The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Jesus College Q.A.13 (13)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.63 (Suffolk).
Number 5174-1
1.   Part I, f. 2vb   That thee then [þeo] should be a virgin pure
Praise of the Virgin Mary, in a Latin sermon — three couplets and one monorhyming triplet
Number 5185-1
2.   Part I, f. 3ra   That we should be bliss
On the bliss of heaven, interspersed with Latin in a Latin prose sermon — two couplets
Number 3431-1
3.   Part I, f. 3rb   Mary mother well thee be
Six English lines interspersed among nine Latin lines: 5 then 4 rhyming Latin lines, then 1 English, then 5 Latin lines
Number 4792
4.   Part I, f. 3va   Say to the fair that is so here
Rewards to various types of persons, in a Latin prose sermon — four couplets
Number 6175-1
5.   f. 83   We shall maken a joly castle
An allusion to a popular song in a sermon — six lines (or three long lines)
Number 3598-1
6.   Part III, ff. 85-86v   My folk now answer me
Popule meus quid feci tibi’ — eleven quatrains (abab)
Number 6713-2
7.   ff. 86v-87   With a garland of thorns keen
The Wounds of Christ as Remedies against the Deadly Sins — eight quatrains
Number 2545-1
8.   Part III, f. 87   In mundum be our kind taking
Three lines in a Latin sermon
Number 2183-1
9.   Part III, f. 87   I have in heart and fresh in mind
‘My Sauyowr’ — a single couplet
Number 5950-1
10.   Part III, f. 89   Thy wonderful will and witness
On the soul’s search for God, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 1406-1
11.   Part III, f. 89   For thy soul saving
Christ’s sacrifice for man’s soul, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 3376-1
12.   Part III, f. 90   Man sicker help hast thou and prest
The Virgin Mary and her Son, Man’s Advocates — three couplets
Number 49-1
13.   Part III, f. 91v   A ghostly substance in making
Characteristics of the Holy Ghost, in a Latin sermon — three monorhyming lines
Number 5029-1
14.   Part III, f. 92v   Stand stiffly Gods knight
The Christian Knight — three couplets
Number 6290-1
15.   Part III, f. 93   When dread of God is within
A single couplet in a Latin sermon
Number 5943-1
16.   Part III, f. 93   Thy lust if thou restrain
1 x 2 in a Latin sermon
Number 2474-1
17.   Part III, f. 93   In any work beginning
Advice for forethought, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 1405-1
18.   Part III, f. 93   For thy reins girding
On girding oneself for faith, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 1404-1
19.   Part III, f. 93   For thy faith leaping
Admonition to have clean thoughts to advance your faith, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 1134-1
20.   Part III, f. 93   Do alms deed
The reward of good deeds, described in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 908-1
21.   Part III, f. 93   But if thou turn me against right
Man’s plea not to be turned against right, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 203-1
22.   Part III, f. 93v   Abide in thine good deed
On heaven being the reward for good deeds, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 1029-1
23.   Part III, f. 94   Christs courteous cleping
Phrases describing grace in a Latin sermon — four monorhyming phrases