latin sermon — three monorhyming lines interspersed with Latin warnings
Number 5374-1
44.   f. 220rb   The life that lasteth little while
Lines on the transitoriness of life, in a Latin sermon — two couplets
Number 1939-1
45.   f. 220rb   Herb florenti to a herb with flower spread
Verse translation of phrases in a Latin sermon — three couplets with Latin internal rhymes
Number 5487-1
46.   ff. 221rb-221va; ff. 222ra   The summoners beth mightful
On the consequences of sin, in a Latin sermon — two couplets
Number 6749-1
47.   f. 226vb   With thee privy / With word witty
Qualities of a good preacher, in a Latin sermon — three monorhyming lines
Number 90-1
48.   f. 228rb   A lesson of lowness
Verses in a Latin sermon — three short rhyming phrases
Number 5244-1
49.   f. 230rb   The death that is dreadful
Warning of three ends, in a Latin sermon — three monorhyming lines
Number 6419-3
50.   f. 231   When that I vow
Two proverbial couplets, translating, ‘Cum procor, est aurum cirothecis…’
Number 3291-1
51.   f. 233ra   Lovely in speech
Four noble qualities of Christ — two couplets in a sermon
Number 5133-1
52.   f. 234va   That he be indeed rightful
Four qualities of another Job, in a sermon — two couplets
Number 2531-1
53.   f. 234vb   In maidens breast
The four advents of Christ — two couplets in a sermon
Number 4292-1
54.   f. 235ra   Open warning / Loud calling
Warning about judges, in a Latin sermon — seven lines in couplets and triplet
Number 5134-1
55.   f. 238ra-238rb   That he were fed
Acts of mercy for and by Christ, in a sermon, In die pasce — two couplets
Number 2720-1
56.   f. 244va   It is beginning of the days brightness
Three characteristics of dawn, which are compared with advent/birth of the Virgin Mary — three rhyming lines in a sermon