The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Gonville & Caius College 383/603
Number 393-1
1.   p. 41   All this day Ich had sought / Spindle ne wherve ne fond I nought
The Serving Maid’s Holiday — ten quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Wybbe ne rele ne spynne yc ne may / For joyȝe þat it ys holyday’
Number 6343-1
2.   p. 41   When I went beyond the sea
Fare Far and Have Little — five quatrains and burden: ‘Hos is to hoth at hom / Ryd out it wol agon’
Number 451-1
3.   p. 41   Alone I live alone
Fragment as heading to 6048 apparently to indicate title of a popular air
Number 3044-1
4.   p. 41   Led I the dance a midsummer day
Jack and the Dancing Maid, an erotic carol — nine 5-line stanzas (aaaab) and burden: ‘Alas ales the wyle / Thout Y on no gyle / So haue Y god chaunce / Alas ales the wyle / That euer Y cowde daunce’
Number 3113-2
5.   pp. 68-69   Listeneth lordings both great and small
Song in honour of St. Thomas of Canterbury — in quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and burden: A a a a / Nu[nc] gaudet ecclesia
Number 410-2
6.   p. 68a   All ye mowen of joy sing / Fro heaven us come
A carol in praise of the Virgin Mary — six quatrains (aaab) with Latin caudae and burden: ‘Virgo rosa virginum / tuum precare Filium
Number 2130-2
7.   p. 68b   I am sorry for her sake
A Lover’s sad plight — three quatrains (abab) and 4-line burden: ‘Care away, away, away / Murnynge away / Y am forsake another ys take / No more murne yc may’
Number 4966-1
8.   p. 190   Some men sayen that I am black
A Verse Riddle — six quatrains (abab)
Number 3422-1
9.   p. 210   Mary mild hath born a child / christ lieth in cradle bound
A carol of the Feasts following Christmas — in quatrains (abcb), and burden: ‘Now this yol &c.’
Number 2222-1
10.   p. 210   I loved a child of this country
A Forsaken Maiden’s Lament — three quatrains with ‘For he is far’ refrain and burden: ‘Were it vndo that is ydo / I wold be war’
Number 3516-1
11.   p. 210   Mine own dear lady fair and free / I pray you in heart…
A Lover’s Plea — three quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Thei Y singe & murthes make / It is not Y wolde’
Number 853-1
12.   p. 210   Bird on briar I tell it
Fragment of a love song, preserved as an indication of tune of carol 2222