The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Trinity College O.3.58 (1230)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.65 (Norfolk).
Number 5335-2
1.   roll, recto    The holy ghost is to thee sent
An Annunciation carol — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Hayl mary ful of grace / Moder in virginite’
Number 6020-3
2.   Art. 12    To thee now Christs dear darling
Hymn to St. John the Evangelist — four quatrains (abac) including refrain, ‘Amice Christi Iohannes’, plus burden(dc): ‘Pray for vs to the prince of peace / Amice Crysty Iohannes
Number 2481-5
3.   no. 6 (on a roll)    In Bethlehem that fair city
A Christmas carol — four quatrains each ending with a Latin line, and burden: ‘To blys God bryng vs al & sum / Christe redemptor omnium
Number 5652-2
4.   a roll, item 4    This babe to us that now is born
A Christmas carol — five six-line stanzas (ababcc) with three-line refrain, ‘And thus it is / forsothe iwys / He askyth nouth but that is hys’ and burden: ‘Now may we syngyn as it is / Quod puer natus est nobis
Number 5582-1
5.   a roll, number 13    There is no rose of such virtue
A song of the Virgin Mary the Rose — three 6-line stanzas (aabccb) with Latin caudae and burden: ‘Ther is no rose of swych vertu / As is the rose that bare ihesu’
Number 608-3
6.   no. 3    As I lay upon a night
A carol of the Annunciation — five quatrains (aaab) including refrain, ‘Redemptoris mater’ plus burden (bb): ‘Now syng we all in fere / Alma redemptoris mater
Number 4317-2
7.   a roll, item 7    Our king went forth to Normandy
The Agincourt Carol — six 5-line stanzas (aaaab) including refrain: ‘Deo gracias’, and burden (cc): ‘Deo gracias Anglia / Redde pro victoria
Number 4235-1
8.   a roll, item 11    Of this martyr make we mend
A song for St. Stephen’s Day — three macaronic quatrains (abab) and burden (bb): ‘Eya martir stephane / Prey for vs we prey to þe’
Number 2482-2
9.   no. 2 (on a roll)    In Bethlehem this bird of life
A Christmas carol — five 6-line stanzas (aaabab) and burden: ‘Nowel nowel nowel / To vs is born owr god emanuel’
Number 3738-1
10.   (a roll), item 8    Now God almighty down hath sent
A Christmas carol — three monorhyming quatrains plus 7-line burden (aabbccb, of which apparently only last five lines repeated after the quatrains): ‘Now make we merthe al & sum / ffor cristemesse now is i-com / þat hath no pere / Syng we alle in fere / Now ioye & blysse / þei xul not mysse / þat makyth good chere’
Number 149-2
11.   roll, no. 5    A principle point of charity
Be merry in the Nativity, a carol — four quatrains including refrain (aabb): ‘Be mery, be mery, I pray þu euerychon’
Number 202-2
12.   a roll, no. 9    Abide I hope it be the best
Think before you act — five 2-line stanzas and 4-line burden: ‘Abyde Y hope hit be the beste [repeated twice] / Sith hasty man lakked neuer woo’
Number 4-3
13.   roll, no. 10 15v-16   A babe is born of high nature / The Prince of peace
A New Year carol — four 7-line stanzas (ababccd) including 3-line refrain, plus 2-line burden (cd): ‘Qwat tydynges bryngyst þu massager / Of cristys berthe þis ȝolys day’