The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Coventry, Coventry Archives Acc. 325/1
Number 3581-36
1.   ff. 1ra-48rb   Musing upon the restless business
Hoccleve’s De Regimine Principum — 780 stanzas rhyme royal.
Number 235-4
2.   ff. 40rb-43rb   After that harvest Inned had his sheaves
Thomas Hoccleve, ‘Complaint’ — fifty-nine stanzas rhyme royal
Number 508-4
3.   ff. 43va-49rb   And ended my complaint in this manner
Thomas Hoccleve, ‘Dialogus cum Amico’ — 118 rhyme royal stanzas
Number 2621-7
4.   ff. 49rb-56ra   In the Roman Acts written is thus
Thomas Hoccleve, Tale of the Emperor Gerelaus — 140 stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3600-1
5.   f. 56ra-56rb   My friend after I trow a week or two
Thomas Hoccleve, Prologue to the prose Moralizing upon the tale of Gerelaus — four stanzas rhyme royal
Number 4879-6
6.   ff. 57rb-63va   Sith all men naturally desire
Thomas Hoccleve, ‘Ars Sciendi Mori’ — 134 stanzas rhyme royal
Number 5812-1
7.   ff. 63vb-64ra   Those other three parts which in the book
Thomas Hoccleve, Prologue to the IXth Lesson on All Hallows’ Day — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 5663-5
8.   ff. 64vb-65rb   This book thus to have ended had I thought
Prologue to Hoccleve’s Tale of Jonathas (see 6529) — twelve stanzas rhyme royal
Number 4107-6
9.   ff. 70rb-74vb   O ye folks that been hard-hearted as a stone
Dance of Macabre
Number 414-12
10.   ff. 75ra-76rb   Almighty and merciable Queen / To whom all the world
ABC hymn to the Virgin
Number 3640-2
11.   ff. 76rb-76va   My master Bukton when of Christ our king
Geoffrey Chaucer, L’Envoy de Chaucer a Bukton — four 8-line stanzas including Envoy
Number 6044-12
12.   f. 76va   To you my purse and to none other wight
Chaucer’s ‘Complaynt to his Empty Purse’ — three stanzas rhyme royal and 5-line Envoy
Number 5277-10
13.   f. 76va-76vb   The first stock father of gentilesse
Geoffrey Chaucer, ‘Gentilesse’ — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 4990-11
14.   ff. 76vb-77ra   Some time this world was so steadfast and stable
Geoffrey Chaucer, ‘Lak of Stedfastnesse’ — four stanzas rhyme royal, including one-stanza Envoy
Number 1326-19
15.   f. 77ra   Flee from the press and dwell with sothfastness
Number 427-1
16.   ff. 77va-95vb   Almighty God in Trinity / One God and persons three
The metrical version of Mandeville’s Travels — 2947 lines in couplets
Number 3107-11
17.   ff. 98ra-129vb   Listeneth all that been in life
‘Titus and Vespasian’ or the ‘Destruction of Jerusalem’ — 5166 lines in couplets
Number 6276-22
18.   ff. 137ra-167ra   When bright Phoebus passed was the Ram
John Lydgate, The Siege of Thebes — 4716 lines in couplets
Number 1967-1
19.   f. 167ra   Here endeth the Siege of Thebes
Colophon to Lydgate’s Siege of Thebes — one couplet
Number 816-1
20.   f. 167v   Behold we wretches in this world present
Moralizing verses — twenty-four quatrains, and Latin headings