The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Emmanuel College I.2.6 (27)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 5380; Grid 415 130 (Wilts); Laing and Lass (2007) # 140; Grid 413 130 (Salisbury, Wilts).
Number 6419-4
1.   f. 57v   When that I vow
Two proverbial couplets, translating, ‘Cum procor, est aurum cirothecis…’
Number 4402-1
2.   f. 111v   Pride Covetous Sloth Wrath and Onde
The Seven Deadly Sins — one long couplet
Number 4286-1
3.   f. 111v   One God thou shalt worship
The Ten Commandments — five couplets
Number 4299-1
4.   f. 162ra   Our Father in heaven I-hallowed be Thy name
The Pater Noster in five couplets
Number 1731-2
5.   f. 162ra   Hail Mary full of grace / God is with Thee in every place
Ave Maria — two couplets
Number 6197-1
6.   f. 162rb   Welcome Lord in likening of bread
A prayer at the ‘leuacion’ — five monorhyming lines
Number 4402-2
7.   f. 162rb   Pride Covetous Sloth Wrath and Onde
The Seven Deadly Sins — one long couplet
Number 3696-1
8.   f. 162rb   No god ne have thou buten one
English verse translation of the Ten Commandments — six couplets
Number 2681-1
9.   f. 162va   Into thine hands Lord beteach I ghost mine
In manus tuas
Number 1157-2
10.   f. 162va   Each day me cometh tidings three
Three Sorrowful Things — six lines in couplets
Number 4833-1
11.   f. 162va   Shroud and feed and drench and harbour the poor
The seven works of bodily mercy — four lines in couplets
Number 3518-1
12.   f. 162va   Mine own death and Christs and my wickedhead
Septem cogitanda — four long lines
Number 945
13.   f. 162va   By this tokening of the rood far from me mote flee
The power of the symbol of the Cross to put evil to flight and give birth to all blessings — four lines in couplets
Number 324-1
14.   f. 162va   All from evil thing
A prayer or charm for protection against evil, introducing ‘In nomine patris’ — one quatrain
Number 3455-1
15.   f. 162vb   Me I-dreches three foes
The three enemies of mankind, translating ‘Me vexant triplici certamine tres inimici Serpens antique caro lubrica mundus iniquus — one long couplet
Number 6784-1
16.   f. 163rb   Worldly aught is I-won with swink and sweating
On the Vanity of Worldly possessions — three rhyming lines
Number 2600-1
17.   f. 164   In the day of Saint Swithin
A quatrain (abab) translating ‘Si pluat in festo processi S. Martiniari’ etc. which follows