The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Trinity College B.14.39 (323)
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 7721; Grid 374 256 (Worcs); Laing and Lass (2007) Index # 246; Grid 366 255 (Entry 1, E Herefords: ‘Items in hand A have been amalgamated into one text language and provisionally place in NE Herefords’); Index # 247; Grid 371 237 (Entry 2, E Herefords: Hand B); Index # 248; Grid 360 240 (Entry 3, Central Herefords: Hand C); Index # 249; Grid 365 232 (Entry 4, SE Herefords: Hand D).
Number 6762-1
1.   f. 19   With word and writ I warn thee Sir Eode [Vid word & wrid ic warne þe sire ode]
A warning to Sir Eode — twelve lines with intervening Latin lines of similar content
Number 4248-4
2.   ff. 20-24   Old and young I rede you your follies for to let
The Life of St. Margaret (thirteenth-century version) — 175 long-line couplets
Number 3191-1
3.   f. 24   Lord Christ Thou havest us bought
Prayer to Christ — four 5-line stanzas in English, alternating with four stanzas in Old French
Number 4708-1
4.   f. 24v   Saint Mary mother mild
A macaronic hymn to the Virgin Mary and Christ — six 10-line stanzas
Number 4198-1
5.   f. 24v   Of one that is so fair and bright
A macaronic song in praise of the Virgin Mary — five 9-line stanzas (ababccdcd)
Number 4705-1
6.   f. 25ra-25rb   Saint Mary lady bright
A hymn of the Five Joys — five 12-line stanzas (aabaabccbccb)
Number 830-1
7.   f. 25rb   Beset thine poverties Sir Eeode
Moral advice to ‘Sir Eode’ — two couplets
Number 6612-1
8.   f. 25v   Whoso is any forswearing
Warning about forswearing, translating ‘semel periurus semper periurius exstat’ — three monorhyming lines and concluding line
Number 1479
9.   ff. 25va-25vb   Full fair flower is the lily
The Virgin Mary the Lily with Five Leaves — twenty couplets
Number 2338-1
10.   ff. 26ra-27ra   I you rede ye sitten still
Wise admonitions: Biblical texts paraphrased, intermingled with similar texts in Latin
Number 3766-1
11.   f. 27rb   Now is man holy and saint
Debate of the Body and Soul — a fragment, twenty-two lines in couplets and cross-rhymed quatrains
Number 4359-1
12.   f. 27v   Penance is in heart reusing
On Penance — six lines
Number 2315-1
13.   f. 27v   I will bear to washen down in the town
A couplet among miscellaneous Latin and English notes
Number 832-1
14.   f. 27v   Bethink thee what will thee betiden
Short admonition to think before you act — three roughly alliterative lines, roughly monorhyming
Number 6460-1
15.   f. 28   When thine eyen beth I-hid
Signs of Death — six lines, translating the Latin, ‘Oculi cum occultentur…’
Number 4786-1
16.   f. 28   Say me wight in the broom
Tell me, Wight in the Broom — one 6-line stanza, couplets
Number 3167-8
17.   f. 28   Long sleepers and overleapers
On clerics lazy in their liturgy, a tag in the Fasciculus morum, normally seven lines, aabcbcb
Number 2122-1
18.   f. 28   I am Michael of Arras
A couplet tag
Number 1627-1
19.   f. 28   Godfrey the good
On bequeathing worldly possessions — three couplets
Number 189-1
20.   f. 28   A widow poor was and free
The Poor Widow and the Rich Man — five couplets in a collection of tags
Number 173-1
21.   f. 28   A thief of his trueness to witness drew
Two couplets
Number 6452-1
22.   f. 28v   When the rede is good
Four short lines paraphrasing the Latin, ‘Non humilis paruus…’ — couplet and non-rhyming
Number 1516-1
23.   ff. 28v-29   Glad us Maiden Mother mild
A literal rendering of the Latin ‘Gaude virgo mater christi / que per aurem concepisti etc.’ — three 6-line stanzas
Number 1814-3
24.   f. 29   Have one God in worship
The Ten Commandments — generally eight long lines
Number 2462-2
25.   ff. 29v-32   In a thester study I stood a little strife to hear
