The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Corpus Christi College 423
Number 5845-17
1.   pp. 81-82   Thou shalt love God with heart entire
The Ten Commandments — ten quatrains; usually occurring in the Speculum Christiani (Secunda Tabula), sometimes occurring separately
Number 2436-1
2.   p. 187   Illi qui sunt in fide stiff and stable
The steadfast man — two macaronic couplets in a Latin sermon, ‘Filius
Number 958-1
3.   p. 211   Caro dat lust and liking that lasts but awhile
Macaronic lines on the gifts of the flesh, the world, the devil, and God in the Latin Sermones 13, sermon on ‘Seruire’ — two couplets
Number 825-1
4.   p. 211   Bernardus quod aliqui seruiunt carni per luxuriam and liking
Sayings of St Bernard, in a Sermones 13 — four macaronic monorhyming lines
Number 2114-1
5.   pp. 226-227   I am fell and mercy have none
Death’s warnings to man — three couplets separated by Latin prose in Sermones 13
Number 1121-1
6.   p. 243   Deus above all thing
Instructions in the four ways that man must love, in a Latin sermon — two couplets
Number 2179-1
7.   p. 265   I have forgive thee all thing
English verses in a story from the Gesta Romanorum — two couplets separated by Latin prose in a sermon, ‘Venit’ (p. 258)
Number 5751-1
8.   pp. 283-284   This sinful man said in his thought
Speeches by demons and angels at the death-bed of a tyrant — eight couplets scattered in a Latin prose sermon