The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, St John’s College G.28 (195)
Number 118-3
1.   f. iii (flyleaf at front)   A man without mercy mercy shall miss
On mercy — one couplet
Number 3593-1
2.   f. iii   My death my judge in heaven and hell
Advice to live well — five couplets
Number 1389-1
3.   f. ii (flyleaf at front)   For the love of Christ Jesu
Appeal to readers to pray for scribe of added texts — one couplet
Number 466-1
4.   f. iii   Among the wise of Paradise
Advice about characteristics of those who come to heaven or to hell — two quatrains
Number 18-1
5.   f. iii   A broken contrite heart O Lord shalt Thou not dispise
Fragmentary beginning of a prayer, paraphrasing scripture
Number 305-1
6.   ff. iv-ii   Alas what shall we friars do
An ironic lament of the friars, in answer to 5860 — nine quatrains
Number 2057-1
7.   p. 1   Honour thine God and pity the poor
Advice to honour God, pity the poor and amend one’s life — one couplet
Number 5860-1
8.   f. 1v   Thou that sellest the word of God
Verses against the friars — three six-line stanzas
Number 772-1
9.   p. 5   Be open evermore thou my door
Aphorism regarding hospitality — one couplet
Number 3999-1
10.   p. 6   O mortal man and worms meat
Warning to sinners to repent — one quatrain
Number 3396-1
11.   p. 6   Mans fleeting life finds surest stay
Aphorism favoring virtue — one couplet
Number 2076-1
12.   p. 7   Hour passeth
Aphorism about shortness of man’s life — three lines
Number 2386-1
13.   p. 10   If that our faith and trust in God
Verses advising Christian living — two 4-line stanzas, abcb
Number 2472-1
14.   pp. 11-19; pp. 22-26   In all your deeds and your exploits
Aphorisms for living and dying well — in couplets