Debate between the Body and the Soul — twenty-seven four-line stanzas, the first with medial rhyme
Number 493-1
26.   ff. 32v-33   An leam is in the world I-lit
On the Resurrection — twelve 10-line stanzas
Number 4170-2
27.   ff. 33; ff. 36v; ff. 41v; ff. 42v   Will ye I-hearen of twelfth day
Ballad of Twelfth Day, the story of the Magi and Herod — ten 4-line stanzas (long lines usually with medial rhyme), or ten 8-line stanzas, abababab
Number 1233-1
28.   f. 33v   Evil men God they seeken [Vuele men goid þe siechen]
On the need of evil men to seek God, as other needy men seek their remedies, translating ‘Viri mali requirunt dominum…’ — five couplets
Number 2768
29.   f. 34   It was upon a Sheer Thursday that our Lord arose
The Bargain of Judas — eighteen couplets
Number 6686-1
30.   ff. 35-35v   Will ye I-hearen of twelfth day
Ballad of Twelfth Day, the story of the Magi and Herod — ten 4-line stanzas (long lines usually with medial rhyme), or ten 8-line stanzas, abababab
Number 3187-1
31.   ff. 36-42   Lord as Thou art one God ever buten end
The Fall of the Angels, Adam and Eve, Old Testament History, Life of Christ, etc. — 344 verses in quatrains
Number 703-1
32.   f. 42   At feast of Saint Benedict
How to find Easter from St Benet’s Day — four monorhyming lines
Number 3140-1
33.   f. 42v   Lives first and licham heal
Health of body and soul — six lines with added 7th line between 2 and 3
Number 3023-1
34.   f. 42v   Lady I thank Thee with heart swith mild
A prayer to the Virgin Mary — eight long lines in couplets with medial rhyme
Number 6339-3
35.   f. 43   When I think on doomsday full sore I me a-dread
On Doomsday — eleven monorhyming quatrains
Number 5640-3
36.   ff. 43v-45v   Think of the latemost day when we shall faren
On Death — in monorhyming quatrains
Number 1640-1
37.   f. 46   Gods wreche late awreaketh
A tag translating the Latin ‘Lento pede procedet divinitas &c’, which precedes it — one monorhyming couplet
Number 1211-1
38.   f. 46   Ever as man liveth longer
Aphorism translating Latin ‘Quanto longiorem paciencam ante iudicium &c
Number 6595-1
39.   f. 47   Wose wartt wid pritte abeit amadde
English and Latin verses on the beasts produced by various parts of the dead body: ‘Ex cerebro bufo, de spina scorpio…’ — ten lines in couplets
Number 6456-1
40.   f. 47v   When the turf is thy tower
Lines on Mortality — three couplets
Number 4197-1
41.   f. 47v   Of one stable was His hall
On the lowliness of Christ — three monorhyming lines
Number 3232-1
42.   f. 72va   Lord thou me vouter with blood upon
A single couplet at the end of French verse tales from the Gospels
Number 4270-2
43.   ff. 81v-82   On Her is all my life i-long
An orison to the Virgin Mary — five 10-line stanzas (ababababab)
Number 3806-1
44.   f. 81v   Now these fowls singeth and maketh their bliss
Exemplum de beata Virgine et gaudiis eius’, a song in praise of the Virgin Mary — six quatrains, some couplets and some monorhyming
Number 6627-1
45.   f. 83v   Whoso seeth on rood Jesu is lief man
A meditation on the Passion, trals. Latin ‘Respice in faciem christi tui…’ — seven long lines, some with medial rhyme
Number 5859-1
46.   f. 83v   Thou that madest all thing
A paraphrase of ‘Aspice mitissime conditor’, etc. — fourteen lines in 3- or 4-line stanzas
Number 3809-1
47.   f. 84   Now thou unseely body upon bier liest
Address to the body on the bier — nine monorhyming lines
Number 198-1
48.   f. 84   Abel was loosed in trueness
On the Old Testament worthies — seven monorhyming lines
Number 714-3
49.   ff. 85-87v   At Salford [Sifford] sat theigns many / many Bishops
Number 784-1
50.   ff. 88-138v   Beau enfant pour apprendre
Alternating French and English couplets, with English devolving into prose early in work, though occasional couplets in English throughout — in couplets